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The Tea Party Rocks DC

The Tea Party Rocks DC 

This is my command: LOVE each other. The World Hates the Disciples. John 15:17

As always the DC Punditocracy has no clue what the Tea Party is about. As we celebrate the election of Christie O’Donnell both sides of the media are screeching like a cat in a flywheel. We don’t care about negotiating w/the Dems or kissing up to the moderates to weasel our way into the hearts of America, we are out to change her completely. We are not interested in having the Party pat us on our heads and hand us a cookie if we are good, we are for dragging the Party kicking and screaming back to Conservatism. We sure aren’t interested in electing liberal Republicrats only to watch them stab us in the back when real decisions about the future of this Country are being made. We have enough Susan Collins and John McCains, we don’t need any more. We also don’t need a bunch of self important pundiots lecturing us about how all our Conservative nominees stink cause they don’t like their pedigree. They may not get it but America does.

The destruction of our candidates has been going on since Sarah Palin was elected VP and now all the talking heads know they can make brownie points in the NYDC echo chamber if they trash our nominees. They have become clichéd as they trash the Tea Party type candidate. We are not only fighting the liberal establishmedia but now we have to battle w/our own. The only people more afraid of the Tea Party than the Dems are the Country Clubbers. They know they’re watching their power disappear into a wave of populism. If they weren’t so worried about their own fragile egos they would celebrate this upset and realize w/o the Tea Party this excitement would never exist nor would our chances in Nov. No they have to weigh the odds of taking the Sinate which 2 mos ago was never even on the map and now is a real possibility as is Delaware.

Of course the worst was by Rove and Krauthammer as they basically had a hissy fit in front of the American people that their horrible candidate didn’t get elected thanks to the Tea Party. They brought the same old tired lies how you can’t win in a liberal state w/o a liberal Repub. Worst yet Christie just isn’t sophisticated enough to nuance her answers to be elected. These are the same experts who trashed Palin and said she was dead numerous times in the past 2 yrs, yet we are supposed to believe them even if they’ve been wrong 90% of the time. Another words if they say she has a 90% chance of losing it means she has a 90% chance of winning. Perhaps these clowns should keep their emotions to themselves and just enjoy the moment since we are witnessing perhaps the greatest movement in the histoir of this Country. When have they ever supported the Tea Party?

So what if O’Donnell doesn’t have a perfect personal record? The explanations she has given if true are very understandable for someone trying to struggle her way through this economy. She doesn’t have union fat cats slipping her cash under the table like Angry Michelle had. She had to struggle on her own trying to make ends meet as a single woman. They point to a video she made where she talks about sexual purity and masturbation for men and how it takes away from the marriage relationship. This truth of course makes her a kook which all Christian women are since they disown the myth of feminism and abortion. Having atheistic moral relativists telling us abstinence and purity is kooky while we are surrounded by the destruction caused by their immorality is hysterical? Making a video for her church is somehow scandalous? These people are the kooks. She and all of the Conservative women running on the Repub ballots represent a huge voting bloc that may be getting away from the Party of Death. Yet our so called experts jump on the kooky Conservative Woman bandwagon for DC Porch Conservative objectivity points and an extra helping of Brie and Chablis.

Karl Rove needs to take the advice he gives Conservatives and hold his nose and support these candidates. We are told to leave our principles at the door and pull the lever for a pro choice Repub who we know is going to cross the aisle to stab our movement in the back. The other theory is Tea Party candidates will motivate the independents who are looking for someone to follow. They are moderate for a reason in that they don’t take stands so they are always following those who do. This is why the Tea Party candidates will do better than expected since they will get a lot of swing votes looking at people who aren’t afraid to stand up to the criticism. People are hungry for real people who think and act like normal people rather than the plastic good time politicians put out by the establishment. Rather than being an onion skin away from the Dems lets really move to the Right and excite the true Conservatives as well as peel some of the Conservative Dems and independents looking for a reason to support a normal person. That is the winning formula which DC sages just don’t get. We want to throw out all the pork laden career politicians on both sides.

The Country Club Blue Bloods are terrified of these hicks and hayseeds w/their pitchforks and signs since they don’t carry themselves properly or understand the art of compromise. Karl and Charles, we don’t want to learn the art of compromise, we understand there is no way to compromise Freedom either you crave it or you don’t. The spokesmen have been consistently wrong about everything from the abilities, genius and moderation of obozo to the death of Palin’s career, why should anybody expect them to understand the goals of the Tea Party? This earthquake is going to knock down the DC Tower of Babel to bring about a new land for Lady Liberty.

Pray for America