Brayin Candy

Swifties Have Free Speech Too

The Swifties have earned the right to be heard. Any columnist who complains that this is a smear campaign or denies the Vets, their First Amendment Right should be called on it. How ironic that the Press tries to say who has the Constitutional Right to speak?? That is the beauty of this country, everybody has the right to be heard and let the chips fall where they may. Unfortunately the First Amendment has been undermined by the now crumbling Mainstream Monopoly.

Anyone who has fought and bled for America’s Freedom has a special right to speak and be heard. I did not serve, so I am grateful for each and every man who gave me the right to speak. If everyone is able to express his own Truth, than the actual Truth will find a way to seek it’s light. Do I know if the Swifties are telling the Truth or Yaaawn is telling it in country? No, but they know which ones are lying. Let them actually debate it because it is critical that this truth comes out.

Yaaaaawn Tax & Kerry came back as an eye witness to atrocities committed by American Troops in Viet Nam. Many of us at that age believed him and believed that our Government was fighting an unjust war while torturing the innocents of Viet Nam. When Kerry spoke in front of the Congress and said he saw people dismembered, we assumed he was not lying. When he said and wrote he was in Cambodia on Christmas Eve, we knew that had to be true, but was it??

He has admitted that the Cambodia story was a lie. How in the world can you be 15,000 miles away from home on Christmas Eve and not know exactly where you were?? He was on the river a total of 4 months and one of those 120 days was Christmas Eve. In 1968 was there a bigger day of the year than Christmas Eve and you were a scared and lonely boy in a war and now you say your "seared" memory of was not sure where you were?? The breadth of this lie cannot be measured!!!

The bigger fraud the Swifties have exposed once again, is that we have lost an objective press that is searching for the Truth. In actuality polls have shown that 95% of the press is going to vote/campaign for Kerry. These are very active participants in the electoral process and are working to get their nominee elected. The Swifties have shown that they will censor anything critical of Kerry no matter how well researched or number of eyewitnesses to these charges.

Compare this group to the ridiculous charges made by Wilson, Moore or the AWOL & Abu Grab fabrications. Every one of these unfounded attacks were given unlimited air and print in hopes of helping Kerry. Every one of these charges of the President’s lies have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be lies. None of these liars have subsequently been called out as liars themselves. Why, because the Stone-age Press has a dog in this hunt and need to get their power back. The complete irony is that when they show their obvious hand, like with the Swifties it just reaffirms their complete lack of credibility, which is in the end is their reason for existence.

The crumbling of the Mainstream Monopoly continues and after this election Humpty Dumbie will never be put together again, thankfully. The new press is getting the message out and is exactly where the Swifties are motoring. Their story is cruising down the Mekong Delta of ideas and truth and past the razor wire of PravdABDNC. They are being examined for their trustworthiness and so far they are untouched. They have proved that Kerry is capable of lying about entering Cambodia in the most egregious way. In a time of War, then and now; speaking the Truth is all that matters. This little Navy has torpedoed not only the Kerry’s Lies, but a sinking Corrupted Monopoly to boot.

Pray for W and Our Troops