Brayin Candy

The Car Czar is a Lemon


Through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the Hope of the glory of God. Romans 5:2

The most corrupt regime in American histoir just keeps delta diving below every other. From the IRS Chief Tax Cheat to the corrupt Car Czar there just apparently aren’t any honest Rats. To make Harpy the most trustworthy person in your cabinet takes real effort. It’s stunning how the Obamedia was outraged over W’s cronies yet are just fine over Bama’s. The only reason Steve Rattner is the Volga Czar is that he was a major fundraiser for the Hope and Change campaign.

Wall Street Billionaire Rattner is Blago w/o the integrity. This is not the Ratner I worked for, this Rat is a crooked retirement fund manager who was a NY Times reporter before making his Billion on Wall St. So he actually took a step up before stepping back down into the WH cesspool as Car Czar. He is accused of the same corruption that Gov Richardson’s being investigated for. He was the founder of the Quadrangle Funds and now is in a big cover-up/investigation over pay-to-play in some NY pension funds.

Car Czar Rattner has never worked in the Auto Industry other than he had borrowed $250 Million from the Chrysler Financing Co to buy the Maxim Mag conglomerate which he ran into the ground in 2 yrs and now that $250 Million has vanished. Just what Chrysler needed another $250 Million loss and now owner of a men’s mag. To be so short sighted as to buy into the Dinosaur Press to the tune of a 1/4 Billion should be reason enough to bounce him. The conflict of interest he is still technically on the hook to Chrysler who got stuck w/Maxim, smells like a Skunk in a Dog Pound.

The other question which needs to be axed of the Czar is how much of his Multi-Billion $$ fund is UAW pension funds? He is being investigated right now over NY Police and New Mexico pension funds for giving pay to play kickbacks to the managers of those funds. The NY kickbacks were over $1.1 Million and the NM pay-to-play was similar. Does anyone question if the mobsters in the UAW could get those kinds of payoffs wouldn’t they be crawling to the front of the line? Can this be a big reason the UAW got such favored treatment from our corrupt Car Czar? We know the answer.

The NY scandal is being investigated/covered up, showed he offered 1.1% kickback to the fiduciaries of the pension fund. They immediately invested $100 Million into his fund and received the $1.1 Million into their accounts and are now in the process of being indicted. He then lost 25% of the $100 Mil so who are the big losers but the cops of NYC. He felt so bad about losing the cops retirement money he only took a $10 Million salary/bonus that yr.

Now if W was still in office we would be hearing about cronies in the WH. This crook would be out of the WH faster than a Cat in a Korean Restaurant. We remember how every imagined corruption was Front Page until proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. We remember the 911 Truthers/WMD exaggerations. Apparently to the obamedia such as Maxim/ABCorrupt, is not scandal if one of your main fundraisers is named Car Czar when he is a Dem. There couldn’t possibly be a more obvious case of a person who has never been in the business and has a conflict of interest to Chrysler to the tune of a 1/4 Billion $$ is one of your main campaign bundlers. Add an ongoing corruption investigation and you have the perfect fit for the Bama WH. How can there be any trust in this gummit outside of the toothless dinosaur press corpse. They’re always willing to laser everyone’s hypocrisy, cept their own.

This once again shows that the gummit has no business in Business. Small wonder they want us to focus on Swine and Torture when you are swimming in a Corruption sewer. They need America to being focused on Bush rather than Ohbummer’s failures. His selections of Tax Cheat Geitner/Richardson/Blago/Rezko with Yugo Czar Rattner give us an idea at obozo’s goal of the complete destruction of our economy. With 3 Million jobs lost and counting shows he is reaching those goals at record pace. If this is Hope and Change, where’s the Hope? Let’s Hope there is a March on Washington?

Pray for America and Our Troops