Brayin Candy

Tax Cheats

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much" Luke 16:10

At a time when trust is at an absolute minimum in both gummit and Wall St, President Obama has picked some of the most untrustworthy individuals to make up his cabinet. You know you have a problem when a clinton is your most ethical member. To elect for the head of the IRS a man who cheated on his taxes is the worst example he could have chosen. A person’s character is determined by doing the right thing when nobody is watching. When Geitner’s character was challenged reporting his taxes he failed this test repeatedly. He couldn’t be trusted with little so he can’t be trusted with everything. This choice further destroys the confidence the markets may have had in Obama at a time when their trust is at an all time low.

America and the World no longer trust our leaders in either Business or Gummit. Our system of commerce requires trust and integrity at all levels. When making transactions you need to have credibility in your word to allow both people to expect payment for a good or service. This trust needs to work from the bottom of the economy all the way to the top. When trust is interrupted or information is falsified then commerce is either slowed by legal protection or people are harmed by fraud. In our current recession we have been harmed severely by the fraud perpetrated by Fannie/Freddie. People have lost everything they had due to officers of those corporations falsifying their financials for their own selfish gain.

The Country and the World can no longer trust the institutions like Fannie Mae or the banking industry since there is no oversight of those Corps. These Govt Corps were to be watched by congress and the banking committee who unfortunately was filled with corruption and graft itself. President Bush and the banking committee were informed a few years ago of falsified financials and the Dems on the committee stopped any investigation. These crooks, Barney Frank, Dodd and Obama were all receiving campaign contributions, with Obama being the largest and in Frank’s case sleeping w/a homosexual officer of Fannie. The irony of us all getting the same thing w/o a kiss in the morning. Heck, the people of Boston voted to have another.

Now more than ever we need to clean up the corruption in both Industry and gummit. For people to invest their money to feel like it’s not going to be stolen is the only way dollars will start to find their way back. The collapse was more than a financial collapse but more importantly was a collapse of confidence. People are no longer confident in the people who are investing their hard earned money or the govt who regulate those investors. How does a man like Madeoff make off with the amount of money he stole right under the SEC’s nose? This has caused a huge loss of trust worldwide in what was considered the safest haven for peoples’ investments. We have lowered our standard to a second class status and needs to be addressed as much as the financial issues.

When the Fannie collapse happened, investors looked at the upcoming election saw the likely winner was a corrupt Chicago pol who would never clean up the mess. The most outstanding feature known was he was Fannie Mae’s largest campaign donation/bribe. That and his anti-business track record forced a run on capital out of our markets which further collapsed the financial institutions making the perfect storm. As it turns out the markets were right he is corrupt and not only will not clean up the corruption but has appointed more dirty politicians who will make things worse. To put a tax cheat as head of the IRS would be laughable if it wasn’t such a glaring mistake.

What we have now is a corrupt Wall Street being assisted by the District of Corruption. Throwing Trillions at the problem will not solve the underlying issue of trust. Until someone is willing to clean up this corruption, the money will only be like throwing gasoline on a wildfire. Most of it will fall into the pockets of corrupt politicians and union bosses. Until the swamp is drained and the snakes thrown out, we will never see our once Great Country return. When trust returns, so will the investors.

Pray for America