Brayin Candy

Failed Obamonomics

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have Hope. Romans 15:4

While Mr & Mrs obozo are flying to NYC to watch a fancy play and then off to Gay Pari to eat some snails, America was in the drive through at Wendy’s. While he is wasting $Billions to give his wife dream dates we have synched our belts so tight they’re touching our backbones. While he’s wining and dining her, 3 million of us have lost our jobs and are struggling to make our mortgages. Like all commies, everybody sacrifices but never them. Wonder what Angry Michelle pays the help to weed her victory garden while she flies to Paris? Only Party members had cars & gas in Moscow.

The Obama Change can be tabbed in the tripling of the unemployment numbers since nominated. His policies have put more people out of work since Jimbo Carter bungled the WH. By following his destruction and punishment of capitalism he may soon have 15% unemployment and surpass Carter’s misery index. Even Pres. Goober never wanted to take over the Auto industry or Banking. Having these strategic industries being mismanaged by the gummit will guarantee the end of those jobs too.

While Bush was President PravdABDNC was reporting his 3.5% unemployment and 5% growth as the worst recession since FDR. If George Bush was Hoover then obozo is Nero fiddling. He complains about inheriting a financial crisis when in fact so did Bush, except GW was able to turn the economy around even after 911 w/proven economic solutions by cutting taxes and spending. Bush had solid growth of jobs and GDP until Nazi Pelosi took over congress. Once Nazi Nancy took the gavel, America got hammered and now Ohbrother has magnified it hundreds of times over.

Obonomics is the same ol Marxism which destroyed the Soviet Union/Cuba/N Korea and will do the same to the USSA. He not only is taking Tax and Spend to a new dizzying orbit, but has destroyed the value of a bond contract which is the basic foundation of financing corporations. This is a disastrous formula scaring investors away at the very time you need their capital. He’s dropping air tankers of gas on a forest fire.

He has no clue how capitalism works and only looks at our economy through the eyes of an angry bitter man who focuses on the inequities rather than opportunities. He sees the glass is 1/1000th empty and is going to break it to start over. Never mind our system has fueled and fed the entire world, it needs to be punished and remade in the commie model. He is going to make all the wealthy people pay for his perceived injustices. Don’t mind these are the people who sign your paychecks and employ you; they need to be put out of business.

We are now seeing the price of gas going up w/o any improvement in the economy/demand. Obomonomics has completely ignored energy except for the ol Alternative Energy cliché which really means more Arab Oil. Rather than simply drilling our own cheap oil he continues to chase boondoggles that have no potential for results. He would rather try to power America by chasing rainbows than use something which has worked for decades and can for decades more. Drilling for oil would have a two pronged effect it would rescue the auto industry and keep American $$ and jobs here. This solution of course is too simple for an America hating pointy headed Ivy Tower navel gazer.

His takeover of the Auto industry is now being challenged by the Supreme Court. His closing of the Chrysler dealerships by which ones were owned by Repubs is sure to be overturned. There is no way the gummit is allowed to cross from public to private ownership. The SC should let Premier Hussain know we aren’t Nazi Germany yet. Not only is this a disaster waiting to happen, it is unconstitutional. Obamotors has absolutely no chance of surviving and will be mismanaged into the ground. If left to stand he is doing the closed dealers a favor.

We are watching a despeRat attempt to pour money into a large voting bloc called the UAW. The auto pensions took a major hit in the Obama Market Meltdown so those funds are gone. He is sending Billions to the auto industry to temporarily fund those pensioners’ retirement checks. Since the plant closings have taken nearly half the workers off the payrolls, there are not enough workers to keep the inverted pyramid from toppling. Obozo is trying to pump $$ into this failed Ponzi scheme that would make Madeoff proud. When we run out of $$ then those retirees and unemployed will have nothing, which will kill the UAW. The same disaster is on the near horizon w/the Social inSecurity system. If GM and Chrysler were to declare bankruptcy the pensioners and UAW would likely take their hit now rather than later.

The money he has thrown at the Auto industry has flowed into a giant Rat Hole as will any other monies we waste. The same is happening to SSI and we are soon going to see runaway unemployment and inflation at the same time. There is no way the auto industry will make a profit since all of the profitable models and distributers will be eliminated by political decisions. The future refusal of loyal customers like me boycotting those companies will dash any possibility for recovery. For a company like GM to become an outlet of the DNC is economic suicide just like PravdABDNC.

The solution is to cut taxes and spending while developing domestic energy. Rather than chasing gummit windmills we have to let developers drill for more oil and allow streamlining of nuclear plants. These are practical solutions they will never be allowed by Premier Hussain or Nazi Pelosi. We then have to allow the bankruptcy of the auto industry and banking. The bankruptcy courts need to protect the bondholders to reestablish the trust and integrity of those markets. The last thing we need in an obozo Recession is to pour money into his universal healthcare Rat Hole. The Conservatives left in the District of Corruption need to make their stand here so when the economy gets worse they can be there to pick up the pieces. America will be ready to throw the bums out since he will have no Bush to hide behind. The question is, "were you better under Bush or Premier Hussain?"

Pray for America and Our Troops