Brayin Candy

Smashing the Greenhouse

For why should my FREEDOM be judged by another’s conscious?  1 Cor 10:29


The Eart is not a Greenhouse, there’s no roof so why do the Global Scammers refer to it as one? The reason they use the term Greenhouse gasses, is the same reason they call killing babies, “choice” or “women’s rights” to create a false visual. They want everybody to imagine walking through a Greenhouse so you can feel the heat and humidity you feel inside a greenhouse. If they can label gasses greenhouse then you fear these gasses will somehow make a roof to hold in the heat to make the oceans boil or freeze, whatever. This is as fake as the claim that babies are Choosing to die.


The Sierra Club was born in the 70s from the cult book "Ecotopia". Anybody who read the original bible of enviro-terrorism remembers the NW seceded from the USA by threatening to have a nuculear bomb planted in San Fagsisco, which was the original means justifies argument. The irony of the environmental utopia the author created was basically weaned of evil oil and everybody rode slow shovel ready horses and choo choos, no cars. The ultimate irony is they all heated their houses w/wood burning stoves. Imagine the air quality of a small to large city if everybody burned those smoke belching stoves. Even though you had emphysema biking through 1 block visibility, at least you cared more than those heartless healthy industrialists. That is the mentality we are fighting today, intentions triumphs over reality. You know, like a Prius driver w/a Kerry sticker.

It has now been proven over and over there's no Greenhouse effect by CO2 on the eart other than the fact it’s very beneficial to green plants. You can say CO2 is a Greening Gas which makes it very good for US. CO2 is used by plants to make their sugar and is 1/3 of the equation of making healthy forests, fields and oceans so we should be making as much as we possibly can. The largest producers of CO2 or Green gas is the production of electrical power, specifically Coal and Gas. We need to double our number of Coal and Gas plants to provide a more healthy climate for vegetation, making for more beef as well as other natural growing renewable. A side benefit of these CO2 production facilities will be abundant low cost energy. The benefits of low cost energy are immeasurable from jobs to more profits for high energy using industries like Steele, aluminum or High Tech and every other modern industry.


Since we know there's no such thing as Global Warming, it’s purely a fraud for every corrupt Warmist’s enrichment, there's no reason to enslave ourselves to their cult. The ever growing consensus that we skeptics were right and they were acting criminally, means we have to look at every decision on purely economical basis as well as which method produces the most precious CO2. For example, it costs around a $1.75 cents/Kilowatt hour to produce Coal while Gas power costs over $6 cents/KWH while everything else is much higher including Nuculear which is over .10/KWH as is Wind. In comparison, solar costs nearly $.40/KWH, the Prius of power.  When you add in the life giving CO2 benefit there's no question Coal is the wave of the future. Coal, can you dig it!


Coal is our most efficient fuel as well the highest producer of greening CO2, which leaves no reason not to expand our Coal production. Coal is also beneficial to America, unlike Oil and Gas, not one shovel of production will be dug outside this great Country. It’s an immediate benefit to the Coal regions of the SE and west. We can create more jobs here rather than enriching those in Countries who hate us. One plant will produce more private sector jobs than all the so-called green jobs Premier Hussain is attempting to make. When Oil prices spike our energy prices also spike as we saw a couple years ago in CA and NY. If we build more Coal generators we can save our Oil and Gas for cars and heating to keep those prices down. We would see our electric rates drop in the neighborhood of 30-45% w/no fluctuations. The stimulus to our economy would be immediate as those good paying Green Gas jobs trickle down to more private job creation. That’s if the commies ever wanted full employment, need a Bridge?


Here in the Soviet State of Oregon we have a small Coal burning plant 100 mi up the Columbia 15 miles outside of the small town of Boardman  The Boardman plant was scheduled to produce until 2040 at a 2 pennies/KWH. This plant is in the middle of the Eastern Oregon Pucker Wakoozies where only jackrabbits and cowboys roam. Of course the eco-terrorists w/the Sierra Thugs want it turned off in a year due to CO2 emissions. It is one of the cleanest coal plants in the Country and being fitted for even more efficient sulphur and nitrogen/mercury scrubbers to make it nearly as clean as ocean air, yet we have a Cap & Tax law thanks to the Salem Nuthouse so it’s not good enough.  They want every form of energy torn down and the cities plowed back into meadows since they don't care about the people only their control. If they were to succeed we would see brown/blackouts, surging energy costs, job losses as this low cost plant is providing 40% of Ptown’s energy is lost. Until the eco-thugs can provide energy at under 2 cents/KWH they can peddle their bikes back to Californeeeia and leave Oregon alone.


This plant receives its coal from a mine in WY which PGE is part owner. This allows for cheap fuel in abundance w/a freight advantage over any other providers. The real answer is to take this abundant fuel and build more plants at the Boardman site to supply energy for the entire left coast. There is absolutely no reason not to as the scrubbers today provide clean exhaust while adding to our CO2 production hugging the forests and wildlife. Think how good this would be for the spotted owl and salmon. This would let us go back to regular light bulbs to close those awful Chinese mercury factories. This will bring jobs to Ptown as well as Eastern Oregon making a power source for the entire region. If we had 5-10 plants we can be selling power to WA and CA to help pay for better roads, police and forest maintenance. This would be revenues taxpayer wouldn’t be forced to endure w/jobs and investment coming straight from private sources.


Rather than raising our electric bills and taxes while waiting 20 mins for our mercury filled bulbs to light, we can make a real base for our economic futures. We can develop unlimited amounts of power over the next 15 yrs leaving our children jobs and security for the following 50 by lowering rates by half. How many industries like Alcoa or Boeing would come back for cheap power and low taxes? As technology improves the plants will only become stronger and cleaner w/o the necessity of nuculear or wind/solar boondoggles. It’s time for US to throw off the Chains of Global Warming and embrace the FREEDOM of capitalism.