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Under the hoodie


But if we Hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. Rom 8:25

The George Zimmerman case has nothing to do with race and everything to do with promoting the communist agenda. This is the same tactic the Three Pillars of Propaganda (media, academia & the DNC) uses to solidify their base and move their agenda forward. This is their coming together behind a feigned outrage like Global Warming so people who believe in communism will rally around their latest victim and happily give up their freedoms to a more powerful and tyrannical gummit god.

In this case they are getting their pound of flesh from a Black/Hispanic with a Jewish name who has light complexion as a sacrifice to their god of equality. The race industry has brought all of its power to bear in an attempt to give the Black community a sacrifice in lieu of jobs and success. This industry led by Jessie Jackmail and Step-n-Fetch Sharpton has not only failed to move the community forward, but has made their lives more impoverished and miserable so they will distract them with a feigned outrage ploy. None of the leaders really care about this kid getting himself in a situation which killed him they are only interested in promoting their careers and the agenda of socialist slavery for America.

This is the same tactic they use for abortion, environmentalism, vilification of banking, oil, auto, stock markets, open ranges, guns and every other object they declare evil. The only difference is that race is one of the foundations of these methods of political warfare. The way it works is you find an evil you need to fix and explode it into a national crisis. Then you make general statements and have your Three Pillars declare your version the truth and build a consensus so that everyone who disagrees with you is an extremist when in reality your position is extreme. In this case if you are for a fair trial and saying the accused is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, you are a racist when in actuality you are open minded and treating everyone fair under the law.

Once you marginalize your enemy by making him a hater and dehumanized then you can promote your agenda as the consensus agenda. In this case you increase the level of hatred and anger so the Blacks will further hate the Whites and when the elections come around they will vote with the DNC as a way to get back at the Whites. You are seeing there is no innocence or guilt to this trial, he is guilty since the consensus said he was guilty before the first piece of evidence was produced and now there is a need to have the man lynched to satisfy the groupthink. The consensus has to be satisfied so they can promote their agenda on every other level from healthcare to welfare making this the communist utopian society they crave.

So now the table is set for their next feigned outrage. If you have watched the case and use the standard of being guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt or even negligent homicide the state did not have a case. Nobody was there, but you have to prove that Zimmerman was not, fearing bodily harm when his face and head already showed bodily harm. There was nothing the state had to prove his story was absolutely false so you have to say you don’t know which, is a reasonable doubt. Nobody knows what the jury is going to find, however you have to believe he has a very good chance of that being the outcome which would be the most logical by what little the state had for actual proof. This however, goes against consensus and what the Three Pillars would prefer.

Once the fake outrage begins from this tiny little case of another Black being killed which happens dozens a times a week in places like Chicago, the real agenda tactics begin. The ghettos will be organized to riot and loot the stores taking out decades of frustration against Whitey and any Whites in their paths will be beat or killed. The visuals will be what the Three Pillars will be promoting showing how angry the poor put upon Black Man has been living in a tinder box waiting for the next racial event showing what a racist and evil country America is. All of his problems are the result of Whitey and none of them have to do with the people who have been in control of these neighborhoods over the last fifty years.

The last thing the leaders and the Pillars want is for the Black Man to axe why they have the worst schools, unemployment and family structure in America when they have had liberals and full blown communists running those areas for five decades. The leaders would rather they riot over a tragic shooting than to have them begin to question their own race and leaders as to why Blacks like Trayvon have an over fifty percent unemployment rate. They would rather have them have a free looters weekend rather than axing why those kids are selling drugs rather than finding entry level jobs thanks to artificially high minimum wages and forced Obamacare. They need them to hate Whitey rather than demanding good schools which offer real educations rather than liberal indoctrination and work programs for school administrators with cushy benefits while they pump out Trayvon after Trayvon.

So once again we see the Evolution/Global Warming tactics being used to promote a future agenda item which they can blame Whitey or the Republicans on. They will claim if they get more welfare or spending more money on the ghettos these problems will be solved. They will not allow a good crisis to go to waste especially if they are the ones who started the so called crisis. They will demand a larger and more enslaving Centrally planned gummit to ensure these outrages never happen while we all end up living our lives with less freedom and more fear of having our lives turned upside down like George’s is.

The Zimmerman trial has nothing to do with race and everything to do with furthering the communist agenda. These people could not care in the least about racial equality but only use it as a lever to divide the races and conquer their enemies. They understand their true believers of the religion of liberalism will march lockstep with whatever they say and will get in line with the agenda to fight for their team. The White Guiltists will go along with the lynching of another White gun toter to prove they’re not racist making themselves feel superior to the other White racists. The Blacks are always going to have that chip on their shoulder looking for another reason to hate Whitey since their leaders require it. So they have their coalition and now it is simply a matter of steering this astroturfed riot to where they want to take it and promote their agenda. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with their communist agenda.

Pray for America to Wake Up