Brayin Candy

Energy Independence

But LOVE your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back… Luke 6:35

The Gulf blowout is becoming Premier Insane obozo’s most massive failure. His lack of leadership is underlined by making the spill far more critical with his govern by consensus style. Sure he can point the finger at BP or big oil, but the real blame lies squarely in the oily hands of him and the environazi’s who forced BP into the riskiest place on earth. For the past 50 yrs these watermelon libs have been at war w/America’s energy industry so this disaster is a casualty of their war on capitalism. This is an accident which should have never happened if capitalism had been able to have a say in their existence rather than having to attempt to provide the lifeblood of society w/a straightjacket on. His answer is another jacket.

If America was allowed to let capitalism make the decisions for energy production rather than the establishmedia and other DNC activists we would never be drilling a mile underwater. We would have plenty of power to balance both electricity and transportation as decisions are made economically rather than by vilification. We would be using the most efficient sources like coal and fossil fuels rather than empty boondoggles like wind, solar or butterfly wing power.

If America made economic decisions for the past 30 yrs we would have gas running under $2/gal and heating our houses for under $50/mo and plenty of power for business w/o deep sea drilling. We have vast amounts of smart energy just waiting to have the regs taken off to be developed. The first item which would have been developed would be coal. We have the world’s largest coal fields throughout America which would have allowed us to build power plants in numbers allowing us unlimited electrical power. There is clean coal as well as high tech scrubbers to make them virtually pure steam exhaust. This would give heat throughout the country as well as air conditioning w/no stress on the grid.

The abundant power would give plentiful cheap power for businesses throughout America. There would be cheap power for business which is the basic cost for everything being made. High energy industries such as steel or aluminum production could have been found here rather than being moved to China and Korea. There would be no need to develop nuclear since the cost of producing coal power is less than 2 cents a kw rather than the 10 cents it costs for nuclear. There would be absolutely no discussion of the 40 cent per kw for solar. There is coal across the Country which could have lit America’s homes and industry.

Oil would have been developed on ease of production and location in relation to the population centers around America. We have no idea where these oil patches are since the enviros haven’t even allowed us to map where the oil pockets are. Rather we would have found and drilled our underground reserves to power our cars and trucks since none would be used for electrical production. We would have built enough refining capacity to fuel America rather than ration it. This would allow us plenty for cars, trucks and planes for all of our transportation needs. This of course would lower our transportation costs which are another large expense for industries making us more competitive to the rest of the world keeping jobs here.

The other source of power which isn’t being developed is Natural Gas. We have huge reserves that could have been drilled and processed w/no refining whatsoever. This would replace areas of America which have been using oil in the urban areas. Pipelines would have been laid along the same lanes as oil pipelines making for efficient distribution throughout the northeast as well as developing cars which run on this abundant source. Many of the businesses and houses would continue to use this fuel for heat as it brings another heat source to the mix.

There would be a well balanced mix of fuel sources which would be determined by economic decisions rather than political regulation. America would be completely self sufficient as they would have plenty of coal in the ground as well as oil and gas. There would be plenty of gas for cars and trucks keeping the costs of basic family needs at a minimum leaving more $$ for luxury items. Our products would be much more competitive as the freight and energy costs for every industry and especially the high energy industries would be far more cost efficient. This would make more jobs for as the economy would be the envy of the world.

If our energy policy had been decided by economic decisions based on efficiencies rather than political vilification we would be energy independent by now. We would have developed our oil exploration by what was the easiest to get to first and move to progressively riskier areas. There is no possible chance we would be attempting to harvest oil a mile underwater when there are plenty of easier reserves yet to drill. The only reason this spill has happened is due to putting straightjackets on our energy industry and especially our oil industry. This is completely at the dirty hands of Noilbama and the environazis who have stopped all energy development in America making America’s economy as fouled as the Gulf.

Pray for America