Brayin Candy

Hoffman is Heroic

We want each of you to show the same diligence to the very end, in order to make your HOPE sure. Hebrews 6:11

America is at a crossroads in histoir. All the dark forces are pulling w/the Marxists trying to convince America they aren’t who they are. Fortunately they are exposed for exactly who they are in all areas. Their grand 30 yr plan has been exposed as they have turned this Country into their smoking hull of what used to be the SS America. Of all the surprises the, weakest among us have become the biggest threat to their takeover of our Freedom. The powerful of our Party are more interested in playing games than fighting for Freedom. The Hoffman battle is exposing the corruption putting the Party in front of what is right.

The Demcorrupt Party has shown itself to be its own and America’s, worst enemy. We have an Inner Circle of SDS Maoists who believe communism was superior to capitalism. They believe capitalism is the cause of all the World’s real and imagined problems. Capitalism causes poverty, pollution, Global Scamming and every other malady in their warped minds when just the opposite is true. They believe if we give it one last try they can distribute the wealth in a fair and just method as well as run industry in a far superior way then capitalism. Just ignore all their corruption while they fix it.

The Students for a Democratic Society or in commiespeak Democratic=Communist Society, was a radical drug addled, wacked out group of freaks started during the counter culture movement at Columbia University. Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn and the rest of the Maoists staged sit ins and had one goal in their lives, the destruction of America. Their group along w/Abbey Hoffman, the Black Panthers and Weathermen spent the last 50 yrs in academia recruiting, organizing and indoctrinating people like Barak and his group of agitators. Their goal was to defeat America to open the possibility for communism to be spread around the World so all can be equally miserable. They now have an open lane to their goal, except for a ragtag group of Tea Party Patriots standing in the road. This is where the war will be fought.

 Reading a biography from an SDS leader, he gave an accidental view into their perverted world. They lived in cockroach infested houses they shared in a communal style since nobody worked and lived off daddies’ allowances. They believed in free sex and traded each other around w/no attachment, so women could "empower" themselves from male society, until the VD and crabs forced them to become more monogamous. The author said that Dorn was basically a slut who traded sex for power. They all carried Mao’s Red Books everywhere they went proving themselves comrades. Their hatred of the military/capitalism was their focus which is why Bozo wants our Troops' defeat. Bill Ayers was the Minister of Education while Dorn was the SDS leader.  When they disbanded they decided they could make more progress by infiltrating Universities than fighting w/bombs and guns. Ayers and Dorn went back to Chicago to organize w/the Black Panthers, Malcolm X followers and Bozo’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis, the Southside neighborhoods of Chi Town while working in the Daley machine. Now they’re the White House  CommieCzar Circle.

We now see how DeathCare is so well understood Nazi Pelosi has to change the No Option Gummit Plan to the No Competition/Option Gummit Plan. Kinda like naming Abortion "choice", although none for the one who dies. They have a harder time tricking America when they’re under the spotlight and in charge. It’s so much easier to blame dumb Republicans for your problems to trick America into thinking they’re on our side. Now we’re seeing exactly who and what they are. They’re power hungry Maoists who want to enslave 300 million Americans along with the rest of the planet. In the end they are nothing more than evil monsters who are more than willing dupes for the real monster, George Soros. His most famous quote was he needed to destroy America to make the world communist.

The difference between the two sides couldn’t be clearer. We are for Truth and Freedom around the World, while they’re for lies and tyranny. They’re attempting to make this a socialist prison as they try to take away all of our Freedoms. The entire Inner Circle is making their move as the CommieCzars are lined up to handcuff us figuratively and literally. Unfortunately, our leaders are oblivious to this attack and are too busy playing political games to actually fight the fight. Senators like Grahmcracker and Snow would rather preen in front of the cameras than take a stand against Marxism. The Party is more worried about a RepubliCrat winning in NY than supporting the real Conservative willing to fight this war. We no longer have the luxury of playing these types of word games when we need every man at their battle stations. We have made some huge progress as we educate this Country what Conservatism and Freedom is. America is watching and hungry for the Truth, so stop the games and fight the fight.

Hoffman is a truly heroic story. Here is a guy like you and I who had enough and is taking a stand. He is a citizen willing to fight corruption. He will win since both sides are tired of it and there are 1000s of Hoffmans across the Country ready to pick up the Flag and carry it. The Tea Parties have empowered us to show what one person can do and is making a difference. We have people who stood up to power, who didn’t back down in the Townhalls or the protests.

Lady Palin is one of these citizen soldiers. This is a Revolution as we take on the powers to clean up the corruption. Hoffman is a huge first step as we send a real person who's not bought off by the system. These ordinary people are the biggest threat to the District of Corruption in the last 50 yrs and they're terrified. He can govern unshackled to make a difference, since K Street doesn’t own him. We are seeing a shift in America by taking stands while speaking truth to darkness. God works in mysterious ways and this may be the most mysterious of them all as he exposes their evil to the World. So RNC, join our citizen army and fight the fight rather than washing your hands or simply get out of the way.

Pray for America’s Freedom