Brayin Candy

The Fauci Fraud

For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us.
Isaiah 33:22 (King James Version)

The truth of the vax is slowly leaking out and it is not good. Most of the early skeptics were praying they were wrong yet expected to be right and now with a President who has had at least four shots has been sick now for nearly a month. It could not be more obvious the shot does not work and never did. It is also obvious that the claims people have been making about the shot damaging your immune system is also true.

The damaged immune system is what is the most concerning if not terrifying of the many problems with the vax. If the research people have made outside the medical community are true it cripples your innate immune system at a cellular level. You can see this is happening as the only people catching the Covid today are the previously vaxed and boostered. The unvaxed are immune from this disease while the vaxed are catching it right and left just as we are seeing with President Braindead.

What is most likely happening is people are being exposed to a myriad of viruses throughout the day in their day to day lives and the weak viruses they usually shed with either a sore throat or a headache are becoming more serious and the doctors are labeling it Covid as a catchall. Of course, they have come up with the term of a breakthrough virus to hide the fact only vaxed people are catching these summer colds and now do not have the healthy immune systems to deal with them.

Conversely, the people who have not taken the clot shot are now some of the healthiest people on the planet while the vaxed are being weakened increasingly each month. You are seeing a rash of arthritis and joint problems as it attacks the weakest parts of the body and makes inflamed parts more inflamed. Walking through the stores you see the people who have been frightened to the point of becoming hermits walking around with their masks and ashen skin. It looks like the people have aged ten years in the past two as they look infirmed and bent over, it is as if the gummit was trying to kill as many as possible as quickly as the can with this vaccine and diseases.

The Communist Party knows what is coming in the fall during cold and flu season and plan on taking full advantage of it. An anonymous source inside the Barak Shadow White House has confirmed they are expecting massive sickness and death beginning in October and getting worse as the winter deepens. They plan on more lockdowns and forced mandates to increase the outbreak and planning on ordering all Governors to install last minute mail in ballots to have a repeat of 2020 to minimize the losses in the House and Senate.

This source says they will once again blame the outbreak on the unvaxed and force them to be pressured into getting vaccines and boosters. They are planning on shutting down sporting events and all indoor dining and entertainment as a precaution to stop the spread of the so called Covid 22 which will actually be a common cold or flu but nobody will know the difference. In reality it will be the results of a compromised immune system but the last thing they can do is expose their own malfeasance.

The source said they believe this is the only chance they have of not having massive losses in both Houses of Congress. They are watching the Trump candidates stampeding through the country with no amount of bad press or millions of dollars of commercials having any affect on the outcome. Barak and Valarie Jarret have pushed this idea as it is the only option, they have for winning many of the elections as they are watching minority populations flocking to the Trump agenda. This has the entire Communist Party in panic as these are supposed to be their most loyal groups.

Every candidate needs to be prepared for these shutdowns and last-minute mail-in fraud if they want to win the November elections. One simple solution they have found is turning in your ballot the day of the election can cause havoc in the ballot matching algorithms of the fraud whether it be manufactured ballots or machine tampering, when they get flooded on the last day it is a chink in the ballot stuffing armor.

The Biden Obama3.0 is going to run the same play they ran in 2020 and may get away with it. They will magnify the deaths and hospitalizations so they can force the mandates and shots. There will be at least forty percent of the country who will go along with it since they believe the vax works no matter how much evidence points to just the opposite. The science cult is shrinking but there are plenty of white housewives who will do whatever the DNC and the media tells them.

The Barak Obama shadow gummit has unlimited funding from the Oligarchs around the money being poured into Black Money pipelines and laundered in countries like Ukraine and Cyprus funding Dem candidates across America. He has unlimited paid volunteers to GOTV and mules by the thousands who have already been trained to counter efforts to stop them.

This will be the most fraudulent election in the country’s history. Every patriot better be ready to watch these drop boxes and mandates to assist the steal.

Pray for the vote 

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