Brayin Candy

Joe the Plumber

 On a hot Texas summer day a preacher came home to his mobile home to find his wife crying outside. When he asked what the matter was, she said the toilets backed up and flooded the house. He grabbed the plunger and headed in. Five minutes later he came out choking and gagging and called the plumber.

The plumber arrived and went inside in the heat of the day. Every time the preacher stuck his head in the door he heard the plumber whistling as the preacher nearly lost his stomach.

Two hours later out comes the plumber w/a big smile and said all cleaned up and everything’s working fine. The preacher asked him, "how can you stand to be in there for all that time w/o gagging"

The plumber answered, to you it smells like crap, to me it smells like money!"

Isn’t that why we all go to work in the morning? We are all just like Joe the Plumber who do our jobs no matter how much crap we have to put up with since to all of us, our jobs smell like money. We are motivated just like everybody in America to earn money for ourselves and our families, not to give it to the gummit and spread it to people who don’t want to work for it. What would this Country be w/o Plumbers chasing their dreams?

We all have the Dream of owning our own business through hard work and some ingenuity. Why should anybody make fun of a person’s dream? Some of us have our own business, thanks to the President Bush tax cuts. Why should ThugOmatic or his media hacks make fun of a person’s goals and dreams? For a bunch of rich elitists who make in excess of a million a year to question a guy who unplugs toilets is shameful. They aren’t telling the story, they’re being punks by abusing their power. The irony is he did their jobs far better than they do, is sad.

So what is the truth about Obummer’s tax cuts. He’s a walking 95% tax cut cliché? Well even a plumber can’t unclog that its pure spin, we will get the same tax cut we got from clinton. Even if he does what he says, many taxpayers below 250K are going to get a tax hike.

Since he is going to adjust the Childcare deduction and College Credit by lowering the threshold, these people are going to get anywhere from a 1500-2500 increase. The Childcare will be eliminated for those making 30-50K and the college starts going at 100K and is gone at 120K.

Then of course there is the SSI tax which will mean a tax of 6% with no caps. For a small business that has to match your contribution it costs him 12% all the way up with no stop. This is their solution to Social Insecurity, more taxes. For anyone making $250 K that is an increase of $12,000 and 12% for every dollar you make. This means that for people making $200K he will start being taxed 50% by the gummit. That is an increase from 33% to 50% for those making over 200K which is the number he threw out at the debates. Now if you believe it will be only on 250+ I have some NY Bridge Stock you may want to invest in.

So it looks like when Joe the Plumber was interrupted from playing catch w/his son he caught Achmed in his Spread the Wealth tax and spend ways. If you don’t pay any taxes you will get a $500 check from Daddy gummit to offset any SSI taxes for them. If you make over 30K and have children your taxes will go up. If he does like 95% of Rats, it will go up on everyone who works for a living. He ran for the sinit on tax cuts then voted 100%, 94 times for tax increases but trust him; he’s going to lower them this time. Your check’s in the mail...

Just like Joe the Plumber we all dream about owning our own companies and becoming rich, that’s the American dream and for more than anywhere in the world, reality. Achmed Hussain wants to take those dreams away and let the gummit spread your wealth around. He wants to punish the very people that create jobs by taking half of what they make. He will punish the producers and reward the non-producers. In a time of economic crisis, can we really afford to punish employers? When it comes to Obama, you can be 95% sure your taxes will go up.

Pray for W, McCuda and Our Troops