Brayin Candy

The Conservative Country Club is Trumped

Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

This is the best election evah. Donald Trump has changed the entire landscape of America and exposed all of the hidden institutions turning them on their heads. This has never happened before and the movers and shakers of this country do not know how to react.

Old Media of course is lining up to protect Bernie for the upcoming General election, but they have a tough time going after another one of their own. Here is a capitalist of the highest level who dealt Real Estate in the hundreds of billions to become one of the top celebrities in New York. Some say he built Wall Street and then followed it up with the number one TV show and now they have to destroy him.

Of course the bimbos in Hollywierd have to make their snarky remarks, but the usual suspects pull their punches for now out of fear and respect. They have been put in a box where only the most strident leftists will go after him like the normal hatred for Repubs, but the SNL, ABCNNBS crowd know he will come on their show and battle them into defeat. They also know he is a ratings plus so they are hard pressed to savage him like they do most Repubs. He is showing how to fight these bullies who are the number one defense of their Marxist agenda.

The more interesting fight is between Trump and the Conservative media. From the day he declared his candidacy and said he was going to build a wall with Mexico paying for it, the commentators and Fox decided he was a Rodeo Clown and needed to be eliminated from the race. The stodgy old ruminators on Fox declared him unworthy of running for their presidency. His added statements about the need to stop sanctuary cities and deporting Mexicans lit their toups on fire and the war was on.

Meanwhile on the conservative talk radio squad he was being cheered for finally saying things that needed to be said about immigration. He was adored as he made statements about Mooselimbs need to be kept over in Europe and Africa and not brought here until we had a way to find out which ones were Islamic terrorists and which were not. All of them except Beck were applauding him for his candor and freshness with a megaphone nobody has seen before.

Then came the famous debate with Meg Kelly and her promoting The War on Women and his spat with Rosie O'Donnell. The spat started when Rosie bullied someone and Donald stood up for the guy and then made a comment which denigrated into Donald calling her a fat pig, which Meg said was proof he hated women. He figured it out during the question, mentioned Rosie with his perfect timing which had the entire crowd laughing at the question setting off the war between him and Fox.

As an observer of politics this is such a unique phenomenon and is actually cowards hiding in fear behind their bluster. You have the people who usually fight liberalism are running from Conservatism and the liberals are fascinated in this person who is larger than life spouting things they hate but are drawn to it like moths to a flame. This is when Talk Radio turned on him.

Talk Radio has decided Ted Cruz is their guy and has passed their purity test which Donald failed. Since Trump has not been a lifelong Conservative and Cruz has, then he does not pass Talk Radio purity. Never mind he is Anti-Abortion now. Never mind he has had a recent conversion to most all of the standards of Conservatism now. Never mind Talk Radio claims to want to convert people from Marxism to Conservatism or that Trump may have been a closet Conservative most of his life, he cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt he is and always has been one so he is not one now. They then declared him impure and needed to be destroyed.

They are actually cowards, they do not want to fight and would rather debate. To actually win the so called debate means you have to get ugly and call people names you are not comfortable with. They would rather support someone like Cruz or Rubio who will debate the Constitution or Budget and wonkish fiscal theory to really get their juices flowing, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Trump has it figured out and he brings up a black man who had his beautiful son who had a Stanford football scholarship gunned down in front of his house and talk about real life. Trump would rather talk about the girl in San Francisco who got shot in the back or the woman beaten by a hammer than the Constitution. He would rather talk about building a wall rather than some budget item nobody cares about, that is ugly and not where talk radio wants to go, so he fails the purity test and they can ignore those issues to wow people on their intellect.

Trump talks off the cuff like everyone who sits in their group at the job or bar tawk. Sure he has a high IQ but he is not a DC wonk who talks about how bills go through congress and that makes him ignorant to the pundiots.

They love wonk talk and this takes them out of their comfort zone so they talk about fellow wonks like Cruz and Rubio staying safe and away from those thin branches. They have become the echo chamber they made fun of their entire lives and are the Conservative Establishmedia and Trump is their Anti-Establishment. The entire world has been turned upside down.

Whether Trump wins or loses is not as important as what he has already done to expose the entire media. He has forced every voice to take a side whether they wanted to or not. The biggest irony may be the Conservative media and their denying him into their club. Whether it was from lack of purity or fear, you would think they would have a curiosity of why so many of their followers are supporting Trump. You would expect them to not want to insult and lose their listeners, but they believe they are the gatekeepers of Conservatism which is far more important than their careers. They are doing the very thing that destroyed the NYT and liberal media which is amazing to watch their blindness.

This is the most amazing election we have ever seen. Love him or hate we have never seen anything like this in our lives. My take is it is not so much a moral or purity test is it is easier to say no than to get in there and fight. The only other potential fighter is Cruz, but he will debate rather than roll in the mud like the Dems.

Trump fights until the other guy backs down and that is not where the conservative Punditocracy wants or knows how to go. In the end they are the snooty Conservative Country Club and he is the Billionaire hardhat and the hardhat is winning. The best election evah!

Pray America wakes