Brayin Candy

John InSain

After the conservative movement wakes up from their shock that John InSain beat them like a Red Headed stepdaughter, they can blow out the candles for their Pity Party. For a movement that represents strength and courage, it has become a trail of tears. Time to Man Up and grow a Pair. Sorry Ladies, but our leaders have become the biggest girls on the planet. Rather than whining about how our candidates were robbed is like crying about the Refs at a basketball game. We know how the game is played and we flat blew it on so many issues.

All we have heard during this campaign is how Tancredo/Hunter/Thompson were shoo ins if they hammer the immigration issue hard enough. Nothing could be further from the truth as the architect of Shamnesty ran away with the nomination. What really happened is that Talk Radio overplayed the immigration hand.

Those of us heretics who actually work and interact for a living realize that America is nowhere as threatened by Paco bussing tables as FR/Talk Radio is. Talk Radio has the benefit of living in world that has no need for cheap labor. Most of America is closer to InSain and President Bush’ plan than they are for deportation for all. Anything short of deportation will be falsely called Amnesty. We understand that this issue didn’t occur overnight and will not be cured with impossible grandstanding.

There are thousands of industries that are low tech and require cheap labor. Small business and agriculture does not need to be punished for using the same business models that have been used for centuries. Conservatives sound like libs over this issue as they vilify business and scream for minimum wages for low skilled labor. They scream about farmers being slave owners so often it makes you wonder when they will be calling for reparations. Up is down and conservative is liberal over this issue. The conservatives completely lost America on Deportation.

America understands that there needs to be a wall and tamper proof ID for Mexicans. We know that they will not voluntarily apply unless there is a reason to sign. We need some version of the Green Card that will allow them to work w/o any citizenship or benefits. Once they have ID’s than we can deport the criminals and unemployed. Fact is many of the Mexicans are some of the hardest workers you will ever meet which is a good thing for employers.

The final argument is that we need to enforce the "rule of law". Nice platitude but has no real relevance to this issue. When there is a bigger penalty for driving 5 over the speed limit than crossing the border that argument only sounds good while pounding your chest. There is no "rule of law" when it comes to the border.

The good news is we are watching the end of the Clinton Chinese Mafia. Thanks to Bama Obama we are witnessing the end of the politics of personal destruction. It could be said that America is tired of Partisan Politics. Neither McCain or Obama are particularly insulting to the other side. Heck, InSain is more insulting to us than them. America is ready for solutions rather than platitudes and attacks.

It is time for conservatives to realize that America has moved away from us rather than towards us. All we have heard is how anyone who carried the Immigration message would have landslide victories when in fact all they have had are landslide defeats. Rather than becoming bigger whiners than the Rats it is time to suck it up and look in the mirror. There are things that we have been right about and some that we are wrong. This is too big an election to be a bunch of babies and pout at home. It is time to reevaluate and make our message stronger. Build the wall and use affordable labor to help power this Great Country.

Pray for W and Our Troops