Brayin Candy

The Global Cult

You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. Exodus 20: 3-6


The entire liberal Establishment has circled the tanks around the Global Snow Job Scandal, so we have to ax, why? What would make them want to back an obvious fraud? What makes the entire science community want to support a theory that has now been proved to not exist by their own words? Why is the establishmedia ignoring the biggest scandal the world has ever witnessed? This is like a bank robber caught in the vault holding a gun w/the manager and secretary tied up, so the news reporter comes in and tells the police it’s not what it appears. The answer is simple, the reporter is in on the heist.

  These e-mails are devastating to science' integrity as they prove w/o a doubt that there’s a fraud being produced on a worldwide scale. How can you translate, "hide the decline", other than hiding earth cooling? What else can, "The fact is we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t." mean? Everyone who are in the places of power are pushing this scam. Why is science letting their profession to go from doctors to used car salesmen? My apologies to used car salesmen for the terrible slight. The reason is that this is the basis of liberalism/communism and their primary marketing tools, fear and feelgoodism. They’ve convinced the World that man/America is destroying the Eart so they can get the people to voluntarily become slaves of the State.

Part of the emails explained that this Global Scam was the brainchild of Shell Oil and Enron back in the early 90s. Large industrialists saw that there was going to be a backlash on oil from the envioterrorists and they wanted to get ahead of the game so they devised the Carbon Credit Trading scheme. They began looking for a scam that could convince people to believe they need to trade air quality for $$, they began looking for a disaster to wrap this around. This originally began w/acid rain, but that fizzled so later found a similar study that discovered worldwide temps were climbing. Little did they know or care that the data was fudged worse than BJ Clinton’s golf score. That is when they came up with Global Warming and made it a cult.

Liberalism is a religion that has its main tenets in new age which is really old age Baal. This is an ancient religion out of the dark ages which is a combination of Earth Worship and human sacrifice along with a big dose of mysticism. It's an amoral religion that requires no self discipline which was immersed in sexual immorality and selfish behavior to move man/society away from God. The higher you go into the religion of liberalism the more Fundamental and intolerant you become of other people and their beliefs, since you are about taking God and Jesus out of society. Scientists are the High Priesthood of this religion who originally removed God w/evolution and are using Global Warming as not only a worship tool but the Green Movement has become their flashy sizzle selling point to bring more people into their cult. If you help the Eart you are a good person if you don’t you’re evil.

The Greek Pillars of this religion are human sacrifice w/abortion then if they pass HC, Eugenics sacrifices of the old and weak. One of Baal’s main sacrificial victims was newborns, We've sacrificed over 50 million babies to this satanic god w/no end in sight. Baby blood has always been a powerful symbol for these ancient cults where they used to throw them into fires, same w/liberalism. These sacrifices represent not only victory for the Fundamentalists, it uses the followers to have casual sex and adultery w/o any consequences, other than further ruined lives by going against God’s plan. Every abortion is a trick from satan to destroy a woman’s life, doing it through guilt and depression once they realize they have turned their womb to a tomb. Men too have to deal w/the knowledge they killed their own child weakening people to become followers, as will HC Eugenics, knowing we will begin Ageocide with DeathCare.

Earth worship is what Baal is, the emails verify what the Global Snow Job was about. There is no science in GW only pure Jim Jones evangelism. The main evangelist of this cult was the Reverend Gore who put together his Power Point demonstration which was required viewing worldwide. The movie was sold by the entire lib establishment from HomoWood, to ABDNCBS, to the Nobel Prize and of course our schools of indoctourNation. There was no serious discussion of this issue, only a cult following by every liberal in the world believed this was Gospel and were following it Fundamentally. You can’t hug a Whale w/Nuclear Arms and Save the Eart. This cult is perfect for libs. Forget church and state separation, not only were they spreading that gospel, they were going to force you to worship through Cap and Tax. As we see every Christmas, separation of Church and State only applies to Christians, while they make laws making you worship their gods.

This is why the Establishmedia refuses to cover this humongous scandal. They are skiing down the Denial River hoping the scandal will disappear while wishing they could attack the skeptics. Ass a mediot, you're a Priest in this religion since you become not only an evangelist of Earth Worship but the attacker of the heretics. You are the enforcer of public ridicule for anyone who brings sacrilege to your god. Those people who would dare to say that GW doesn’t exist so there’s no reason to shackle business and jobs simply to worship the eart need stoning. The buggy whip press has been the one who not only broadcasts the message, but burns those who are not followers. This gives them a Priest status since cults like Scientology, Bob Jones and Islam need thug tactics that will let you know there's a price to pay if you spread heresy and that’s these pundiots job.

Business has bought into this cult as they see a large market of gullible sheep. All they have to do is put the word GREEN in front of it and their product helps the eart rather than hurts it. We have Clean Green Coal to help sell their power to the lemmings. If you had a $ for every time a huckster used the word Green on the TV to sell something, you could buy algore’s jet in less than a year. The DNC is front and center with their Green jobs and Green Tech to sell their liberal religion. The DNC is one of the main cathedrals of this movement since this is the marketing tool of this god.

The Global Snow Job is one of the main Greek Pillars of communism so it needs to be supported by the entire establishment. That is why this multi-trillion $$ scandal is being hidden by the media, science, cult believers and gummit, their religion depends on it in every way. They realize if the people find they're being conned they could turn back to God, which would make them truly free and this cult’s disaster or America’s Freedom. They need the people blindly worshiping the earth to become their followers who are willing to become slaves of Baal. Once that occurs they’ll own lives’ from before cradle to after grave. If that is what you want, then support this junk science cult of Global Warming or as its been called throughout the ages, Baal a truly evil master.

Pray for America’s Freedom