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More Green Coal

More Coal More Greening Gas 

Greater LOVE has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

The Oregonian our local Workers Party Gazette has its 300th front page article on the evils of Coal Power about our only coal generation plant this week. They have no reasons other than the release of mercury and of course the old tired and fake Global Warming fraud. Even they had to hide it behind the evils of CO2 pretending it’s a Greenhouse gas even though there is no such thing. Greenhouse gas is a figment of the algore’s imagination. If they would spread the truth they would reverse the term and call CO2 a Greening gas. Apparently the Soviet State Media is the only people left in the world who still believe the fraud or at least still spread it. The rest of the planet have already moved past Gore-al Warming from the overwhelming evidence it is nothing more than a tactic to tax and control the people. You have to be completely out of reasons when you have to quote that self serving charlatan.

We have a single coal electrical plant in our state which produces 40% of the states power cleanly and efficiently. It of course is a main target of the eco-terror crowd like the Establishment Media. They hate the fact you can produce energy cheaply and efficiently by using something as mundane as coal. This is the cheapest way to produce energy costing only 2 cents per KW as opposed to 10 cents for hippie methods like wind and 40 cents for solar. The problem the kooks are having is when the Warming fraud was exposed all their arguments went up in smoke. Not only are those smokestacks not producing Greenhouse gasses they are producing the basic building block for trees and other plants.

Everybody who took 8th grade biology knows that plants take water, CO2 and minerals from the ground to become healthy plants and release oxygen as a waste product. Could there be a more perfect homeostasis marriage as an energy source helping feed trees and other green plants? You could say that coal plants are the perfect Green energy. Ideally you put one in the middle of a forest or near a farm. The enviro-liars not only still push the CO2 fraud but force these plants to drill wells deep into the earth to release the CO2. This crackpot idea is to make sure the coal plants don’t release the very chemicals that plants thrive, this is liberal insanity but I repeat myself. We need to find a way to make coal generation produce more CO2 not less.

The other big argument of course is the release of mercury. This again is a false argument as you can build scrubbers so effective they make the exhaust virtually pure. The liberals have set the levels they know are unattainable to shut down these plants. Most of the coal plants in the west are away from the populations even if they did produce pollutants there is no chance of people breathing levels which would harm them. The fact however is the scrubbers make the exhaust pure to the point of no danger. In addition the wind spreads the mercury over millions of square miles dropping harmlessly on the ground which is why they have to make CO2 a pollutant. There is more mercury in the ground around us than can ever be produced by a power plant. Better not mention that or the EPA will outlaw dirt. The scrubbers today are technologically superior to anything we have had in the past to purify to near perfection.

Multiple coal powered plants would give Oregon as well as the rest of the states clean and dependable power for the next 50 yrs. The new wave of coal plants are even more efficient and burn clean beyond anything developed in the past. This is as nearly a perfect power source ever invented as we not only have a cheap form of energy produced from simply digging dirt and burning it to power industry and jobs in abundance. One small plant in Oregon produces 40% of the power and one more could produce over 100% and allow Portland General to sell power to other states. This could be easily done w/o any tax $$ while keeping power costs at a minimum. The byproduct would be making the forests and animals healthier from more Greening Gas.

This is the difference between Conservatives managing all our resources and liberals wasting them. They want to lock them up so nobody receives any benefit from them. They would hurt everyone and everything in America to satisfy some personal satisfaction or cultish need. Conservatives want to not only help themselves but everyone else in society. This is why Conservatism is the premier way for society to be organized since it judges everything on how it benefits the community in an economic sense which also adds to the welfare of the community. Conservatives know the more jobs you have for the community the better for everybody. We don’t buy into obvious myths and frauds like global warming or every other scam the liberals try to enslave us. We want to develop and manage all our resources and talents to maximize benefit to improve the Country’s health and well being.

Coal power is the perfect example of what makes the two sides different. The one side would exploit it for cheap plentiful power and the other would constrict it to enslave US. One would build an economy on it and the other would make false crisis and beliefs to gain power to build a socialist society complete w/central planning and control. They would chase useless undependable sources like wind and solar to bribe their allies while Conservatives allow people to have free will as well as free trade. There is no valid reason to not take advantage of such a perfect power source other than the concentration of their political power. This is the perfect symbol of how America is enslaved by liberalism vs the freedom of capitalism. Conservatives would solve our energy problems while liberals only want to make things worse. We can start to solve this crisis by sending the liberals home in November.

Pray for America