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The CCX and Goreman Sachs


Because of the increase of wickedness, the LOVE of most will grow cold. Matt 24:12

As a pure capitalist I can understand why everything has a value and people have the right to earn a profit from any idea that has merit, but the field has to be even and ethical, algore fails on both points. His development and exploitation of Global Warming and the Chicago Carbon Exchange should have him investigated for fraud and racketeering. This is the biggest scandal the world has ever seen yet since the powerfully connected are involved is being whitewashed. We have everybody from Goldman Sachs’ CEO and US Treasury Chairman Hank Paulson to Premier Obama and everyone in between. The GW Sheep believe they are saving the planet by limiting their footprint while the wolves are having lamb chops to the tune of Trillion$ w/the Big Bad Gore looking to become a multi-Billionaire if he’s not already.

Algore set up a company after his crockumentary, called Generation Investment Management which was a company to profit on the sale of Carbon Credits. He conveniently set it up off shore in London to escape SEC and IRS issues and it’s now worth over 2 Billion. One of the co-founders was Hank Paulson who later became the US Treasury Secretary. At the time he was the head of Goldman Sachs as well as another GS exec named David Blood so between them they generated over $200 Million in seed $$ to get his fleecing company off the ground. There are 7 major GS execs on the board of GIM funneling $$ into this company. It is essentially a brokerage house that extorts companies for Carbon Credits. They were and are banking on Cap and Tax making this into a $10 Trillion a year company making them Billions. This is what GW is about and all it’s about.

GIM is the company which launched the Chicago Climate Exchange and is the largest investor outside of GS. The CCX has now branched into sister companies which are now headquartered in both CA and NY taking advantage of their Cap and Tax laws, thank you Arnold. If this law is passed in the entire Country these companies stand to make fortunes beyond anything the world has seen. Everything you buy, eat or drive will have a bill attached directly from CCX-Gore. There will be no escaping it and the structure is in place to take everything you have to go into his greedy conglomerate.

Right now CCX has over 80 clients signed up who have voluntarily agreed to buy these phony carbon credits. Companies like DuPont, GM, Ford, Amtrak, Storenso and most of the energy giants. They have agreed to lower their CO2 production below 2000 levels and any amount above that level must be offset by carbon offsets. The next year's contract is for lower levels and keeps reducing year by year whether their production increases or not. This is pure expense for absolutely no benefit other than not being extorted by their environazis friends who will protest and damage their Names as environmental villains. Egore has taken extortion to a level the Gambino family could only dream.

When it comes to corruption GS knows how and who to grease. They gave over $30 million during the last decade with ¾ of it going to the DNC, which allowed them to have their CEO named Treasury Sec by Bush. How convenient he helped develop TARP and saved GS while letting Bear Stearns die. They gave over $1 Million to obozo’s campaign and over 100K to Lieberman while Kerry received $350K who are now sponsoring Cap and Trade, wonders never cease. There really isn’t any question there is corruption flowing throughout the Sinate, it’s just a bit shocking how tied together they are. While the Sinate are “grilling” GS about selling hedge funds like it had anything to do w/the meltdown, these flimflam artists are putting up a Bill to bury us under 6 feet of fraud.

How anybody can be foolish enough to believe that GW is anything other than a scare tactic to separate you from your bank account must have already lost a bundle to a Nigerian Prince. Algore is the biggest crook to ever walk the face of our precious planet. No wonder he’s afraid of the oceans rising since he would leave a ring. He makes Madeoff look like an altar boy although he was trained by Ken Lay and has taken his theft worldwide. Where is the outrage of stealing this kind of $$ from working people although our Premier hopes it will redistribute wealth through charging the wealthy while paying the electricity to the poor. That and the $Million in contributions to make this happen. None of that matters when everything you buy costs more due to higher energy costs so the poor get hurt worse.

This is a very powerful and corrupt nexus between GS and gummit w/algore making a huge profit in the middle. Goldman has bought and paid for the District of Corruption to make CCX become their multi-Trillion $ cash machine. They have combined w/the scientists who invented this fraud and continue to promote it for their own selfish gain. There is absolutely no such thing as GW caused by CO2 so this is pure Snake Oil to make these people wealthier and enslave US. This needs to be investigated by a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of who and how GIM and CCX was able to promote this fraud and how much did they know about the falsifying of data to continue their charade.

We need to investigate the connection between CCX and GS and how much does that marriage have to do w/the promotion of Cap and Tax. This crime has cost us Trillion$ and if able to continue those $$ will be multiplied 1000 times. Finally, we need to investigate Gore to find out what he knew and how much of this scandal is his doing. It’s obvious he is up to his double chin in this manmade Global Fleece. While the District of Corruption points their fingers at BP they are bought and paid for by ecofrauds like GIM, CCX and Gore who give capitalism an oily slick.

Pray for America