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Our Corrupt Schools

Our Corrupt Schools 

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would LOVE me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me. John 8:42

The overwhelming corruption inside the school system has led the Bloodhounds straight to Blogovich. This trial is completely surrounded by the Chicago machine and the corruption of our socialist edoctrination system. The school system has been completely corrupted by the Teachers Unions and their pension plans that the Pay to Play system has become famous. The mafiaish cooperation between the schools, unions and politicians makes it impossible to see where one begins and the other ends.

We have been brainwashed into believing the only way to educate our youts is by recreating the Henry Ford assembly lines to spit out nice shiny Corvettes. What has happened is the schools have become more like the overregulated auto industry turning out Yugos w/o engines. Sure they have shiny new chrome and bumpers but only about half of them can make it around the block. It’s time to raze those buildings and put in a new line that will crank out some horsepower.

Of course that won’t happen since these kids are being used as victims to separate the taxpayers from their checkbooks. Every year the politicians use these poor kids as soapboxes telling the workers if they don’t fund their hog troughs you don’t care about these kids. Many would argue if you really care about these kids you would tear down the schools and start over using Capitalist methods.

The way the system works in Chicago and every other Dem controlled school district is the politicians use the school funds and pension plan as their cash machine. When a pol is running for office he can expect to get huge donations from the state Teachers Unions. They will get Million$ from the union bosses to make sure these puppets will vote for more spending for schools. They all understand the strength of the save the children bromides.

The one sided campaign contributions are unethical enough but that is the way it’s always been done. Never mind most unions have 40%+ Repub voters, yet the unions give all of their support to the DNC in not only $$ but volunteers and facilities to organize the voters. Thanks to moral relativism and pure corruption these unions have become nothing more than wings of the DNC promoting every candidate and bill under the sun. For them to take funds from Repubs and use that $$ to support candidates they don’t agree with is criminal, yet that is only the beginning.

The other trick the unions are famous is loaning $$ from their pension funds. At a time when their pensions are underwater they continue to play the loan scam for their candidates. In addition to their donations they also loan them $$ as investments. They loan them the $$ during the campaign in expectations of their winning and then the elected crook will pay the loan back as well as being blackmailed. This is at the heart of the Blago trial since all the corruption leads right back to pension funds in one way or another. This pension scam is repeated around the Country giving these crooks an advantage financially. The pensions are the fuel of the DNC machine.

This corruption is an outgrowth of a school system that has been socialized w/o any market oversight for decades. As these lazy monopolies become more and more bloated these self serving unions continue to grow more crooked. Not only are they paying for politicians they are the $$ source for numerous businesses which help the politicians keep their power. This becomes a circle of crime destroying entire cities as the web gets more and more ingrained. The Chicago crime syndicate which Blago is wrapped contains, Obozo, Rezko, Valerie Jerrette, Rham, and Axlegrease. These machines eventually envelop entire States all starting around corrupt public school union pensions.

The solution is to shrink and multiply the schools. This will bring transparency as well as efficiencies you don’t have in a bloated monopoly. Smaller schools would be geared to a variety of skills and tools for employment. There would be a larger variety of specialized schools to allow maximum flexibility and even computer home schools to focus on lowering cost and eliminating the socializing of our society. The added benefit would be the elimination of the unions and their control of the teachers’ dues and pensions. You would simply divide the pensions among the teachers and allow them 401K savings programs. This eliminates the main source of the corruption of the machine. This would similar to shutting down the oil drilling to eliminate the fuel of America.

The main problems w/socialist monopolies in the cult of liberalism is the ends always justify the means. In this instance the beast has found a way to feed itself through corrupt means. It has developed a system of public funded schools which employ Teachers and administers who pay massive dues to the union. The union has managed to develop unending pools of $$ through the campaign funds as well as raiding the pensions every election. This is a circle of greed where everybody has a self interest while the only one unrepresented is the taxpayer who is manipulated each election by the kids.

The only solution is to starve the syndicate at its source. We need to eliminate the school monopolies and let the States and local districts begin to develop market driven schools. These would break the cycle that leaves the taxpayer out except for the checks he is forced to write since they are self policing through competition. This will be a tough transition but one necessary to save the economy. What we have now is a giant tapeworm killing the workers who are having to feed its ever growing appetite. These pensions have been milked for decades and are nearly empty at the very time more public employees are looking to retire. We have two choices, continue the status quo or jump on the Free Market express and steam our way out of this socialist mess.

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