Brayin Candy

Berney & Bawney

 All the outrage over Bernie Madeoff is pretty surprising. Sure he bilked people out of everything they had, putting them in financial disaster and bankruptcy? So he lied to people over decades taking everything they saved in a fraudulent investment Ponzi scheme bankrupting Pension/Charity and College funds. So he was lying to investigators about those cooked books while living a decadent lifestyle. So what if people have lost jobs, widows are out on the street while he was living the high life on other peoples’ money, but enough about Bawney Fwank. Why are we not using a Wall Street genius like Madeoff? He should be in congress perhaps Chairman of the Social Insecurity Scam or the Banking committee. With his talents of running schemes he shouldn’t be in a 6x8 w/2 hots and a cot, let’s put him with his kind ,in the District of Corruption.

Bernie Madeoff is a talented Flim Flam artist who promised the world, to steal millions and millions of $$. He preyed on people’s trust and in the beginning became a star on Wall Street making people money and showing an unusual ability to manage large funds. At some point he became a Democrook and learned to lie with conviction. That is when he started his Ponzi scheme which he would take millions and uses those incoming funds to pay out dividends to maintain the facade he was making big returns. When the markets turned, the investors started trying to withdraw their accts and the collapse began. These people knew they were making large returns and risk was a factor, it’s just they had no idea they would lose everything.

Bawney Fwag likewise, has made a career of using his homosexuality as an enhancement to get elected in liberal Boston to abuse his position in gummit. He has made a career of corrupting the system and then playing the homo get out of jail free card whenever he needed to have the press or law enforcement back off. His first run-in was with a young homosexual prostitute that he shared his house while paying him a $30,000 salary for services rendered or reddened as the case may be. The boy ran a prostitute ring and was pimping out of Bawney’s townhouse when they found many of these boys were under 18, Bawney played the homo card walking away unscathed. None of the sexually assaulted boys would testify. You can only imagine how completely destroyed their lives are thanks to Frank.

The next encounter was with Herb Moses who was a homo exec in Fannie Mae, which got Fwanks all exthited. This fag lived w/Bawney for around 10 yrs in the 90s. They had a gay ol time as a homo couple, Bawney claiming to be his ugly wife. Moses developed the low cost home lending programs that allowed people who shouldn’t buy a house to get 100% loans, leading to this mortgage crisis. By the time these two fags split the sheets they had set a time bomb in the financial system ticking away waiting for a spark. Apparently, they split the sheets when Herb called him a Haranguing Harelip. Bawney sat on the banking committee and was the primary person to hide this bomb til it exploded.

Just like Madeoff, whenever anybody would get close to exposing this Ponzi scheme Bawney would pull strings to shut down the investigations. He would obstruct w/his Dem colleagues to stop any investigations from happening. Fannie became a slush fund for DNC campaign contributions so no reforms. Execs were taking $100s of millions off FM. President Bush begged congress investigate and regulate Fannie around 10 times only to be stopped by Frank and the Black Caucus as racist for trying to allow banks to price loans. How is regulating a Corp racism except when you have nobody watching the store except dirty cops. When McCain brought a whistleblower exposing cooked books he was given the same treatment and even clinton was stopped when he wanted Fannie tightened. The biggest crook in congress for Fannie meltdown of course was ol Bawny.

Why is Madeoff sitting in a jail for bilking a few hundred people out of their life savings while Bawney is still pointing fingers? He not only bilked a few hundred, he destroyed the life savings of millions of people perhaps billions worldwide. He wiped out retirement plans across the Country and has cost millions of jobs that couldn’t be saved. His Ponzi scheme worked just fine as long as people were buying houses and making their mortgage payments, then when gas/food prices skyrocketed the mortgage payments ceased, the trigger was pulled and Ka-Boom.

Madeoff’s talents can’t be found just anywhere, the Demcorrupt Party can use people like Bernie. They could use his expertise in Ponzis like Social InSecurity or Medicare as well as KennedyCare or even the Porkulus Bills, after all the gummit is a giant Ponzi scheme. Why pay for a jail cell when our gummit can use his expertise. Oh wait, we already have Fwank who is a 2 bit Organ Grinder monkey compared to Madeoff. Can we make a trade?

This WMD was planted by two homos who cared more about their own selfish needs than the financial health of America. Moses made $Millions off Fannie and Bawney wetheived campaign bwibes and favoes to wive wike a Queen. They were going to force banks to lend money with no chance of ever coming back using FM/taxpayers as an insurance policy. It later became obvious that FM was corrupt and after Enron, needed to be cleaned. Fwank stood in the way of a cleaning which would have stopped this disaster from happening. He knew that his DNA would have been all over the corruption so he abused his power to hide the fraud. He knew there was nothing backing the assets and when the people who owned the paper found out the entire Banking/Financial Industry would come down like the Twin Towers, and did he pointed to Wall St. This ignited a wildfire that has torched the entire World thanks to Frank.

Mr & Mrs Moses were the ones who lit the fuse a decade ago and Bawney hid it until it went off last Sept. If Madeoff is spending the rest of his life for a $60 Billion fraud, why is Bawney walking around after his $10 Trillion fraud? Of course Bawney Fwank won’t be questioned since he is the Ethical Standard Bearer for the DNC.

Pray for America and Our Troops