Brayin Candy

The SOTU vs Freedom

Because some false brothers had infiltrated our ranks to spy on the FREEDOM we have in Christ Jesus and to make us slaves. Gal 2:4

Obozo's SOTU speech was a stunning night for Freedom. Perhaps not historic like the Scott Brown revolt, yet it gave a clear difference between the two visions. We watched one angry drone who was doing his best to destroy the morale of the American people through gummit dictate and the other speaking about smaller efficient gummit. One who was threatening to stuff programs down our throats while the other was honoring the will of the people. This was a night where all who watched could see a clear difference between Stalin and Reagan.

Rather than listening to his rehashed speech, I watched w/the sound turned off to read the body language of the Premier. What you saw was an angry Black man who has pure hatred for everybody and everything in America. He has a real bone in his nose about capitalism and the wealthy.  You could tell that the Boston defeat had taken him off his game as he really didn’t like being there. You could tell in certain parts of the speech he became furious when he would look over to the Repubs. Last time he was up there the entire world adored him and now they see an angry commie wannabe.

He pushed the two items the entire Country is unified against, HC and Cap and Tax. The polls are pushing 70% against both now that America has had a chance to see DeathCare for what it is, slavery. Nobody is buying what he's selling and especially the spending or the cradle to grave gummit control it represents. When he brought up Global Fleecing there was a distinctive laugh as he turned into albore. The Right knows, not only has ClimateGate exposed the scam of consensus, they were laughing at the politics of the bill’s chances of being voted through. Even Gore’s not stupid enough to push it around informed skeptics.

He axed for solutions to HC that were better than his multi-Trillion $$ Ponzi Scheme? Here’s one, put a Bounty on malpractice attorneys. Then let the Insurance Industry insure us by using Free Market ideas. These companies could solve these issues if allowed the Freedom. Rather than having them cover every sniffle or hangnail, use your insurance to protect you against the big one; “here I come Lizabeth”. Have them pay for the big stuff, heart surgery, cancer and lib-otomies while we take care of the smaller visits. Have some real courage and tell the American public that they can save some real $$ on their policies by getting a high deductible policy. You don’t need insurance to cover every little $100 trip to the doctor and will force you shop the cost of those visits. Now, you have no motivation to worry about the majority of your visits and this would bring market forces to bear while lowering premiums. The insurance companies are 10 times more efficient than a corrupt gummit, yet we need to use them less. In these days we can no longer afford the luxury of low deductibles. We have become spoiled by employer covered HC that they/we can no longer afford.

The Country needs to be educated on what insurance was intended to be. Just like your house or car, you don’t call your agent for getting it painted or the small stuff, you have insurance in case it burns down. We need to work together through this to have the individual take care of the small stuff so the insurance company pay for the big things. That would end the abuse and overusage of our policies as we begin to wean ourselves off the $1500/mo premiums. If everybody had $2000 deductibles you would begin to see premiums drop dramatically as people paid 75% of their trips themselves. Rather this Marxist is up there threatening to shove his nightmare on America even though they hate it.

Speaking of hating it, no not his color; Cap and Tax. America not only knows now that the Global Scammers like algore were going to bilk a fortune from the people. We know that the data was faked to make it say what they needed it to say. They know there is no Global Warming or Cooling only Pimping. When they hear their bad Precedent pushing this fraud, he not only exposes himself to the laughter of the opposition he infuriates The People of America. They know he's trying to raise taxes for his boondoggles while he decreases energy supplies to radically raise prices helping his buds at Goldman Sachs. Infuriating and intimidating America is exactly what he wants to accomplish. He needs an economy in chaos to promote his big gummit solutions. We're going to fight through his scheme every step of the way.

Contrast that w/Gov McDonnell and his speech of the need to shrink gummit. He said it was too burdensome and stands in the way of business. He said this, “As Virginians, we believe that government must help foster a society in which all our people can use their God-given talents in liberty to pursue the American Dream.  Where opportunity is absent, we must create it. Where opportunity is limited, we must expand it.”

To make this happen he stressed the need to shrink gummit, “This austerity won’t be easy, but it is necessary. The circumstances of our time demand that we reconsider and restore the proper role of government. Without reform the continued growth of government threatens our very prosperity.

We must properly fund the core priorities of government, but — equally important — we must utilize innovation, privatization, and consolidations to deliver government services more effectively.”

Finally he talked about the need to develop energy for our economic health,”We will make Virginia the “Energy Capital of the East Coast.“ By growing the natural gas and coal industries, expanding the use of nuclear power, and promoting new energy technologies like wind, solar and biomass.”

The differences couldn’t be more clear to anyone who was watching. Premier Hussain was for gummit dictating your life w/an iron fist, while the other was for getting out of your way. One was about making an environment of fear and oppression while the other, Freedom and self determination. One was offering pure Marxism while one was about Reaganism. This is the question every American has to ax, do you want to be a slave to the gummit or do you have the courage to reach out to Freedom and the American Dream. 

Pray for America's Freedom