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DemocRat ScapeJets

 Bawny Fwag, Chris Dudd and President Obozo have now made it a political crime to fly in a corporate jet. Never mind that one of them fly in corporate jets or 747's whenever they go to make a photop, they feign outrage anybody they bail out would actually fly, let alone own a plane. The same people who got us into this meltdown are now playing the club the wealthy card, to micro-manage corporations they know nothing about. In the Auto and Banking Industries’, cases were directly responsible for their collapse. It may make good fodder for PravdABC to anger the voters, but makes no economic sense whatsoever. These execs fly in private jets to save their companies money, not luxury.

What makes corrupt politicians experts on how to travel in a modern world? Do they want everyone to drive or take Amscrap when it makes more sense to fly? These CEOs have been swimming against the Liberal tide for 20 yrs, fighting against the regulations and roadblocks Dodd, Kennedy, Frank and Pelosi have put in front of them and finally drowned under these draconian regulations and energy policies.

Why do people need to fly corporate jets? Because it’s the most efficient way for these people to travel. Let’s take a look at the biggest hypocrites on the planet the casting couch phonies in SoddomWould. These starlets who are always outraged when we drive our cars have no problem climbing into the biggest jet they can afford to fly to Cannes. Never mind their jets burn the same Oil they always decry, it is the most efficient way to travel. Plus, they have a No Blood for Oil bumper sticker on the nose of the plane.

These starlets make $20 million+ per which breaks down to $10,000/hr 24/7/365. If they take a commercial jet to fly across the Country and arrive at the airport 2 hrs early, it takes 10-12 hrs to fly coast to coast. At 10K per hour that works out to $100-120K for them to fly w/o the ability to communicate and work while they’re flying. To take a corporate jet will only take around 4 hrs door to door and save them around 80K. The flight will cost them around 20K so they end up saving $60K every time they fly cross country and double for a round trip. It only makes business sense for them to take a corporate jet multiplies if they’re flying with their entourage.

The same can be said for the CEO’s of any corporation in the Country. Never mind The Obama Meltdown, this year has been a disaster for almost every CEO in the world, the same formulas hold true for them. They all make Millions of dollars for their expertise and leadership abilities over the years. They have made their shareholders Billions and need the most efficient method of transportation to get from place to place and handle business. These jets not only save them money vs. using commercial it’s a working office allowing them to work and communicate while they’re traveling. Add the ability to bring their staff these corporate jets save their companies millions in travel dollars yearly. This doesn’t even count the business expense deductions which offsets millions.

The CEO’s have been painted by PravdABDNC as the villains in the Obama Meltdown yet there was absolutely nothing any of them could have done to avoid this crash. Nobody saw this coming except the crooks at Fannie/Freddie and congress. When and if the history of this is ever known, we will find the gummit and especially congress were the ones who caused this. The CEO’s are their scapegoats to make a smokescreen for the District of Corruption to sneak away w/o any blame. These jets are the same smoke to distract the public from congress’ absolute ignorance and destruction of business and industry. Almost every job lost can be directly tracked back to the Dems in congress through oppressive laws and regs. They are only using these jets to damage their targeted industries and tie this to Repubs. Why no outrage about UAW corporate jets? Simple, they’re DNC contributors.

For the highly rewarded, those who make companies money; they must use their time and money as wisely as possible. The market requires it and will reward and punish accordingly. Just like the movie starlets who bring big box office $$ to the Hollywhacked moguls, these CEOs need to have the ability to use their time efficiently and bring our economy back off the cliff. If the standard for speed of travel is who makes their stockholders the most money, Fag, Dudd, Peloser, Dirtbag Harry and Obozo would be riding in Boxcars or better yet, oxen. Ironically, they’re flying in jets and demanding America’s producers ride Amtrak into the Abyss.

Pray for America, Our Troops and obama