Brayin Candy

Dreams From My Father

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Heb 11:1

After reading Premier Hussain’s two books, he appears to be one of the most heartless angry men to ever occupy the oval office. Unlike Kunte Kinte, he has no roots. His childhood makes BJ clinton’s seem like a Ozzie and Harriet. The early years of Barak were a time of desertion by a mother who was a lost girl who likely was raped by his father before they were married as was the custom of his father’s family as he infers in his book. This is a very deeply troubled boy who will do nearly anything to get the approval of a Father figure. His life was surrounded by women who completely dominated his life. His later life was a disaster as he rebelled against those women while following his family’s path of societal agitation.

His book, "Dreams From My Father" was one of the most sophomoric books ever written. It reads like a What I did during my summer vacation HS essay filled with rage and racism. This is a very superficial book which doesn’t come anywhere near the depth and inner perspective of W’s yet it does give away his rage and hatred. Its basically a story of his early years as a child then bounces to his young adult life. He is a boy who never really met his father having been abandoned at 2 yrs old. He was raised by his mother’s parents, Toots and Grandad. They were a couple of radical commies who moved to Hawaii to buy a furniture store while Toots worked in a bank. They welcomed obama’s father since he was an articulate Black Mooselip man w/a British accent. What they didn’t know is he had a wife back in Kenya when he married their daughter. They were divorced soon after when he moved to NY leaving another wife/child living w/her parents.

She then met a man from Indonesia who she married and moved to Jakarta where he was a corrupt gummit official. He too was Mooselip and sent Hussain to a Madrases to receive his early education. He never strayed very far from the Mooselimb religion including his attendance to Rev Wright who is a converted Malcolm X Mooslimb as was obozo. His early years were mostly living in Indonesia trying to receive the attention of his stepfather while being obsessed with being a Black child in an asian/Mooselimb Country. This childhood led him to a depressive, angry hate filled young man that was a drug addict who had nothing to grab onto as far as a family life or a male role model. His grandad was a milk toast husband who wore the tie dyed dress in the family. Can you say Maui Wauie?

The strangest part of the book was his trip to Kenya where he learned about the Obama family. His grandfather of course was Mooselip and was a fairly successful cattle farmer. He was married for 20 yrs to a woman who was childless. When he was teased for not being able to have children he decided to take a second wife. He was 45 when he chose a girl who was only 16 that was promised to another man. The other man had agreed to buy her for a dowry of 12 head of cattle and had given the father 6 and was getting the other 6. Obozo’s grandfather stepped in saying he would pay 15 right there and the girl’s father sold her for an extra 3 head.

On her way home the girl was kidnapped by grandfather obama’s friends and she was taken to his hut where she was raped and later married. When she was asked about it she just said it was the custom and how things were, she would learn to either love him or obey. She never said which applied to her. His father was the younger of 2 children this girl gave his grandfather. Grandfather would later become an agitator against the British occupation eventually be imprisoned and released.

His father was an odd duck who never really got along w/his father. He too was a rebel who was able to get into an exclusive preparatory school where he was able to talk girls into coming to his room for which he was eventually thrown out. In his early 20s he was able to make some contacts who were able to get him a scholarship to the U of Hawaii. He was married at the time and left his pregnant wife and child to stay w/his parents while he left for UofH. So grandfather has his two wives and his son’s pregnant wife and child while his son heads for Hawaii. His father was one of the most selfish and heartless men imaginable. He only met Barak who was named after his father for a brief time in his teens before he died in a car crash and heard the history from his raped grandmother.

You have to give him credit for trying to give his daughters the father he never had although it has to be difficult w/o any model to follow. His hollowness shows in his inability to feel the pain and suffering he’s causing while he relentlessly turns this into a Nationalized Socialist country. He has no compassion for those who worked their entire lives only to see it all disappear. There are no speeches showing his compassion for these suffering people since he has none. His anger from growing up in Indonesia and visit to Kenya has built a need to make wealthy Whites pay for their crimes. He is now in a position to be the judge, jury and executioner of those perceived offenses. To King Hussain they are all guilty imperialists. He doesn’t care if the poor are being punished too.

He only understands that he has been abused and abandoned by men who pursued their own selfish desires. The closest thing that he has to a father is Rev. Wright whom he honored by naming his second book after one of his sermons, The Audacity of Hope. He was a boy desperate for a father in his life to give him direction and boundaries. This explains his slavish following of Wright, Malcolm X, Ayers, Emanuel and Blago.

Not only did he not have the examples of loving men in his life he found his blood patriarchs were a couple of the most immoral men he could imagine. In searching for his father, he finds his grandmother was raped and a very good chance so was his mother. This has haunted obama his adult life and his need to control everything with a hatred of Whitey who needs punishment. His abuse and abandonment as a child and young man mirror many of the world’s worst dictators such as Hitler, Saddamn and Stalin. King obozo is the emptiest, angry racists to ever occupy the WH. He will have no problem purging this Country of evil White capitalists, he has No Heart. The Dreams From his Father are Our Nightmare.

Pray for America