Brayin Candy

A FOX in the White House

While we wait for the blessed HOPE–the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, Titus 2:3

So the war room in the WH bunker has declared FOX news public enemy #1.....again. Too bad the Taleeeban wouldn’t investigate ACRIME to get on the list. Is this version 2.999 or are they really serious this time. Guess their boycotting during the debates was just a love pat and now they mean business. This of course has nothing to do w/FOX news and has everything w/controlling the rest of the buggy whip media. This is their warning you better not ax any questions of Baracorrupt Obozo if you want to continue to enjoy those ratings he brings to your networks.

Every dictatorship needs first and foremost to control and censor the media. A major reason the USSR fell is an underground press spread the truth while Pravda reported the opposite. The people would read how glorious the economy was doing then go to empty shelved stores. So far PravdABDNC has self censored itself from reporting any news or axing any questions about why we have lost 5 million jobs while nearing 20% actual unemployment. As the problems from the Obama Depression continue to pile up, there becomes a more and more obvious need to find out why this is happening after 8 yrs of lecturing America about deficits. Also the establishmedia is beginning to notice FOX is enjoying a monopoly in covering the scandals. Outside of dingbats like MoDo and Mathews, reporters have to notice there are crippled bleeding fawns just walking past their noses in ACRIME and the CZARS while their stomachs shrink. Why does FOX get all those fresh kills???

The corruption and incompetence of Bagwan Obozo has become too obvious, that when he receives the Nobeliberal Peace Prize it had to turn the cynic’s tongues to bloody stumps. Rumor has it he was nominated for the Science Prize for turning off the lights at night. Yet the Lap Dance media has to sit in their corners w/their hands under their thighs nodding dutifully. You have to wonder if they can play the cute little girls taking naps for the next 4 yrs. If you don’t think the WH censor czar doesn’t realize the dancers are getting a bit restless, I have some GM stock you might be interested in. So they send out the dowdy matron to declare war on FOX stating they are spreading lies about the messiah. She goes on about how FOX is nothing more than the research wing of the Repub Party. Did she give ABDNNCPBSNYT a heads-up in the morning Conference Call she was going to accuse FOX of being shills for the RNC?

This was nothing more than a shot across the bow of the Establishmedia saying dissent will not be tolerated by this regime. These Nazis care about one the absolute power and control until they get their HC plan passed. This is a warning to all the media including the internet they will use their Stalinist tactics to squelch any questioning of their order. When they see the power of the Tea Parties as well as Glen Beck they know they can’t stand any more investigations into their mountains of corruption. Once they get the HC cuffs on the American people they will literally be in control of all our lives and they need to keep ABDNCBS in line. Once they control the doctors and hospitals they will own you physically like the IRS does economically.

There is no advantage to them declaring war on FOX. It gets their wingnuts spinning at a bit higher RPM and Cwissy Mathews salivating a bit harder, but it doesn’t bother FOX. It most likely will add to their viewership like when they attack Rush. This is for them what the Jews were for Hitler; it gives his Party a paper fox to fight. This takes their eyes off the incompetence and gives cover to ACRIME and the bigger fish SEIU. They won’t ax if the entire stimulus $$ went to create jobs or did it go to union pension funds like it did in Oregon. Of the so called 13,000 jobs created here 10,000 were education/NEA jobs. Obviously paying back the pension funds they raided to elect obozo. No, the WH doesn’t want the mediots going off the Reservation to find out why there are no jobs, while they swim in Red Ink. Just because FOX has shown them the formula in an internet world, it's no reason for old media to copy it.

This broadside from that grey haired old broad has nothing to do w/Fox and everything to do w/making sure the presstitutes continue to hide corruption. Rather than finding out if Beck is uncovering real corrupt individuals and organizations in gummit, they would rather play darts and fact check SNL. While two 20 yr old kids are uncovering more corruption than DNCixty Mins has in the last 2 decades their dinosaurs talk about lint in eyebrows. While Woodward and Bernstein are napping at their desks til lunch, the pajama reporters are shining flashlights on the District of Corruption exposing waste. While they tell stories of the good ol days of reporting on Nixon, FOX is writing the stories that are getting harder and harder to ignore. So hard to ignore that Premier Hussain had to remind them of what their jobs at PravdABDNC are, and what the Punishment would be for any Heretics leaving the Reservation.

Pray for America and The Truth