Brayin Candy

Fake Media

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Ephesians 6:12-13 KJV

The Establishmedia is in a deep depression this morning after President Donald J Trump was accepted with open arms at Davos this week. Once he leaves the DNC controlled American bubble and mixes with real people around the world, just like Reagan, he finds he is respected and revered which ABDNCBS will never report. Not only is he respected, but unlike what is reported; America is loved around the world and there is a renewal of Americanism happening thanks to President Trump.

The only thing more corrupt than the FBI is the media. Their job is to report history and tell us what happened without bias, no really. Unfortunately, they have become a major part of the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, Media and the DNC) which means they believe they must propagandize everything to fit their Marxist agenda. They need to paint a world where everyone is a helpless victim which can only be saved by a larger and larger gummit to protect their every want and need.

The Barak malaise was as close to Nirvana as they have ever been with the individual on his knees to an ever growing gummit master regulating evil business into oblivion. They were thrilled with the strangulation of the Oil industry with the closing of resource after resource and the shutting down of efficient distribution pipelines. They pushed for the killing of the coal industry which they have vilified for decades making it a pariah for the sin of providing cheap abundant energy for homes and industry.

They final step they have been pushing for is the massive fraud of Global Warming which Barak claimed was going to bankrupt the energy industry and people were going to pay huge bills to heat their homes. The enslavement of the American people has always been a goal to the Three Pillars as it manufactures crisis after crisis such as DDT, Acid Rain and the Ozone Hole which always turn out frauds by Academia after the damage is done. If Global Warming is real give us one provable example of its existing. Just give us one piece of evidence to prove you need this massive changing of life that you can say here is undeniable proof this crisis is real and not another fake crisis to drain more money from the serfs. You will not see an example because there is no proof and it is another scientific fraud.

President Donald J Trump went to Davos and unexpectedly received a hero’s welcome. These industrial giants were able to come out from their pretend Marxist loving boxes and thank him for freeing the world from the liberal chains. They had to watch what they said, but leader after leader thanked him for making America the engine of the world again which means health for every economy around the planet. It is as if the muzzles of the world were removed for a day and people were able to say what they have been meaning to say for decades about their love and respect for America as one after another spoke of tens or hundreds of billions being poured into this country.

He was able to educate the world in his roundtable about the benefits of a free and fair market around the world. He spoke of the sovereignty of each and every country as well as the value of cheerleading for your own land. It was a sight to behold as an American President stood proud of the United States in spite of what we have seen over the past year by the Lilliputian press trying to tie him down and destroy him. He told all of the champions of industry America were open for business and he was doing everything he could to make it a superior place to bring your business with cheap energy and lower taxes. These are things which have never been mentioned and due to the Global Warming fraud are supposed to be eliminated since they are evil and deadly.

When he left for Davos Old Media were expecting lecture after lecture of America’s role in GW and how it needed to eliminate CO2 and all of the dogma which goes with it. Never mind all of the private jets parked on the tarmac, we were supposed to eliminate our industry and energy because a bunch of politically motivated professors got together and invented a crisis without the slightest bit of proof to cripple America and industry. This proves the power of the Three Pillars which has the entire world believing another scientific farce, but there is no reason to follow them like they require you to do other than fear of their virtual execution as you are burned at their virtual stake for heresy. How dare anyone ask for proof after the decree has been declared?

The world expected and the Mediots were giddy at the prospect of Trump being lectured one after another about his sins against Marxism. They anticipated a public humiliation from leaving the Paris Accords and his insistence on a wall and all they represented. They were anticipating lecture after lecture of how evil America was and what a buffoon this clod was for all of his jingoistic nationalism when everyone knows we live in a Globalist world without borders and divides maintained by small minded men. They laid in wait with cameras whirling and mikes in hand with prepared snark waiting to pile on to the worldwide beat down he was about to receive.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Coliseum lions; they loved him and his ideas. They not only embraced him, but cheered him on the way in and everyone wanted a chance to see the new American President who was Making America Great Again with a runaway stock market and industry reviving worldwide. One after another praised his tax plan and pledged to invest billions into this country while thanking the President over and over. These leaders were finally able to say what they have wanted to say for decades for fear of the media backlash they would receive for hinting at a capitalistic solution to our economic problems and here they were face to face with the biggest capitalist in the world; it was a thing of beauty.

Once President Trump leaves the borders and the bubble of Moscow on the Potomac he is respected and admired. These people know the so called Russian scandal is nothing more than a tactic by the DNC to distract and damage his presidency for fear of weakening their power. They understand the ignorance of these scribes and their need to destroy America and the freedoms it stands for and President Trump is a symbol of that freedom. This is why the Three Pillars are fighting him with everything they have both virtual and political. Their problem is everyone in Davos knew it and the US citizens are beginning to figure it out too. If and when Old Media is destroyed by their own hate and gathering irrelevance then President Donald J Trump and the people can finish rebuilding their Shining City on a Hill.

Pray America woke