Brayin Candy


Revelation 2:2

I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false.


Tolerance should be a two-way street, but in America it only goes one direction since it has become a weapon of Marxists. They will tolerate nearly any behavior or thought as long as it promotes their agenda. When it comes to their agenda you either agree completely or those tolerant folks will line you up in front of the media firing squad and kill you.

In the religion of liberalism, tolerance is the holiest belief of their cult. If you show tolerance to whichever behavior you are tolerating or better yet celebrate it, then you are a better person than those sinners who are intolerant bigots. Bigots are less than human and really do not have the right to live with a more more highly evolved species. If bigots are destroyed or in the cops' cases killed, it is celebrated since they are not really human.

The religion of liberalism is built from a godless manmade cult built on atheism and moral relativism. The Marxists have told Americans how they must live and if you disagree you are shouted down or humiliated into silence with their thug tactics. Since the Marxists own the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Media, Academia, DNC) they can shut down any opposition to their world view. If you somehow think their ideas are wrong for whatever reason they will focus their power on you to dehumanize your opinion to be laughed at and ignored.

No matter if your opinion is based on your faith or logical reasoning they know better and will shut you down. They know they can never win the argument on the merits so they will line you up in front of their pock marked wall and execute their justice. Whether the issue is abortion, homosexuality or lowering taxes the tactics are always the same as the Three Pillars focus their aim and turn your argument into hate and intolerance which is always their winning tactic.

Prior to Barack Hussain it was fine to hold your religious views as a conscientious decision since your faith was a protected Right. Now there are only a few Gummit approved religions and Christianity is not one of them. If you have religious beliefs, you are labeled a bigot and your religious Rights which millions have died for is stripped from you. The only religions which are sanctified by the State are Atheism the official State Religion and Islam the militant arm of Marxism. All other religions are unprotected and actively being eliminated.

The activists in the homosexual agenda have declared open war with the Christian church. They are openly seeking out Christians to be punished by the Gummit. Since they have all branches of the government as well as the Three Pillars to bully Christians they are finding those who do not celebrate their behavior enough to their liking. If you own a business or work in some capacity with a gummit agency you have a target on your chest. You are required to not only tolerate these people, but you must also fake excitement for their depravity. There is absolutely no tolerance for your heartfelt belief that they are heading for the destruction of their lives. No, you must tolerate or be killed.

Not only does the Bible warn against this sinful behavior and how the consequences of this behavior leads to a big dead end. Men are easily addicted to sexual behavior and when you have two or more men living in this lifestyle it quickly becomes an addiction. Women have a monitor for sexuality both physically and emotionally that men do not possess. This is why men inside the lifestyle engage in riskier and riskier behavior and multiple partners. This leads to multiple STD exposures and more sexually transmitted diseases. Just like every other sinful addictive behavior it leads to a big dead end of emptiness and depression with all the results that go with it including suicide which is one of their leading causes of death and a primary reason their life expectancy is 20 years less than normal men.

Pointing out any of of these health risks to homosexuality will not be argued let alone considered they will simply set you in front of the pockmarked wall and fire away. They do not believe in the slightest amount of tolerance when it comes to questioning their doxology, with them tolerance is a one-way freeway filled with their 18 wheelers. You either accept their way and bow to their beliefs or die like the cake makers. You would expect that these oh so tolerant people would be a bit tolerant themselves, but it is not about tolerance it is about destroying the church.

The biggest hurdle to pure Marxism and their Cuban utopia is the Christian church. Like Nazi Germany and Russia, the Church stood in the way of their final solutions to make a more perfect world. In the same way the church has been an obstacle to their agenda especially with the life and moral issues. These social issues are important to Marxism since they need to control the people and what better than they decide who lives and dies.

For the Three Pillars homosexuality is the perfect weapon to use against the church. They sell it as two people in love who want to get married like any other man and woman and who has the Right to stand in front of that? No matter how far that is from the truth it puts the church in conflict with the world and like Choice puts them on the defensive no matter the morality. Now that the Supreme Court has agreed with the homosexual agenda, they simply have to find a church that turns down a homosexual wedding and sue the church out of existence. This will happen in the next few years and soon after that will see the end of the Christian church in America.

Now the Three Pillars are doing the same thing with killing cops. They have justified the murder of police officers through racism and now they have a virtual bounty on them with the blessing of the DNC. You see a token outrage for the killed cops when it is done to multiple murders like Dallas because it is an election year, but they are extremely happy to see the Blue Line erased so they can create their own police force to control the country. Has anyone axed if BlackCopsMatter? This is the most upside down morality we have ever seen, but they are using the same formula with their established Three Pillars.

There is only one way to stop this and it takes extreme courage and teamwork. When someone or group is in front of the virtual firing squad  like the cops they have to fight back and everyone else has to fight back with them. They succeed by singling out their victim and knowing their allies are afraid to step in front of the pockmarked wall, but that is exactly what has to happen. They are actually defeatable but you have to fight them as a unified team. Unfortunately, our side as you see with Trump will always leave the victim to get shot since it is too hard to step into the fire and will justify why they agree with the death, but they will be there to help the next victim or perhaps the next. Meanwhile, all of our fighters are killed as the Pillars only become more powerful. To the Three Pillars intolerance will never be tolerated.

Pray America wakes