Brayin Candy

DeathCare Summit


I will walk about in FREEDOM, for I have sought out your precepts. Psalms 119:45

The ObamCare Summit Gold medal goes to the Americans while the Soviets only get the Tin. Once again Freedom is on the march. This wasn’t Boehner, Ryan, Alexander and McCain against Premier Hussain, Bobo Biden, Nazi Pelosi and Dirtbag Reid. No this was Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton and Paine against Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro. This was the Founding Fathers of the Revolution against the same old tyrants that have tried to enslave their people for centuries. This was the great American spirit burning in the hearts of men against those who would extinguish those flames. No matter how the odds were stacked against them, they knew you can’t extinguish Freedom when it starts to burn across the land, so they braced their backs against our Founders and mowed down these tyrants like a row of Combines sweeping across a Kansas wheat field.

This was the first time we’ve witnessed an unteleprompted obozo exposed for the entire world to see, it wasn’t pretty. He was angry, childish and bitter as his hatred for his oponents clearly showed through as he snarled and sneered while they were making major points why not to ensave Americans. He always had to have the last word even when he didn’t need to showing he’s overly impressed w/the sound of his own voice. He came across as snarky and horribly unprepared as well as a very poor er ah ere r er eh ere eh eh ehehehehehe speaker. No wonder he has a telecructch cause he stutters worse than BBBBawney Fwank. In the end it was the facts and truth against lies and deception as that giant egg just fell off the wall. They can try recastoration if they want since it no longer matters, America knows what and who they are.  America’s no longer impressed or willing to follow the juvie prez.

This Look at Me summit was an epic Failure, perhaps worse than those Copenhagen Olympics. All that was missing was a speech by Oprah; heck Jerry Springer could have hosted a better program. The reason it doesn’t work or his DeathCare doesn’t sell is America knows exactly what it is and want to dump it. It’s Socialist Healthcare that’s controlled and run completely by the gummit. It would dictate every faset of your life mandating what you ate, drank, worked and thought. There would be no aspect of your life that wouldn’t be governed by Big Obama in his jackboot system. This is not why George Washington’s Army marched all those miles in the snow barefoot when they attacked and defeated Prussians in Germantown or starved the winter in Valley Forge. They fought for a chance for We The People to taste Liberty and to breathe the breath of Free Men, not to be dictated by a corrupt faceless gummit 3000 miles away. That was the message these 7 men had in their hearts as they marched into the room facing overwhelming odds against the all powerful army of the DNC establishment.

These heroes walked in, McConnell, Coburn, Sandlin and won the day as they realized not only did they have the Founders on their side they have the American people beside them. Unlike what Old Media tells you they only represent the 15% of the extreme left. They were the extreme radicals in the Ivy League colleges like Columbia who has always been the breeding grounds for communists like Students for a Democratic Society. That’s why they're reporting on and representing the extreme 15% of their political positions. Likewise the DNC in that room was also from that 15% and most likely the extreme 5-10% of political views, obozo was the most extreme in the Sinate which is saying something. The Repubs were representing the remaining 85% of political thought.  They spoke for the 85% of this Country who have no voice in corrupt media. These congressmen understood this fact as was witnessed by the Tea Patriot movement and has billowed their sails to the point of coming to the battle w/guns a blazing or giving an inch, they were standing for Freedom and against a tyrant.

The two lowlights for the spoiled Brat’s inquisition was when he was axed why he and his side get to flap their gums for as long as he and they want while continually cutting off the Patriots, he answered, I don’t count my time because I’m the Dictat…er…President. His most embarrassing moment was made after McCain filleted him on his absolute corrupt way of passing the bill going over every backroom deal from the Louisiana Purchase for $300 Million and the Nebraska Cornhustle as well as a list of other bribes, he axed if this was his new and open form of gummit he promised in the campaign. You could see the smoke coming out his ears as well as the parsed hatred in his eyes as he said, “John, the election is over so quit campaigning”. What a complete idiot! You may not like McCain, but the guy is 75 yrs old and a war hero so you don’t treat him like something on the bottom of your shoe. It completely exposed his complete lack of graciousness or respect for anyone, especially himself. He even gave his wife a shot for not listening to his speeches? Why did he have to take a shot at her out of the blue other than he has no manners whatsoever. He showed himself to be the smallest man in the room.

For his big debate over his landmark program he either came pitifully unprepared or he’s really as quick as a steam locomotive. Not only did he stutter and stammer all over the place worse than Booooosh, but all he brought were those same old tired clichés we’ve been hearing for decades. When in doubt blame greedy insurance companies or lie about the numbers as well as using ugly putdowns and Goreisms to attempt to humiliate the speakers while they were making their stellar points. Once calling over Valarie Jarrett to give him his response and then snapping his pen dramatically to let everyone know he had a great comeback which turned out calling the bill a "prop", what? Forget about the Birth Certificate, let’s see if and how he graduated w/a law degree from Columbia. He came across as the biggest Dunce in the room which is saying sumptin sitting with Biden, Pelosi and Reid. They look liked an anti-Mensa committee.

Freedom is on the march as we watch Conservative after Conservative carry the message of Liberty to this Country. In the first Revolution we threw off the shackles of a tyrant King while this time we’re tossing the chains of a tyrannical gummit. Both are too powerful and overtaxing while neither serves the needs of the people or business. The first one threw off a gummit that stopped the commerce of fur trapping while this one is trapping the freedom of commerce. In 1776 a rag tag army stood up to the most powerful gummit on the planet while these Rag Tag Tea Patriots are fighting to bring America back. Against all odds with God and the Founders words pushing them forward this army has already won more battles than all of Washington’s crusade. With his help and vision we can bring our Country back and truly make America The Lighthouse of Liberty.

Pray for America and the Tea Patriots