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The Clinton Family Laundry

The Clinton Family Laundry 

Proverbs 15:27 The greedy bring ruin to their households, but the one who hates bribes will live.

The Clinton Family Laundry is one of the largest graft and corruption machines ever devised. This as everyone knows is a way for lobbyists around the world to bribe the United States by contributing a few million to receive multiple billions. It is the ultimate slot machine where you can put millions in and take out billions. If she returns to the White House she would go from making hundreds of millions to making hundreds of billions in graft and corruption by taking from Americans and giving to the highest briber.

Since atheists never give to churches they form political foundations to contribute knowing they are really promoting their Marxist agenda. Whether it is an education, environmental, feminist, social justice or any other political based charities they are all simply ways to bribe politicians while getting a tax deduction. This is how politicians go from relative modest means to exceedingly wealthy after a few years in Havana on the Potomac.

As poor as Cuba is, Fidel Castro has become a billionaire through graft and bribes on his impoverished island. This is the beauty of Marxism in that it tricks its comrades into believing the system is just about them when it is really about the inner circle stealing from them as we see with the Clinton Family Laundry. Every person in their Inner Circle is exceedingly wealthy to the point where even Chelsea is worth tens of millions while living in a multi-million dollar suite in Manhattan without ever having a real job.

There are no comparisons with the amount of corruption Bill and Hillary have amassed over their career. The Clinton Foundation was formed to sell American funding to whoever could afford entrance. While they were protesting the ultra-rich she was taking checks and giving favors through the State Department to those very people. This was not created to help the little guy it was created to skim money from the ultra-rich who are the only ones who have entrance. The way the system worked is a person who wanted a grant or funding from the US State Dept. would call the Clinton Foundation and ask what it would cost to get foreign aid, favored nation status, weapons contracts or whatever favor these lobbyists needed. She would email them to contribute so many millions to the Clinton Family Laundry and they would get their US grant or favor.

It worked very well for most billionaires and countries around the world such as the Russian uranium dealer who had to give around ten million to the fund and collected tens of billions worth of uranium claims. This was repeated over and over to the point this fund has laundered over two billion and the super wealthy like Bill Gates has pledged around fifty billion over the next twenty years. If she wins the Gates and Googles of the world will own the US through the fund.

The payout is the beauty of the laundry. It starts with fifteen percent going to the person whose name is on the foundation which is Bill and Hillary. After that the laundry pays for everything and anything that can be attributed to the operation of the fund. In addition, they are given huge salaries from the foundation and then the money is washed over and over as long as they give between ten and twenty percent to the impoverished. Basically around forty to fifty percent of everything this fund takes in goes to the Clintons directly or indirectly. All of that money is raised on the backs of American taxpayers by her being able to sell grants and favors with bribes to her. This has made her wealthy beyond her imagination, but like all money driven people it is never enough.

Now Harpy wants to take it to the ultimate level. If she becomes president those ten million dollar bribes can become ten billion dollars. Anybody and everybody will have to purchase influence through the Family Laundry. If someone like Solyndra wants to receive one of those clean energy grants for a hundred billion they will have to pony up one or two. If a state wants some of her bridge or highway funding they will have to send some graft to the charity to receive some of her stimulus dollars from her program she calls the biggest since FDR. The foundation could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars within a few short years making her one of the wealthiest people in the world within 4 years. She is really planning only one shovel ready job.

This is the reason she is so obsessed with becoming President. It has absolutely nothing to do with improving one person outside her little circle. She may be a Marxist, but she is a Marxist who knows which side the bread is buttered. When you have one thing in your life that controls every aspect of it you are destroying the rest of it. Harpy is more proof money does not buy happiness, as you can see she is one of the most miserable people in America and has around a quarter billion in the bank.

Now she claims she will not take foreign money if she is elected President. If you believe that she has some videos she wants to sell you. If it is anything other than a way to launder bribes than why would it be wrong after she is President? Why would it be wrong then if it were not wrong when she was the Secretary of State with direct access to the White House? Not only is there a big enough hole to drive a freight train of money through with that statement, she will have trillions of future bribes right here in America. Where is the little guy in all of this?

The sad part is if it were a true charity which was helping people it would be one thing, but it is not. It is all about making the Clintons wealthy and lobbying to take more and more freedom from Americans. The Clinton Laundry is what Hillary is and why she is so miserable. No matter how many millions or billions this scam makes it will never buy her honor. No matter how much money she puts in her bank it will never give her a virtual dollar’s worth of integrity or trust. No, the Clinton Family Fraud is who she is and a mirror image of what she craves inside her soul.

What she really does not understand is she is a slave to her greed. There is no greater good her money scheme creates it creates mammon for the Clinton’s by selling themselves to the highest bidder. She has always been a slave to her greed since wealth is her god and completely controls her being. At some point in her life she will look back at the pile of money created and wonder what could have been if it was about others rather than fattening her bank account?

At what point will she realize how impoverished she is and how much pain she has caused to both herself and others. Then she may realize she is the slave which cannot buy its freedom for any amount of money. That greed has become her chain and why she thinks she has to become President. Now her job is to convince fifty-one percent of Americans she cares about them more than herself. That sell is why she will lose this election.

Pray America wakes