Brayin Candy

Lady Palin's Army

But by faith we eagerly await through the Spirit the righteousness for which we Hope. Galatians 5:5

There they go again, the entire Establishment Attack Machine both Left and Right believes the most important person in the world to destroy is a woman, does these signal women have arrived? Does Gov Palin mean women have reached true equality with men and no longer need Broad set asides? Apparently she is the second most powerful person in America although many would argue most powerful, we can just tell the barren liberal hags to pack up and go home with their significant other fire plugs.

While watching the establishmedia lionize an overdosed drug addicted child molester like he was heading for Sainthood yet demonizing a woman for ah, ah, ah having a daughter who was pregnant and then did the unforgivable sin, chose life, you can see the Quadruple standard. To see the most dangerous person in America is a woman can only tell you, "You’ve come a long way baby!" You’ve come so far your "sisters" are the ones leading the charge against you. So far a SoddomWood starlet has to mock and harass you for being attractive. Little does she realize she’s really making fun of herself and her own looks. She has to sleep so well knowing she’s being a Judess trying to keep self made women from the halls of power. Hope Tina Fey chokes on her 40 coins by keeping that Glass Ceiling from breaking.

To see SoddomWood having a state funeral for a guy who destroyed the lives of young boys and slept w/monkeys you have to discount anything the Echo Chamber harlots say. For them to attack a woman who has done nothing other than being a spokesman against socialism is all you need to know. The sad part is the Chablis sipping Conservatives have fallen for the DC spin and refuse to stand against this travesty. They go along w/the usual she is dead now for doing X line. These are the same pundiots who said Bush/Reagan was done thousands of times when now an overdosed drug addicted freak is somehow a HomoWood Saint. When will we ever have a pundit who can ever see past the scripted responses of PravdABDNC? Even Karl Rove who has been villainised for years is piling on her, papering the Echo Chamber for group acceptance.

Liberal enemy #1, Gov Sarah Palin has made one of the most innovative and selfless moves we have ever witnessed in public office. Unlike most of the Mediots, she doesn’t make over $Million per year and certainly doesn’t make 10s of millions. For her $500,000 and counting can easily bankrupt her family while her State doesn’t have the resources to waste time on these harassing lawsuits. She made a tough decision to step down and write her book. She can now take the summer to write it and make some speaking engagements to fill the leadership void which obviously exists. She can easily fill the role missing in the Conservative Movement. The NE Punditocracy has as much validity for predicting the future as your average sports pundit picking the Super Bowl winner 4 yrs from now.

Listening to her stunning speech filled with hope and visual references w/o even needing the Telecrutch, she told us why, how and where she is going. When she spoke of being the point guard or the leader of her team while she keeps an eye on the basket, she told what her plans were. The fact is nobody knows where God is taking her and she doesn’t either or worries about it. She does know she has to have herself available for whatever her calling may be and be able to be used by the Holy Spirit. This is why she needed to turn the office over to the Lt Gov who will work hard at being re-elected and isn’t targeted by $0R0$’ unending attacks so he can move Alaska’s business forward while she writes her Bestseller. Is there any question that she will be the biggest selling author in the last decade once this classic is written? Talk about your rags to riches story right out of Dickens. She may sell more books than Coulter when Palin’s Army arrives at the stores. Unlike Nazi Nancy’s bromide who’s went straight to the bargain bins.

As she tours the Country giving speeches she can explain her/our views of Conservatism. She has a target rich environment as she highlights her views on energy and the economy. With the upcoming ObozoCare fights she can bludgeon the enemies. Unlike Premier Hussain, Saracuda is articulate. Now the obamedia will have to defend Obomonomics and help him explain where all the jobs went. She will no longer be painted by the distortions of the Establishmedia as she draws her own self portrait. Of course they will label her a simpleton and a Republican Bimbo/Dunce yet she can drive her leadership qualities home in speech after speech highlighting her strengths. The greatest leader in the last 150 yrs was Winston Churchill who was a far below avg student yet Neville Chamberlain was the scholar. Of course we can remind the Stone Age Press JFK, RFK and FDR were C students while Papa Kennedy had to buy Harvard a Library to keep Drunk Uncle Ted from being expelled. Over and over we have seen grades and leadership have absolutely no correlation. Have we seen obozo’s grades?

After she writes her first screed then America will know exactly who Sarah Palin is and her wonderful story of a mom who just wanted to make a difference in her neighborhood. How her never ending crusade of stopping corruption took her to the very top of American politics, nearly having a chance to expose corruption at the top. How her Faith in the Lord has maintained and guided her life through some very difficult times. Who would want to have a pregnant daughter and a Downs baby when you’re nominated for VP, yet that’s the path God set. Finally, she can tell the story how a corrupted media is combining with the corrupt Party in the District of Corruption to fight her to the death, just like Alaska. This is a well funded $0R0$ media Dragon which has Lady Palin firmly in its sights. The question is whether America wants to break itself from the Dragon’s grasp, to battle back and attempt to bring it down w/the arrows of millions of Lilliputians who finally take that tyrannical monster out once and for all. Lady Palin is our Knight in Shining Armor with her Shield of Faith, who has the hopes and fears of the entire Free World on her slim shoulders. Who will fight with her?

Pray for America and Lady Palin