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Mueller makes a mess of himself

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

Robert Muleteam made a complete and utter fool of himself again. If there was any doubt he was nothing more than a District of Corruption hack he proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt at his presser. Rather than go out with a shred of dignity after his fake investigation which turned up absolutely nothing in the way of evidence he has to use it to fan the flames of impeachment for his own selfish needs. His next press conference should consist of two questions, Cigarette? Blindfold?

How in the world after $30 million dollars, a dozen partisan Dem lawyers and no telling how many FBI and CIA NeverTrump investigators trying to find the slightest bit of evidence to frame the President do you go up and do a swan song? This was embarrassing in the highest degree and the Beltway denizens fell right in line like a Rockettes Chorus at the Macy’s parade. Since we could not prove him guilty he must be guilty!

Now we see how the FBI works. They are not in search of guilt or innocence, they are out for convictions whether you are guilty or innocent. Whether it was breaking the law with the FISA warrants or the elimination of the presumption of innocence we now see what the intelligence departments are built on. This has set back the trust in our institutions for Conservatives decades as most have supported them and now look at them with jaundiced suspicion.

Just like everything else in the District of Corruption they have been infiltrated by Marxists who believe the gummit can run things better than individuals. They have the new world order mentality which believes a one world structure would work better than individuality. They believe the ends justify the means and stopping a person like Donald J Trump is more important that upholding the Constitution of the United States. They believe the centralized gummit must be protected and grown no matter what the cost and in this case it was violating Donald Trump’s civil rights.

If he were a black crack addict in downtown Philly he would have been screaming bloody murder about probable cause and every BLM and NAACP group would have been suing the popo for violating his rights. Unfortunately it is the President of the United States so he does not have the same rights as a homeless crack addict and the left is celebrating the FBI for violating those rights. What the Marxists don’t understand or care about is if they can spy on a candidate running for office then they can spy on that crack addict and everyone else in America.

Since everyone in America is caring a listening and camera device in their pocket they should care about what it takes to use it for eavesdropping. If it is fine for the FBI to use a fake dossier from one of his enemies to get a warrant to spy, what would it take to spy on you? Can they claim you may have cheated on your taxes so they need to get a warrant whether they have proof or not? Can they claim you are involved with drugs or some other illegal activity whether you are or not and get that warrant. According to the FBI you no longer have any rights to privacy.

Mueller has shown a complete contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution. He has violated President Trump’s civil rights in every way he could. He eliminated his attorney client privilege when he broke down his attorney’s door and stole all of his records to strong arm his attorney into testifying against Trump. He used his office to pursue a crime he knew had never been committed and now says you do not have the right to the presumption of innocence. These are all the basic fabric of freedom and the American legal system.

Whether he was going after a crack addict or President of the United States, Robert Mueller is a dirty cop and should be put in front of a pock filled wall with one empty chamber. He and James Comey have destroyed the FBI and the intelligence community which has had a poor record to begin with. In addition to these crimes he also is suspected of being involved with the Russian graft in the Uranium One scandal which makes Teapot Dome look like a picnic. There was over a half a billion in bribes and payoffs to take ownership of our most strategic resource by the enemy the Dems claim to worry about.

This darling of the media may very well share a cell with their last love Avenatti. Both of them let their obsession with taking down Trump destroy their professional careers. They were both skating on thin ice ethically and after everything is exposed may turn out to be the frauds many know they are. The mediots will continue to cover for their corruption but more and more is exposed every day.

We have seen the absolute destruction of a person’s American freedoms in the name of winning an election. When that was lost the then presidency of Barak Obama then ran a coup attempt from his shadow White House and coordinated his deep state allies as well as media allies tried to overthrow this administration. This was the biggest abuse of power in the country’s histoir and continues with Mueller’s press event to continue to façade and cover their guilt.

Until Attorney Barr begins exposing the criminals one by one and explain their abuse of their power we are in danger of continued damage to our Constitution and country by the Dems. They do not care about America, justice or the law and only are driven by their craven power and greed. The next year needs to expose, accuse and charge these outlaws to begin cleaning the sewer and reignite America’s Shining City.

Pray for President Trump