Brayin Candy

The Sinking of the Obismark

 Ol Admiral McCain finally unleashed his 18" guns and fired a full broadside on the Obismark shelling him over and over to the point of sitting dead in the water. At the end of this debate all Oblack could do was mutter something about Vouchers being a bad idea for Blacks because there aren’t enough Vouchers to get it done. The SS McCain fired one more shell into the lifeless hull saying you don’t want to use something that works because you don’t have enough, yeah I get it...blub, blub, blub

The Obismark has been sailing through this election untouched with fresh paint as the Media flew cover and manned the gunwales firing celebratory streamers waiting for the victory parades. They knew this ship was unsinkable and the greatest ship the DNC has ever sailed. Like the original Bismarck it was the greatest most powerful dreadnaught the National Socialist Party ever built. It was the symbol of Nazi power built to intimidate and destroy capitalism with its massive armament aimed by the most technologically advanced ship in the world. Like the Titanic the myth of invincibility was just a myth.

After the Bismarck sunk the HMS Hood in a single barrage nobody thought the ship could be sunk. With her massive guns no ship could get close enough to hit it w/o being sunk and Britain didn’t have any planes that could fly that far. So they sent some old WWI biplanes from ships on a suicide mission to attempt a torpedo attack. These planes were so slow the anti-aircraft guns controlled by the radar could not be geared down to so low a speed and couldn’t hit these antiques. Lt JWC Moffatt got through hitting the one place it was vulnerable, the rudder; knocking it out of commission. This caused the Bismarck to be stuck in a giant circle sealing its fate to be finished off by multiple barrages.

Along comes old feeble Admiral McCain going against the slick young Obismark w/all of his guns blazing. He is young elegant and has all the firepower of eloquent speech fooling the people into believing he is for them. Behind that he has ACORN’s new tech working behind the scenes attempting to steal an election through intimidation and voter fraud. Add in the multiple guns of the media and he is the greatest battleship the Socialist Party has ever built. How could an old washed up POW fly under all his technology.

In a miraculous encounter an uneducated plumber axes Obismark a simple question under his radar. "I want to buy the company I work for and want to make over $250K which your taxes will cause me to lay off employees. Why do you want to increase my taxes? Ignoring the seriousness of the question Black Whiteguilt Oblack flippantly says that people who make less than him need help and we needed to, "spread the wealth around". Direct Hit in the rudder.

The Obismark sailed into the final battle with his rudder stuck at 95% tax-cut cliché as well as the hate Bush lines and gummit programs for everything, but Admiral McCain would have none of it. He opened his 18 inch guns using Plumber Joe’s spread the wealth line underlining his Tax and Spend socialism. He followed that barrage w/a direct hit saying you can’t attract jobs with the highest Corporate tax in the world and taking out the main tower with the Recession to Depression 2 ton shell. The next volley took out his main turret with the "Senator Government" tag. You could see the smoke coming out of Oboredom’s radar sized ears.

This sent the Obismark firing aimlessly with cliché after cliché over his #1 issue, energy can’t drill your way out, use it or lose it, 3% 25% and evil auto industry must be forced to make crappy little cars for the proletariat. The admiral fired at will having great fun and laughs as he mockingly said that you have to admire his "eloquence" but he just said "he MAY" drill which means he won’t. He said he should have run against Bush 4 yrs ago. You don’t unilaterally renegotiate NAFTA w/Canada. Healthcare penalties and Columbia Free Trade he voted against to protect communist rebels. Putting metal on target over and over you could see the fires burning.

The battle continued over Abortion and SC judges turning the Obismark into a smoking angry hull. McCain fired one final shell into the powder magazine w/the joke, "so you don’t want to use vouchers even though they’re working and don’t have enough of them so we shouldn’t do it? Yeah, I get it".... Slowly the invincible ship rolls over into its watery grave heading for Davey Jones Locker.

Pray for W, Ol Admiral McCain and Our Troops