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It's Your Destiny Sarah

It is Your Destiny Sarah 

But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith LOVE, endurance and gentleness. 1 Tim 6:11

We are now seeing a huge void starting to develop in the presidential race. We are obviously in need of an articulate Conservative after the display we saw on Thursday during the debates. As much as Perry makes an attractive candidate from a resume standpoint, the last thing the Republicans need is another tongue tied Texan. His performance from a verbal standpoint was a disaster as it was a debate nobody won but Rick Perry lost. There is now room for the minor candidates to make a move or an upcoming sweeping in of Sarah.

Could there ever be a lower standard for a leading candidate of not stubbing your toe too bad. Can anybody remember anything he said in any debate like Cain or Newt? Shouldn’t that be how we judge winners and losers of debates, rather than did not make a mistake? While the Establishmedia and their buddies in the Country Club are going to be saying how wonderful Mitt Rino is because he looks presidential and makes no gaffs by their estimation, we are witnessing another Country Club Coronation. Does anybody really believe that this will be the standard when our nominee goes against their messiah? No, just like McCain when he was the only one who was tolerable to the precious independents, the minute he was nominated he became the devil incarnate and so will Mitt.

Mitt actually made a huge mistake for most Conservatives and should be grilled again and again on it. He is using the turd rail of Social Security against Perry and saying the gummit needs to save SS and is not a program you are forced into. Does that mean we can opt out or is he simply saying what the media wants him to say? How do we balance the budget without addressing SS and Medicare? How do we solve SS if we can’t even speak about it truthfully? He apparently wants to keep kicking these nuclear warheads down the tracks rather than solving them. Why the candidates are letting him get away with it is a mystery, other than their fear of Perry taking the Tea Party vote?

Perry has a huge problem in a number of areas. The most glaring of course is his inability to speak or articulate the conservative message. Part of the problem is that he has not been a conservative for all that long being a Dem supporting Gore against Bush and doesn’t thoroughly understand it. His don’t have a heart comment revealed his lack understanding. He wrote a fine book but it was mostly clichéd thoughts without any real depth of knowledge how conservatism and freedom go hand in hand to him. He is a great Governor who has fought the Federal encroachment, but he hasn’t really thought through how capitalism works. His continued snarky sniping at Mitt was annoying as he should have ignored Mitt rather than continually turning every question into an attack that he didn’t handle well at all. He couldn’t even name the three main Mitt flops of abortion, gun control and Obamacare which he should know in his sleep.

The minor candidates have a chance to make some headway if they can articulate the Republican message in a way conservatives can get behind. We can’t simply say we need to close the EPA and Dept of Education without giving reasons why. Cain touched on it when he said they have gone too far by regulating dust. His next statement should have been that this is going to put farmers out of business which is going to drive up the cost of food at a time we can’t afford it. He could have said there are examples just like this throughout the EPA with oppressive regulations. There are these excessive regulations in the energy industry and every other industry to let those precious moderates know why you need to close or rein in these agencies and how it affects their lives and budgets as well as crippling our economy.

Santorum broke through with a couple of excellent answers and is always strong in social issues. He is becoming the more conservative version of Hucklebee and knows conservatism inside and out. With the collapse of Perry who many of us were hoping could carry the banner, there is an opening for someone else. They are going to try to convince us once again that Dole and McCain are the only ones who the public will stomach in complete dismissal of the last election or the Tea Party elections. If a true TP Conservative were elected it would be the end of their political power too.

The fact is the pundiots are dead wrong as always due to the echo chamber. The polls are absolutely fluid and the only consistent is the distaste for Democrats. By definition a moderate or independent is a follower who is always in search of someone to tell him what to think. These moderates are desperate and starving for a leader who can explain to them which way to go and what to do. We need a strong willed conservative who can articulate the American free market theory.

It is a difficult task because you have to convince the people there is no such thing as a jobs program and the very best thing the gummit can possibly do is nothing. This goes against most people’s logic but a true leader can and must do that in the face of overwhelming odds from the buggy whip media and their comrades in the DNC. We need a leader willing to tear down the gummit and attack waste and corruption. We have seen our best candidates wilt under that onslaught from the Ponzi scheme truth and Bachmann has shot herself in the foot too many times and doesn’t seem ready for their onslaught.

The Tea Party and Conservatives know who the person is who has the charisma, who is articulate enough to handle this job, it is Sarah. We need someone who knows capitalism and America from inside their heart and the ability to voice that philosophy. This decision is not going to be about Sarah, like Moses, David and Paul, her Country needs a leader and she must wear that mantle in spite of her hesitations. The fact that she embarrasses the Country Club and their NEstablishment is an added bonus. They haven’t been as embarrassed by a candidate since Reagan.

America is in desperate need of a leader who has a presence both on the domestic stage which is the international stage who can articulate American values. She is firmly and soundly based in her life both politically and spiritually and as the people come to know her and her crowds begin to grow this race will turn into Snow White and the 15 dwarfs. She will make these debates into Conservative solutions like energy, not are you a homophobe and why. This is no knock on them or their messages, but we are at a turning point in America and we need someone who will make some very difficult decisions rather than playing political games. Pretending SS is untouchable for personal gain should be an automatic disqualifier for our Party. Like Ruth in the Bible, we need someone of selfless integrity who is a breath of Alaskan air to blow through the swamp gas of DC. Sarah Palin is that person to march her Country back to freedom and liberty.

Pray for America