Brayin Candy

President Trump is Legitimate

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1

The Three Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, Media and the DNC) are trying to convince America that President Trump is not legitimate. They would like to abort this Presidency. The problem with this argument is their primary basis for being is completely out of power nationwide. This is the weakest the DNC has been in a century and they are saying President Trump is illegitimate? How can someone who won the election by nearly a hundred electoral votes be anything but legitimate?

The problem with Marxists is this is their religion rather than their Country and like all cultists believe they are right and the rest of mankind is wrong. They are so invested in the cult through their lives they cannot accept any other worldview. These are the more evolved people in their world so for them to have to acquiesce to commoners or sub-humans is beyond their ability to cope.

A liberal belongs to the church of liberalism and so do all the self-proclaimed cool people on TV. They belong to the church of science where all the smart people exist so everything they believe is more defined than simple folk like Tea Partiers or Southerners. Since they are atheistic evolutionists they believe that man is the top of the evolutionary chain and the only thing superior to man is a group of more evolved men like you would see in academia or gummit; no really!

Since liberals believe the highest form of knowledge is science or academia then they can point to science as the judiciary of any of their Marxist beliefs. This is why you see the Three Pillars pointing to settled science over Global Warming or Climate Change to eliminate any dissent or skepticism to the most extreme case of Attorney General Lynch wanting to punish anyone who questioned it. Never mind there is no proof of any kind it is happening and so much showing it is not, academia/science says it is a cataclysmic event so that is all that needs to be said. It is as if their Pope makes a decree and so it is. California is having record snows which the Warmists said could never happen proving them wrong yet they will ignore it or declare it proof of Warming.

Never mind the Global Warming scientists have been caught falsifying their data and results, they are scientists so above scrutiny. Now science promotes a fraud like they did with the fake election polls and the entire world has to believe it or be virtually burned at the stake for heresy. They are using the same tactic to call Trump’s election illegitimate by saying the fake polls were true and the actual vote was false and not valid.

What the scientists are saying is the polls were right and Hillary actually had a five to ten point lead and should be the winner of the election. Never mind the polls were off by up to fifteen percent in the primaries always favoring Harpy and shorting Trump, these polls are now gospel. She had the election won and because the Russians released Podesta emails she was cheated out of a fair election. Nobody can question this since the scientists are going to call this settled science so their agenda can be moved forward and dissent will be ridiculed.

The problem with their argument is not all the polls showed her having a lead and the exit polls showed with a bigger lead than the worst polls. If she was damaged why did the LA/USC polls show no movement and how did the exit polls show her with a bigger lead in all the battleground states if she was damaged by the Russians or FBI Director Comey days before? Does anyone really believe she won GA, AL, OH or FL? Trump’s message reached America and the Rust Belt and her’s did not. What is her excuse for basically losing to Sanders if she were robbed of an election which looks like the same race? She was a terrible candidate and Trump ran a flawless campaign so she lost end of story.

Once the decree is declared then the Three Pillars will broadcast it to the world and will be magnified by the media in NY/DC and HomoWood. They will be mocking President Trump 24/7/365 as illegitimate and he will have to fight them every day of the week. While he is fighting back he needs to educate those who have been harmed by the Marxist agenda and begin to bring them to his side. As they begin to understand the value of freedom and free markets there will be a tide moving his direction and swamping those still stuck in the cult.

There is no greater Commandment within the cult than tolerance and no greater sin than intolerance. Never mind they have no curiosity whatsoever for those who voted for Trump, they believe they are all sinners and apostates. Not only are they sinners they are guilty of the unforgivable sin of racism making them sub-human. There is no tolerance allowed for the intolerant. Since the intolerants are sub-human they are not capable of running liberals’ lives and must be destroyed for the good of the world. They cannot fathom a world run by non-evolved people let alone all three branches of their Mecca.

This is beyond their comprehension especially after science and the Three Pillars guaranteed they would stay in power. Most have never been alive when they did not have the House and/or Sinate to stop anything the Capitalists wanted to accomplish. Many have only been alive since Clinton and have no concept what Conservatism is and have been brainwashed into believing it is the same as Nazism so they believe it is their moral obligation to stop it. They have no concept that less tax and regulation leads to more freedom and really do not believe freedom is that good of an idea.

Liberals believe you need Gummit to regulate people and especially the non-humans. This is why this entire doxology is about to fall apart. They are used to the Three Pillars working and this is the first time in history that it did not thanks to Trump winning ugly, and now the main Pillar, the DNC is irrelevant. Nothing works unless the DNC controls the dialogue and protects their militant groups like BLM or the abortionists so the other two Pillars have nothing to hold up. They are now holding up sand in the desert while America has a window of opportunity to show what it can become.

The Three Pillars are being exposed and defeated as they attempt more and more extreme attacks. We are even seeing academics coming down from their Ivory Towers and making fools of themselves showing their overeducated idiocy. If the Marxists can be defeated once and they have nothing to offer other than lies, hate and name calling then they can be beaten again with issues, truth and freedom.

Our Forefathers were inspired and guided by the one true God and his Bible which became the Bill of Rights. They put together a form of government which needs open transparency and was the envy of the world. We are witnessing Lady Liberty’s torch flickering above the corruption of their Three Pillars. On Jan 20th we will see the Founder’s sub-humans throwing Tea into the Potomac to declare their independence from a Marxist dictatorship. Our Forefathers fought with guns and blood to give every American an equal vote. They reached up from their graves to protect their beloved Country once again.

Pray for President Trump