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Why the Saltwater

Why the Saltwater? 

“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and LOVE the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money” Luke 16:13

One overriding truth about commies is their ability to justify any horror in their advancement of their goal. Just ax the 200 million in mass graves what they are capable of to keep the “peace” in their commie utopia. Free speech and dissent has always been met at the end of a rope, whether it was in the Soviet Union, Mao’s China or Saddamn’s Iraq absolute control was the main tactic for control. The main question about this disaster is are these people willing to cause this disaster to promote their goal of absolute control of America?

Who knows who was in on this possible sabotage since it will be swept under the rug like any other liberal scandal, but there are pieces that just won’t go away. These people certainly had a $10 Trillion per year motive as well as the complete enslaving of the Country. They had the means since they were the ones running the rig either directly or in control of those running the well. Finally they had the opportunity as they had so many people and ran the rig to make the accident happen. The fact that it was on Earth Day is as big a flag as there is for making their point.

What really goes to the main question of this disaster is why and who ordered the changing from the safer use of Drilling Mud to the unsafe use of Saltwater. When the platform manager Jimmy Hiller is screaming into the phone not to do this unless you wanted to test the Blowout Valve, you have to know this was dangerous. After the explosion he was heard saying, “ Are you fucking happy? The rig’s on fire! I told you this was gonna happen.” This is what likely caused the blowout and there is no curiosity anywhere as to who ordered this procedure and why. Would these commies be willing to destroy the gulf simply to end drilling for oil by America and ensure global energy control? Does this fit the pattern of communists everywhere that their ends are justified if the goals are being achieved?

There is no way a Repub gummit could get away w/the incompetence and interference this regime has been able to. Conservatives have an Attack Dog media to deal w/who will not only cover anything corrupt but will invent scandals that aren’t there. This keeps the Repubs more than honest although Pravda has taken to a point of media malfeasance. They only cover one party and do their job covering that party while they get all tingly about their own Red Party. To imagine they have no curiosity for the biggest US ecological disaster in our lifetime is beyond belief. Where is their outrage at the interference which is being caused by the regime from the initial spill to the lack of skimmers? Imagine if Bush were still in the WH?

This lack of scrutiny has allowed the Dimcrooks to become more and more corrupt. They are blatant to the point of shoving their graft in our face such as Blago, Rangle and Pelosi to publically breaking every law in the book to push through legislation. They have nobody to worry about and in most cases the lickdog press is cheering them on as they pee their pants reporting for their Party. This makes them more and more bold to try larger and larger crimes. What would stop them from letting this oil crisis happen and then make it as large a crisis as possible to pass Cap & Kill America? Is there anybody on the Conservative or half the liberal side who would be shocked to find it was planned? We may not want to think anybody could be so evil but if it were proved we would all say we knew they did it. Don’t worry, it won’t be looked since the congress whitewash is part of the plan.

So here we sit watching how inept and corrupt our gummit is during the “cleanup”. This makes Katrina look like a Mercedes Factory assembly line compared to this helter skelter. After 3 mos we finally get our first large scale skimmer and it gets docked to make sure the discharge water doesn’t have traces of oil in it. Has anybody told the EPA that there is a hole discharging 80,000 barrels of pure oil per day into the ocean? Perhaps they could go check on that leak before they make sure the skimmer isn’t putting .0000015% traces of oil? Are they going to deny the treatment of the Gulf because the water isn’t perfect?

This is exactly why the gummit shouldn’t be in charge of anything important or run an industry. This is another example of the difference between capitalism and central planning. Capitalists would just waive the silly law and say get busy and clean this mess up. They would look at the situation and ask, what is the best way to do this efficiently realizing 99.99985% of a loaf is better than no loaf at all. Central planners are loafs who read a ridiculous regulation and enforce it w/o any thought or flexibility. Central planners are completely inefficient in every aspect as this “cleanup” is showing. They would rather cite laws and regulations like making sure the fishermen have life vests and fire extinguishers than getting as much asset on the problem and solve it.

Capitalists on the other hand look at a problem and solve it. They may not be perfectly effective to start but will become more and more efficient until they produce a method to get the problem solved. If capitalists were in charge those 20 skimmers offered to us in the first week would have been steaming to the gulf and had most of the oil processed by now. Capitalists would have been building berms and located every barrier they could find in an all out assault on this disaster. As bad as they made Katrina out to be there was an army of volunteers in NO w/in a week and help and food were arriving from all over the Country. If these bozos would have been in charge they would have sent the Guard out to keep the churches away.

This disaster is the perfect example of the difference between socialism and Capitalism. Just like the program that will run our healthcare when the gummit fouls things up, they will be up to their ears in rules and regulations bringing the industry to a stop. It will be inefficient as we have inflexible bureaucrats finding every technicality under the sun and if your procedure isn’t 99.9985% pure, you will be put in the dock waiting for some pencil pusher to give you the go ahead or go dead.

The question our nation has to to ax is, is it possible the corruption is so deep our gummit or its cobal would risk the entire Gulf Coast for a political victory? We know they will use this crisis to destroy Oil, would it cause it? It is critical as a nation and a people to eliminate the possibility this is true if nothing else than for the 11 Americans who died. We need to have this investigated by people not attached to the gummit in any way. Nobody wants to believe it’s a possibility our gummit can be this corrupt.

After 230 yrs of freedom we need to know beyond a doubt our gummit would not risk killing its own people to acquire power. We have to have a skeptical investigation of all the events leading up to it from Global Warming fraud to the moment that well exploded. Anything less is not worthy of America and Freedom this Country stands for. Why and who made them replace the mud with saltwater?

Pray for America