Brayin Candy

Recovery is Coming

I write to you, fathers, because you have known him who is from the beginning. I write to you, young men, because you are strong and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one. Do Not LOVE the World 1 John 2:14

Americans are proving they will not be defeated by a Generalissimo Obama. The American backbone has been arched and it is going to survive this two bit dictator and throw him out to the ash heap of histoir where he and his fellow tyrants belong. We are seeing a rebound in the economy first and foremost from a lower gas prices and also from workers and businessmen willing to work 14 hour days to keep their businesses afloat. This stimulus in business has increased optimism in the future as there is a good chance that the Decade of Rats is nearing an end.

The American people have now clearly seen the results of Marxist economics and the destruction it leaves in its wake. The so called compassion of turning productive citizens into freeloaders and gummit workers not only destroys the economy but ruins the social fabric and structure. The libs continually harp on the need for building the transportation infrastructure even while they are trying to destroy the auto and trucking industries, they never have concerns about the societal infrastructure. They are continually blowing up and using cutting torches on the basic human fabric of the American family. By throwing the Father out of the home and forcing the Mother to work fulltime we are seeing the collapse of the human bridges from birth to adult. We are seeing entire generations falling from those critical societal bridges into the canyons of crime, drugs, teenage pregnancy and depression.

Between now and the election the commie Dems are going to be blaming this lagging recession on Bush and the Repubs. They will blame them in spite of the Dem claims for the past three decades of having the solutions to all our economic problems. If they had the solution to all the problems they said they had then when do those solutions take effect. If they actually had the cures then they should either be happening or they are purposely keeping the economy down for the political advantage. Since there is no political advantage then they obviously have no solutions so why not try a brand new track and turn the gummit over to Conservatives. We have not had a real gummit run by a capitalism believing President since the early Bush years, but actually since Reagan.

If they have no idea about how to turn the economy around then why do we want to keep them in? We have seen in living color that these Marxists only believe gummit is used to be both a giant Ponzi scheme that takes money from the producers and future generations to give to their people for votes and campaign dollars and further destroy the spirit of the average American.

The Democrat Party is a marketing firm that has entrenched itself in the dividing of America into small subgroups in an attempt to divide and conquer. These subgroups are taught to vilify the producers and White Males in an attempt to maintain their power and control over this country. The fact that they are dividing the great American melting pot is of no concern for these power crazed commies since these battles are used as smokescreen for the actual destruction they are causing.

American industry and businessmen are resilient and will survive this latest attack on the Capitalist system. It has survived FDR, Hitler, Stalin, Japan, Carter and the cold war and will survive Obozo, Pelosi and Reid. Americans are the most creative and innovative people in the world while the DNC is straight out of the 40s and have no way of getting ahead of the train. America will dig in for 2.12 and wait for Mao 2.0 to be defeated and begin rebuilding the economy from the ground up. There will be a series of necessary bankruptcies to purge the economy of poorly run businesses like GM and Gold Sachs which will quickly be either liquidated or reorganized into more efficient and profitable enterprises. There really needs to be a discussion of whether we need three auto companies or would one or two be enough to cover the shrunken market. The same can be said about the banking industry as the more efficient banks can be deregulated and begin doing what they do best.

The first step of course will be the securing the lifeblood of free enterprise and that is building the Keystone pipeline and developing our resources to feed our manufacturing industry. We may not be able to compete against the foreign markets from a slave wage costing but if we were to eliminate the regulations and resource moratoriums we have the most abundant and cost effective natural resources of any Country on the planet. We will first put a national bounty on environmental terrorists or at least stop subsidizing their lawsuits.

Once we allow the free development and management of our resources such as oil, lumber and coal we would have the most cost effective producers on the planet. We have been brainwashed by the earth worshipers into believing it is morally superior to not manage and maintain our resources than to actually use them and increase their production for making products. An example would be our great hardwood forests in the Northeast and Appalachians. They have been shut down to American manufacturers due to the inability to run a hardwood furniture plant without government interference and taxation. It is cheaper to harvest those forests and ship those logs to China where there is a lower corporate rate and no regulations as well as slave labor. What part of that equation does the earth worshipers supposedly support other than they are fellow communists in the war on capitalism so they ignore it.

The better way is to reduce the overreach of gummit on those furniture plants while harvesting and managing the hardwood forests increasing jobs in America. You would need to increase the production of energy in both transportation and electrical generation making our cost of manufacturing lower to make it less attractive to float those logs to Asian producers and shipping them back as finished products. The gummit needs to be removed from all levels of production at every step to bring those costs down and produce the finished products sold around the world rather than raw materials. This just as the destruction of the social fabric was a planned attack on every one of our industries by a relentless war on capitalism by the DNC. We still see it only they call it the 1%.

The good news is help is on the way. The last election was the first step to reversing this war on our vital industries and 2.12 will be a next giant step towards reversal. There will be two good things that will have come from this DNC decade and that is the understanding these people are pure communists and when Obama was elected were unabashed in saying it. They no longer hid behind the Repubs but came out of the closets and proudly declared their Marxist allegiance writing one socialist bill after another in the Soviet model of their Motherland. The second valuable lesson was the ability to live on a shoestring. We are more like our parents in fear of Depression so we have trimmed back our lives and businesses making ourselves simpler.

If we can turn this economy around then these new habits will make us more profitable and live cheaper than we have in the past. We may never live the hedonistic lifestyle and live a more simple life and appreciate those things that are more important than glitter and gleam. America may see a recovery in spite of Obama and Co. which is a tribute to America and its ability to survive and adapt. In ten months it will be taking a major step to that survival and adaptation when we throw more of these commie libs into the garbage. They have found they can put all sorts of roadblocks in front of American industry and people but they can’t break the American spirit.

Pray for America