Brayin Candy

Mueller's Novel

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:55-57 KJV

Most of the political observers in the world suspected Mulehead was just another political hack and now we know. There was no objectivity or blind justice in his report it was nothing but a DNC report on why he hates Trump. It could have just as easily been written by CNN or MSDNC in its bias. This report should be paid by the Clinton Campaign just like the fake dossier which started this political facade.

It is time for these mediots to finally do their real job and start reporting the news rather than some cult fantasy about taking down another capitalist to be replaced by the communist leader they want. The American people rejected their candidate and no amount of voter fraud in PA, Miami or WI was able to stop the Trump voters and he won. After two years and $30 million wasted the Muleteam found nothing other than more of their own corruption and a Fairy Tale about something they labeled obstruction.

Mueller is the worst kind of District of Corruption animal whose only purpose on earth is to maintain his swamp. He wasted all sorts of money just like all of those buildings inside the Beltway do and is a beacon of corruption himself as he pocketed millions of dollars in the process. He had to come up with something after he destroyed people’s lives and careers in a mad excursion trying to find a crime and came up empty, but what else does the Communist Party have, nationalized healthcare?

All America has heard since Trump was elected is how the 29 intelligence agencies all agreed there was Russian interference in our election. Never mind the Russians have been working hand in hand for the past 50 years with the Dems, this time they wanted the Republican. You also have to believe there is a way to hack a national election even though the DNC has not found a way yet. The DNC not doing it is proof it cannot be done. The entire saga is just the latest fake scandal they run on every Republican President starting with the phony Iran Contra to hamstring Reagan to the Paris meeting with Bush Sr, Spygate with Jr and now this Russia scandal on Trump, sure beats having to talk about the economy when you can just falsely accuse someone as your campaign strategy.

Now they are pulling out the real reason for the Mule Team and that was obstruction. Obstruction is the perfect fake scandal word since it is so subjective it can mean anything you want it to mean. If you are talking about firing a political hack you are obstructing. If you say this is obstructing your ability to work with foreign leaders you are obstructing. If you tell a joke about the fake media at a rally you are obstructing. If you wake up in the middle of the night wondering when this will all end you may be obstructing. If you meet with the AG on a runway and tell her to back off your wife who is breaking the law, that is not obstructing.

PravdABC has exposed itself as such a hate filled cult there is absolutely no value to it in the slightest. Oh they organize the troops, but America has tuned out. They are the perfect example of what socialism is. They are a loss leader for the networks who make their money from the daytime and evening programming and lose money on the news programs. The news programs are subsidized which is why they don’t have to worry about making a profit. Fox does it just the opposite where the evening commentators subsidize the daytime programming and they are the only network that will give the Republican side occasionally so they own the monopoly on Repub voters.

Imagine what this country would be like if the Communist Party would actually do something other than the politics of personal destruction. With their comrades in the media they have full access to the echo bullhorn and have used it like a bully on the playground. No matter what Trump does it is an outrage and is an enemy to their version of America which is not most people's version.

The only time we hear about crossing the aisle for the good of America is when Dems are in charge and any disagreement is obstruction. Have we heard a word about Pelosi’s obstruction of the wall or the budget or anything she is standing in the way of? Of course not, she is on their team and they believe their job is to remove Trump from office and replace him with the rightful Presidente’.

It is time for Trump to do just the opposite of what they expect him to do. Go around the media and have a rally only have one topic the entire rally. Announce it will be addressing the Mule Team report and tear it down piece by piece. He could bring in one of his lawyers to explain what the difference between talking about options while a coup is being organized against you and breaking the law. Let the Dorks impeach that.

If the DNC wants to pin their hopes on these empty charges and continue to waste time and money while destroying lives and careers that is their funeral. They have no solutions to improving America let alone the economy. All they have is enslaving people with more gummit and more power in DC. They only have higher taxes and more regulations using the fake crisis of the day to keep their cult on the plantation picking the cotton while they steal it. Sell that in 2020 with the strongest economy in the country’s histoir.

So this is all the Marxist cult has to justify their existence. Donald Trump asked some questions and made some jokes during and after the campaign and those are impeachable offenses. This is so captivating the high priests in the echo chamber are going to draw viewers into these boring hearings breathlessly distorting what Attorney General Barr said to Trump after he read this hit piece, yawn. Please don’t throw me into the Impeachment Patch Briar Fox.

It is time to give them a taste of their own Castor Oil and begin a real investigation of the organizers of the coup. While OAC is like screaming like impeachment like, it is time to go after the real criminals committing real crimes. It is time to find out who exactly wrote, paid for and used the dossier to begin this coup attempt. It is time to see what type of coordination legally and illegally there was between the intelligence agencies and the media exposing classified material such as Presidential conversations.

This coup including Mueller has to be exposed for the world to see and put an end to their Iran Contra swamp tactics in memory of Ronald Magnus. Iran Contra was going to be the next version of Watergate and this is the latest. It is time to expose their game for what it is and find out exactly who was pulling the strings and name names. Then America can decide which way they want to go in the biggest election of our lifetime.

It is time to expose the coup step by step arson by arson. Ronald Reagan demands his name cleared of the same fake charges once and for all. It is time to put out their devastating fire on his Shining City on the Hill.

Pray America wakes