Brayin Candy

A Decline In Science

In his name the nations will put their HOPE. Mat 12:21

 Every group is  exposed to corruption when it mingles w/politics. Nothing proves this more completely than today’s academic scientists. They have become so politically corrupt the damage they have caused themselves is beyond repair. We will hear them clamor how w/o them we'd never explore the moon or cure mankind’s diseases like cancer or heart ailment. Many will point out that most of these cures and discoveries were done by corporate scientists rather than close minded university professors. There is no way to prove it, yet there is a high probability that today’s public sector scientists are living off the successes of corporate science. Apparently any academic success is in spite of themselves.

 The recent track record for academic science has been a solid D+. Not only do they have the worldwide fraud of Global Warming, which mirrors many of junk science scams, there a’re  too many to count. Not only did we survive the Global Goring scare, amazingly we’ve survived the Ozone hole, Acid Rain, the Ice Age, Population Bomb, Radon among thousands of other eart ending disasters. How much time/$$ was wasted by these scientists trying to make names for themselves as they followed the latest fad science making their data fit liberal Groupthink?

 On the medical side of science who can forget the AIDS epidemic was going to sweep across the population as a plague through heterosexual sex. Never mind that it was a disease that was transmitted by the exchange of blood by homosexuals and IV drug users, we wasted Billion$ scaring America. They never bothered to mention monogamous heterosexuals have absolutely no chance of getting this disease through sex, its purely a homo-plague like Hepatitis C.  For decades now there was more money being spent on a hygene disease that effects 2% of the population due to them receiving liberal Sainthood. This is the most political disease we have seen in histoir with a completely disproportionate amount of time and resource having been spent on this due to PC politics. If they found that tobacco users’ lives were shortened by 20 yrs due to a hazardous habit, how much effort would be spent to stop that habit? Rather, AIDS became public enemy #1 by academia and untold resources were moved from cancers and heart disease to try to cure a sickness that could be stopped by not promoting anal sex for men. You could say AIDS is homophobic as are the promoters.

 These are a few examples of the corruption that has become political among scientists and academia. They have become Priests in the cult of liberalism who have to chase these political correct diseases and causes to receive Priesthood w/in their cult. Global Warming takes it to the extreme of attempting to force the entire World to bow to their idols as well as give sacrifice. Their research was absolutely corrupt by not only fudging the data to fit their world view, but any skeptics were vilified and/or ran out of science, just like creationists. You can still see these Fundamentalists mocking any skeptics w/the term "denier" or "flat earthers" who speak heresy to their Groupthink. This is being repeated in thousands of research projects around the World as these corrupt scientists try to prove their liberal doxology to their frightened public.

 The private corporate world works just the opposite. Those scientists are expected to provide results and leave their bias at the door. They're truly searching for answers to questions as well as solving diseases and cures wherever the science leads. Just like NASA needed to solve problems to get a man on the moon, so to does a scientist work to make an oil well leakproof on the ocean floor. There is no Groupthink, other than being handed a problem and being told to work to solve it, and being paid for results. That is why our pharmaceutical companies are the most productive in the world since these scientists are hired to produce to make their companies $$ as well as improve people's lives. If it was ever measured you would find that this is where most of the scientific pioneering happens.

 Academic science is pure politics shown by its hatred of America and capitalism when in fact capitalism is the answer to most of the world’s issues. Growing jobs worldwide will solve every problem that exists so we should make every solution available. Nearly all of our problems have been caused by academic science and the District of Corruption. We have a major problem of energy and the DC politicians have only worsened it. Their absurd solution of turning corn into alcohol to run cars is not only the least efficient way to make energy, but has wasted corn, land and energy that could be used to feed people. The real solution is to turn it over to corporate scientists and let them solve this problem in the most efficient way. Since we can drill w/no danger of a spill, that is most likely a good solution that should be looked at in an unbiased view. The only reason we don’t drill our own oil is the corruption of academic science and Big Brother Consensus.

 If we solved our problems in a corporate scientific method we would have an efficient Country and world, rather we have one that is enslaved by academic/political corruption. This is destroying our economy and Country due to wasting talent and treasure chasing boondoggles like GW or Methanol production, when we could be curing disease or developing efficient energy sources. Academia has been corrupted both by going along w/Groupthink as well as being given preferential Grants to research junk science like GW and Evolution that relies on nonscientific answers like consensus. Until a theory is strong enough to withstand the scrutiny of skeptics, its simply academic angels dancing on a pinhead. 

 These thug tactics have been repeated as these profs found that they worked to promote their frauds. Many of their theorems are harmless, yet for cultist beliefs like GW, pollution or AIDS, the side effects are disastrous when enacted starve millions. The farmers in Californeeea can't produce food thanks to this Groupthink Science. The sooner these science soap salesmen are exposed, the sooner we can turn the direction to free market solutions. If academia had GW skeptics in their faculty, how quickly could this travesty been debunked so research could be spent on improving our lives. There is a boom waiting from the unused/unwanted talent and a turned off economy that has been hamstrung by these cult priests. We would be decades ahead to fire academia then make them earn a living in the real world where you need to produce or walk, then we would see an explosion of economics like this Country has never seen. We’re all paying the price for Hiding a Decline in Science.

 Pray for America’s Freedom and Gov Palin