Brayin Candy

Stopping DC

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, will be with us in truth and LOVE. 2 John 1:3

This election will be the first election in perhaps a century which will be all about the future. Do we continue to go backwards to a Soviet style economy or do we move forward and begin to trust the American model. The question will be, do you want to be Americans who believe in their fellow man or do we continue on the Eastern European model that requires an all powerful gummit controlling your every decision from cradle to grave? That is the decision we will be making and one that if presented correctly will lead to the largest landslide since Reagan.

The only reason we are in a recession that can't end is due to the District of Corruption and its all powerful agencies stopping any type of economic growth. From oil to autos they have stifled business in ways which will require the dismantling of institutions throughout our country. If we wanted to recover all that needs to happen is to run a bulldozer down K Street and take a left on Pennsylvania Ave and we would see the stock market rocket and real unemployment would drop overnight. The only way this can ever become a reality is by firing all of the CommieCrats who have been instituting their strangling laws like ObozoCare as well as their global warming bills which have done nothing more than strangle America.

We watched this begin with the overregulation of the banking system and the stopping of drilling by the Reid Pelosi congress during the last two years of the Bush years. After six years of 4% unemployment and 5% growth during what their mediots claimed the jobless recovery, they played politics with Fanny and Freddie using them as cash machines until they turned them into economic nuclear bombs. Congress forced them to accept any and all loans no matter how risky the borrowers then selling the worthless paper into the open markets becoming radioactive investments making the valuing of these bundled loans impossible. This is the problem when gummit gets involved directly into the marketplace, the free market is disrupted.

At the same time this was happening, they were vilifying and making the oil companies buy their resources from foreign sources driving the prices of gas up through tight supplies. Since gas prices are eighty percent the cost of oil and 1% specualation, when oil raises from $60 per barrel to $120, gas will go from $2/gal to $4 which is exactly what happened setting off the timer on the bombs. People then were being forced to decide between filling the car to get to work and buying food or paying their mortgages. In addition to that many businesses were forced out due to the higher transportation and fuel costs putting more people on the street and the nuclear explosion was heard around the world. Fortunately for the DNC they own the Stone Age Press who spun it as Bush’ fault and he became the fall guy and they walked away untouched.

Now we have the biggest opportunity since this country’s birth. Do we continue down the path of communism or do we make a real change and become a truly capitalist country? Do we continue to let the gummit make our every decision through regulation and intimidation or do we have faith in our creativity and ingenuity to allow our businesses to grow us out of this morass? This will require the hardest work we have ever endured while having to grow our lives in ways we have no comprehension towards. If we do take this step and begin to really move forward of taking our Federal gummit out of our lives and resources we will create a new world which will have potential never before seen as the capitalistic engine fires up propelling America past those countries whose models the DNC is genuflecting.

After the election if we win all three branches of gummit and immediately eliminate obozocare, we need to nullify all the restrictions that stop the free market in the Depts. of EPA, Education, Agriculture, Health and any other department that interferes with business. At the same time we need to turn the Federal lands back over to the states or better yet sell them to private citizens and industry to pay off the debt. Of course we will need to develop our oil and coal industries as well as Nat Gas to begin to rebuild our energy industry to fuel this engine. When you have states like NV, AK and OR which have over 50% of their land owned and mismanaged by the Feds, you need to reassess how to get the best management of those resources. Can they be managed better from 3-5000 miles away or by the states or industries that can properly care and develop those resources which can visit them on a daily basis? The answer should be obvious to anyone east of the Potomac.

Our country needs to move into the 21st century and the only way it can do that is with 21st century ideas and technologies. This will only happen with a new way of thinking which relies on the creativity and innovation that can only be found in a free market society. We have seen what a disaster centralized planning has been over the past fifty or so years as the bureaucrats sit in their cushy jobs protecting their turf and stifling ideas and progress. We need to get rid of those agency zombies and allow the free market to be free and create the ideas and jobs it has created to make us the innovative giant we have been in the past.

We have been given a political system by our Forefathers which can foster those ideas and now we need to allow them to grow. As we move into this election and beyond we need the courage and conviction to take a bold new step into a new world that was designed by our Founders’ brilliance who gave their all to make men free. America needs the courage to throw off the chains of communism and take a brand new road that has been hidden with berry vines and boulders for over a century. It is up to our generation to work on clearing that road and rebuilding stone by stone, our Shining City on the Hill.

Pray for America