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Feed the Farmers

Feed the Farmers 

Jesus replied, “If anyone LOVES me, he will obey my teaching, My Father will Love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. John 14:23

For the past 50 yrs one of the main wars between America and eco-facism has been on the farm. The eco-commies have used every tactic under the sun to hobble the Ag industry. The libs have done everything they could through the courts to shut down farmers and make farming in America next to impossible. They use the same tactics that have been used to fight every other profitable business. They have used all of the court advantages of frivolous lawsuits as well as exploiting the endangered species list. Once you get an animal on that list you can file a suit and fudge the numbers to make the species endangered. Most of the animals are not in any way endangered yet are left on the lists forever to be used over and over thanks to liberal scientists. The same abuses are being used w/the wetlands designations as well as water mismanagement.

America needs to remove the overbearing rules and regs that have kept our farmers from reaching their potential and in many cases to even manage their crops. Our farmers are some of the best in the world and have to produce in spite of a Gummit in concert w/the eco-thug harassment. We have to peel both of them away from the true stewards of the earth, our farmers. These men have to manage the land in the most efficient means possible as well as keep it as healthy as possible to make the land produce the maximum it can produce. Capitalism and the Free Market are the most efficient and healthy form of farming anywhere on the planet. It is time to take the socialist chains off of our farmers and let them flourish.

We need to value our farms over speckled field mouse. The endangered species list has nearly destroyed every business the libs hate which is all business. The only real species endangered by it is man as we have seen by the real target of Global Warming. This was a Ponzi scheme to essentially destroy mankind other then the hoi poi elite. The ES list has been corrupted by political scientists to destroy mankind and limit the number of people on the planet. When we realize that we will understand why we need to fight them and the willing dupes they have recruited into their religion. Farmers, loggers, carmakers, oil drillers and miners have taken the brunt of the wrath of these anti-humanists and it’s time to fight back. We need to make them prove their case rather than accepting their theories and closing down production just in case. No, keep the production and let the speckled field mouse adapt which he will.

We have to take the oppressive taxation off of the farmer. He is strapped w/taxes on everything and everybody. His Workman comp payments are some of the highest in any industry and needs to be repealed. Workman’s comp needs not only be reformed there needs to be litigation caps put on damages. Lawyers and liberals have nearly destroyed this Country and have run most of the businesses off shore. We need to protect our businesses as well as our people. Right now the only people who win in court are the Ambulance chasers. When farmers have to pay $100 in WC for every $100 of wages there is little incentive to hire or expand their production. Time to eliminate the WC dept and replace it w/a private insurance company which has strict limits on damages to bring business back to America. Farmers and business need to get repaid for frivolous damages brought by slip and fall attorneys.

It is time to return to DDT and its family of chemicals. We have plenty of organic alternatives if people want to be suckered into paying excessive prices for their food covered w/manure. For those of us who don’t want to live forever allow us food that has been sprayed w/DDT or whatever then washed. Most of us have been sprayed w/it at one time or another and are not afraid of it or any other chemical. These chemical companies have been vilified by the cult along w/the oil companies. They have made them into the monsters they make every business. Our farmers need to be allowed to spray and nourish their crops to maximize production. In a global economy when competing against Mexico and S America our farmers need every advantage modern science can give. You know Chile and MX aren’t following our laws.

The final freedom farmers need is the elimination of the Death Tax. These farms are such large investments there is no way to pay the taxes on them. Many are mult-million dollar operations which are generations old. Why should someone whose been taxed all their lives and want to pass their livelihood to their kids have to sell it to pay the taxes. These are not wealthy people other than the fact that they have a lot of land to work. The better the farmer and especially in such a restrictive Country the more land he has. Unfortunately, liberals have taught Americans to envy and hate everybody who has more than they have and think of a landowner as Rich. They have brainwashed their minions to want these people to be punished so losing their farms is the right punishment. No it is not and these farmers deserve better. We need to eliminate the estate tax completely and stop taxing people for dying. These farms should pass to the kids for free.

Farmers are some of America’s real assets and need to be protected. Yes we need to eliminate the subsidies for ethanol and all other Gummit programs while we bring Free Market forces to bear on the farms. We need to eliminate the Dept of Ag and EPA as well as the regs and restrictions and lower taxes. We need people go through these draconian laws and any that don’t have a solid reason for being has to be eliminated to free the hands of enterprise. For the past 50 yrs we have had politicians and judges who have been enemies of business getting us where we are today. We have to throw the bums and Nazi Pelosi out and bring in people who want farmers to succeed and prosper as well as America to succeed. Until then America will be a mighty tractor up to its axles mud.

Pray for America