Brayin Candy


Luke 12:48

But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.


At what point do you say enough is enough when it comes to the KGB err FBI? When you talk about rigged elections and the largest scandal in histoir you have to put spying on a campaign by the FBI while breaking all of their own laws to make sure their candidate won at the top of the list. These people are sworn to not involve themselves in elections for this very reason and not only were they involved they were trying to fix the election similar to places like Russia and Cuba to make Hillary the President. The question is, hanging or firing squad?

The most sacred part of the great experiment of a democracy is the purity of the vote or at least that is the goal. That has been shattered by a few power hungry people in the most powerful agency in America and has corrupted this electoral process which had actual spies inside the Trump campaign. This is the raping of the election so people like Comey and his cronies could stay in power thinking they had enough on Hillary they could blackmail her into forcing her to let them stay or whatever their motivation was.

How do you let stand the entire corruption America has witnessed with the spying on the Trump campaign? From the invention of the Hillary paid for Dossier from the Russians to the use of that Dossier to get a FISA warrant to tap his phones and now an actual spy used to get inside the campaign there has never been this level of dirty politics in America. This is what happens when you believe in moral relativism and the ends justify the means.

What is truly amazing is Old Media is perfectly fine with this taking of candidate Trump’s freedom and throwing it into a burn barrel. They are ok with this stripping of his and his associate’s basic freedoms since they too believe in moral relativism. What they do not see is if you take it from one American you are really taking those freedoms of privacy from all Americans including themselves. They should be terrified that because someone dares to run against the status quo it is ok to take away his Rights against illegal search and seizure to the point of planting an FBI agent inside his campaign to gather information and pass it on to the Clinton campaign.

In the old days this would outrage both Repubs and Dems and now since it is President Trump anything goes. The DNC and their District of Corruption has dropped so low they no longer believe in fair elections and believe in voter fraud and spying on campaigns to fix the elections in their favor. They like the Russian model which says we don’t care about who votes, we only care about who counts those votes and how. The only question is how many elections has this been going on and what else were they doing.

The weakness of a democracy is freedom is based on integrity. Democracy requires the integrity to expect the vote to be cast honestly and fairly, this expectation has been destroyed. Not only can we no longer count on people in a campaign to not have their phones tapped they can no longer trust the person next to them to not be working for the FBI and passing your conversations to the opposition or even trying to build a case to have you impeached.

The only thing worse than a dirty cop is two dirty cops, and in this case; looks like there are dozens of them. No matter what their excuse or justification they need to have the book thrown at them. In reality they should be hanged for treason as a symbol for people in the future. This is not really a Repub or Dem issue this is about America’s freedom. They allowed their politics and emotions to get involved to break laws they were supposed to be enforcing. This is no different than a cop robbing a bank, it doesn’t matter whose money is being stolen it is the fact you can no longer trust them with their authority and everyone’s money is at risk.

It does not matter if this was done to Trump or Hillary this is a crime against the free and fair elections and how we choose our President. This would be just as outrageous if it was done against her or Obama so it does not matter it is not allowed in truly free countries. This cannot be tolerated and must be prosecuted by the full force of the law or whatever is left of it.

Every American should be bothered by this. This is outrageous behavior being performed by the most powerful people in Moscow on the Potomac.  The spy needs to be charged with espionage and hopefully treason so there are real consequences looking at him or them and get to the bottom of who was running this operation. The investigation needs to work its way up and expose who was in charge and he deserves the gallows for the crime he has committed as a statement to our love of liberty.

To whom much is given, much is required and there is no more required than is given to the FBI and its director. This agency has morphed into the KGB and ever since Hoover has had a shady image, that image has never sunken lower. They can no longer be trusted as America’s police and needs to be disbanded. When you have this level of absolute corruption and rogue behavior there is not fixing and needs to be bulldozed and start over with a force that respects our individual freedoms. The FBI no longer stands for those freedoms and is actually a danger to them.

Love him or hate him, Trump always has a way of forcing people to peel away their masks and see them for who and what they are. There is no longer a pretense the FBI is working for the American people and is actually willing to break any laws to maintain its power. If you stand in the way of that power they will surveil you to frame you into a false crime and have you destroyed. This is terrifying that the most powerful agency in the world would even consider such an abuse of power let alone actually do it and sadly, did. There is no longer any Right of Privacy in America and that should terrify the country.

Lady Liberty is on her knees right now. The KGB/FBI has put her on the ground and stolen her torch. Until this is completely revealed, charged and punished she is living in fear of a corrupt agency which can break down her door over any fake charge they manufacture. If they can do it to a candidate for President they can do it to anyone. If Trump is not allowed his Right to Privacy than no American has their Right either and for that America is no longer free. It is time for America to choose between Lady Liberty and the FBI.

Pray America woke