Brayin Candy

Capitalism vs Socialism

Against all Hope, Abraham in Hope believed and so became the father of many nations... Rom 4:18

Why aren’t the Dems having Mardi gras over their first hundred days of Changed Jobs? Their biggest 100 day accomplishment is the loss of over 1,800,000 jobs or 18,000 out of work per day or around 3,000,000 since nominated. We have another Socialist success story where 12-20% joblessness is the rule. We have gone from a growing capitalist economy to a shrinking nationalized disaster in 6 mos. The market predicted the Obama Meltdown in September which once again proves you can fool all the people most of the time, yet you can’t fool the market. Dow Jones predicted Obozo winning and this economic disaster would follow.

While W was the President we heard from the PravdABDNC his 16,000 DOW and 3.5% unemployment was the worst economy since Hoover/Jobless Recovery from day one. The only constants are the economy is the worst since Hoover and W is still blamed. All through the Bush years when our unemployment rates were constantly running at 4%, the EU’s economy was at 10-12%. We can expect those numbers to hold true for EUSSA too, unless Cap and Tax is passed, then 15-20% will be the norm.

Obozo truly believes he is the next Castro and thinks he can run the US economy, into the ground. Like all Central Planners such as Stalin/Castro or Hitler he thinks he’s smarter than those evil bankers/auto execs etc. he continually tortures. The good news about the evil wealthy is in 6 mos half of them are gone, so are the jobs they forged. Ohbummer is hoping to replace them w/make work gummit jobs.

Capitalism is the most complex yet the simplest economics ever designed. Every day trillions of pricing decisions are made by millions of people. Everything is decided instantaneously from buying an apple to negotiating the price of a house. Prices in a truly capitalist society are always fluid and continually changing. Everything is worth what someone will pay at any given moment.

At the retail level we pay the price asked by the merchant. We go into the store, pick it off the shelf and pay for it at the checkout. Above the store is the wholesale distribution where everything is negotiated w/every transaction. A store like Walmart can buy in bigger bulk than a small mom and pop and are able to buy volume at a discount. The Wholesaler will weigh smaller margin on a bigger volume and decide what price make sense from the producers. These decisions are made millions of times a day every day of the year. This is why capitalism works so well due to flexibility and freedom of the market.

Obozo foolishly thinks that he can make those millions of decision a day w/a Central gummit. He looks at the market as a static inflexible vehicle he can control from the WH. The gummit has shown it’s too slow and unyielding to even manage a large storm let alone a multiple trillion $$ economy. We can see the complete failure in their management of the banking and auto industry are and their failure will be repeated in every sector he attempts to control. Even if he were the most intelligent man in the world, he would have no chance of matching the combined intelligence of the millions of specialists who have run their industries for decades. He doesn’t have the knowledge or the ability to make those millions of decisions have to be made minute to minute.

Pure capitalism is a fluid and simple way of doing business. Say you are a brick wholesaler who distributes bricks around the Country. If you buy truckloads of bricks you can buy them at .10/brick and sell them for .20 to make a profit minus your expenses/taxes. Since the market is fluid perhaps the price of bricks goes up and you can sell them for .25 making more or goes down due to the Obama Meltdown and you have to sell them for .05 and lose money.

If you own the bricks and plan to sell them at a profit it’s called being Long in bricks or having inventory. However if you think the market is going down you may sell a truckloads of bricks at .10 per brick and try to find a brick company willing to sell them for .05 per brick now or at a later date. Selling bricks that you don’t own and will buy later is called going Short or short of inventory.

If you think the Obama Meltdown is going to end and the price will go up so you will have to buy them at .20/brick then you would lose $. This is why you find a wholesaler who is willing to sell you an option to buy a truckload for .15/brick as an insurance policy. This is called hedging your bet/short. You can buy these hedges for every move and every sale made throughout the economy. You now understand more about economics than Obozo/establishmedia.

This is how every market in the Country works and please explains how Ohbummer is going to stay up w/this in a price controlling fashion to keep the markets working? Every transaction has multiple buys/sales throughout the economy. There are billions of buys/sells every day.

This is the biggest weakness of gummit. By the time an offer to sale/buy has gone up the corrupt chain of command and then back down the sale and price is long gone. Anybody who has dealt with the Russians knows the problems their central economies possess. To believe these power hungry obozos could run a 7/11 let alone America, is a crack dream.

Car Czar, Steven Rattner knows absolutely nothing about the auto industry yet is now running it. He was a corrupt manager of investment funds w/no connection to auto. The closest he has come to the Auto Industry was riding in the back of his limo. The only reason he is running the Big Three is because he was a big clinton/bama donor. He knows nothing about cars and is a perfect example of how little Obozo knows about economics. Why do you make an industrial czar out of someone who knows nothing about the industry? Why do you make a Tax Cheat the IRS czar? Is the Nationalized Healthcare czar going to be Senn Penn? The level of incompetence is only exceeded by the corruption.

Central gummit and Prosperity is mutually exclusive and 3 Million+ are finding out. After spending 30 yrs vilifying the successful, the Dems have been given the power to destroy them. The truth of punishing the Rich, is Trickling Down, so now 3 Million+ jobs have been lost. The further punishing w/punitive taxes is going to cause more lost jobs which he hopes will be more Demcorrupt votes. We got the Change, there was no Hope?

Pray for America, Our Troops and Freedom