Brayin Candy

Gorebal Warming

They promis them FREEDOM, while they themselves are slaves of depravity-for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him. 2 Peter 2:19

The skeptics have made so much progress this year, even Prof Jones the head Climate Scientist of East Anglia U is now a denier, next thing you know he’ll be a birther. He finally admits there is no Gorebal Warming; he was simply lying for the past 15 yrs. This is like Bill Gates admitting that Apple is a better computer, yet crickets from Old Media. He wasn’t a scientist but a corrupt politician who was a sellout to his ideology. He and the rest of his snake oil scientists will be examples through the ages of what happens when science mixes w/politics. A once proud profession has fallen nearly as far as journalists to the point of not believing what they profess. Neither one of these liberal fixtures could withstand the scrutiny of modern media in the blogosphere where lies are exposed, dissected and punished by millions of minds.

For the handful still getting their news from the Dinosaur press, you may not have heard about the leaked climate emails. Since this is damaging to the cult of liberalism, the Day Old News is still trying to hide the biggest scandal in the history of science. These reporters who are supposed to be recording history have become nothing more than corrupt politicians for their respective cities. Small wonder kids w/cameras are scooping them. They are pom pom girls for the DNC, doing whatever it takes to promote the Party. This scandal not only magnifies the corruption of science; it illuminates the corruption of everything connected to this massive fraud. This scandal is a slam dunk Pulitzer for anybody willing to investigate even the most obvious conflicts which defiled every industry from banking, energy, media, academia, DC, Hollywood, Nobel and of course the dirtiest man in America algore.

Algore has become a Billionaire from this fraud by bilking $$ from nearly everybody around the world. After watching his crockumentary, you have to ax yourself; can you be that easily fooled by such obvious camera tricks? The two main points of the power demo was proving greenhouse gasses by using a Simpsons cartoon then him being lifted by his “contraption”. Then to make it more dramatic he has a polar bear cartoon to demonstrate the loss of arctic ice. This was the most amateur movie ever made, to think he got a Nobel and an Academy only proves how weak the liberal mind is. None of what he predicted has remotely come true as has been proven by Prof Jones when he finally came clean. Maybe they can be cellmates together?

The movie became nauseating from his constant whining about the 2000 election to the point of wanting to hand him a cry towel. What does hanging chads have to do w/the climate? It was nothing more than a 2 hour expose on why libs hate America and Bush. His constant harping on every political cliché from Katrina to Katmandu only proved his lack of scientific abilities although since he was pushing their cult was given Priest status. This film made Michael Mooron’s movies look like fair and balanced, yet proved how corrupt SoddomWood, Mediots and the left truly have become. How come they don’t want to punish Gore’s Billions he embezzled from the poor?

Gore was instrumental in setting up the IPCC and the GW hoax. He with the help of Ken Lay, Shell Oil, Goldman Sachs and academia invented this fraud in the hopes of enslaving the world. The main goal of the left is to control your life and make it as miserable as they possibly can. They want to steal every penny you have and give it to the ever expanding gummit to control more and more of the world. This was the perfect fraud since energy and air overlooks every part of every life. This encompassed all of their biggest enemies coal, oil, automobiles, houses, steel and smokestack industry. This would bring America to her knees and help install their commie utopia which they would oversee. Each one of them have their own greedy needs w/algore on the top to erase his humiliating defeat when he was such a huge favorite. Simply the biggest upset since Truman, losing to such a moron in the left’s eyes as well as having it stolen by their definition.

To see that he is becoming a pariah is making this even sweeter. There’s lots of work left to do to put the stake through GW’s heart, it is happening. The pundiots in the Stone Age Press believe if they say there’s overwhelming evidence enough times people will still believe their charade. Saying there is overwhelming evidences is not evidence, it’s been debunked. When the head of the GW research says that there hasn’t been any GW during the time they claimed there was, that means there is no GW beyond a shadow of a doubt. So w/all of the Kings Horses and all of the Kings Scientists couldn’t put alGore together again.

Pray for America’s Freedom