Brayin Candy

Buenas Noches America

...perseverance, character; and character, hope. Rom 5:4

The same people who have passed every bad bill to get us in the place that we are in now are going to pass a worse immigration bill. It will be Obamacare without all the careful planning and death panels. The primary death panel will be the end of the Republican Party and good riddance. They have been a major part of the problem for decades and likely have finally found an issue that will prove once and for all there is no difference between the two major Parties when it comes to advancing socialism.

For Mark Rubio to show such bad instincts as to feel the need to legalize twenty million Mexicans is beyond stupid. The only thing the GOP should be interested in is securing the border. Until the border is secure and a fence built physically there is no point in talking about immigration. Once the leaders in the District of Corruption has passed this monstrosity then everyone in the Western hemisphere will be an American citizen waiting for his official designation. All you will have to do to become an American citizen and eligible for voting is to cross the border and claim hardship.

As always the managers of the Party are trying to get the Dems to vote for them by forcing the conservatives out. The dirty little secret is those Dems are never going to vote for them under any circumstances and certainly won’t if they are trying to be Republicrats. Why vote for a fake Dem when you can vote for the real thing. These managers are the same one who told the conservatives to sit down and shut up since Romney was the only one who could get elected and now they are going after then Mexican vote using the same logic. They will also get the same results.

This bill is being passed using the same tactics the left has used for the last fifty years, White Guilt. They are using the argument you are an intolerant racist if you don’t want Mexicans to become Americans. They have made Mexicans a protected victim group so for you to be a “good” person you have to be for amnesty or their latest cliché, Immigration Reform. If you are against amnesty you are intolerant, which is the most unforgivable sin in America. This tactic has been used by them for decades to promote their agenda of destroying the American dream and replacing it with their socialist nightmare.

So now unless you are for homosexuality, amnesty, abortion, nationalized healthcare and making Hilary the next president you are intolerant and evil. This is the tactic of the Three Pillars to marginalize their opposition into believing they have to follow the leftist agenda or they will be considered evil. The fact of the matter is that the Three Pillars (media, academia and the DNC) are evil and want to destroy this country. The destruction of this country was their stated goals in the fifties and this amnesty bill is their attempt at the final step of that goal.

Once you add forty to fifty million poverty plagued Mexicans to an already bankrupt system, there is no way this country can survive. Our welfare system is at the breaking point now and you will see a massive influx of illegals moving to America for those generous benefits waiting to be taken. We will see the unemployment rates shoot through the ceiling and another round of tax increases on the businesses forcing the closure of their doors. Unfortunately, the Three Pillars don’t care since they are only interested in the additional votes those illegals represent and the solidification of power for the DNC.

If the GOP had the slightest intelligence they would see there is a group of Mexican American they can appeal to. This is not the homogeneous group they are portrayed as by the Three Pillars. There is a large portion of them who love America and are proud of their ability to negotiate the immigration process. They understand the problems of bypassing these procedures and wonder like every other American why some are able to take the shortcut and instantly become citizens. They have to be asking themselves why did they go to all the trouble if there are entire cities about to be made into citizens. These are the ones to reach out to and ask them why they should give up their rights and jobs so another protected group can be given something they never earned. They need to understand they are going to be paying for these newcomers with higher taxes and for many, their jobs.

Once again, our Representatives are selling us down the Rio Grande. The GOP unfortunately is paddling as fast as they can so they can be portrayed as tolerant by the media. When are they finally going to find their hind legs and say we will not tolerate the destruction of this country and stand for those out there who can see the results of these bad bills? Just like the Sarah Palins who said that Obamacare was going to lead to higher premiums and lower quality of care including Death Panels, this bill will lead to the end of America as we know it. It will lead to more poverty and higher taxes since we are basically saying our borders don’t exist and everyone in Mexico and South America is a US citizen if they walk across the border. This will be the end of the United States and the Three Pillars’ Utopian slave plantation. Buenas Noches America!

Pray for America to Wake Up