Brayin Candy

Nazi Pelosi

 It has taken 30 years for our gummit to create this energy crisis and anyone who expects the same people who caused it to fix it, needs to get their Prozac refreshed. To ignore the obvious answer of increasing supply to bring down prices is more gummit malfeasance and ignorance. We hear the same ol tired tirades of how we need to conserve and find alternatives. What alternatives? Do they mean alternative doonboggles like ethanol? No, we had an accidental peek into the liberal mind when Black No Oilbama answered the Surge question. When a Rat has a choice between America succeeding or failing they will always choose failing, just as he did with the Surge.

Listening to nikita Nancy answer the questions why she wouldn’t even allow a vote in a Democracy over drilling, was a look inside an empty mind. There is vast expanses of wind farm development behind those surprised eyes. Her stumbling, bumbling then fumbling the answer proved she is braindead from years of communist slogans. She threw out every Boogerman known to liberal woman including the Big Oil, GW/Chaney and finally settling on hugging the earth.

Her pathetic performance is now the standard bearer for future nightmare interviews. If not for the slavish dedication of the Establishment press she would be the nightly laughingstock. She made GW look like Lincoln Douglas. She didn’t have one coherent answer as to why she disenfranchised the entire Country from the right to debate and vote over the most important issue of our lifetime. My Grandma could give a better answers and she’s been dead for 20 years.

So of course their main answer is conservation and alternatives, how cutting edge. If there was an efficient alternative then it would be invented, but no the commies want us to waste our time and money on systems which don’t work. Just as they said they were for the soldier but sided with the enemy time and time again, so too are they fighting the war on energy independence. Just as they say they would still vote against the Surge even if it was assured of working and winning the war, they would vote against it, since they are for destroying the American way of life.

I am not questioning their patriotism, since they would need to have some to question. The only energy sources that have the capacity to fuel a vibrant economy our size are Oil, Coal and Nuculear. Coincidently those are the three that President Bush has been proposing for 8 years and the Dems w/the help of a few RhinocRats like Gordon Smith have stopped. No, these traitors support gummit disasters like ethanol.

Green alternatives like ethanol in which our tax $$ wastes somewhere around $1.25-2.25 per gallon so we can spend $4 to put in our tanks. Our brilliant gummit who wants to run the Oil industry subsidizes an industry which wastes vast areas of fertile farmland to plant, fertilize, harvest and distill, using more than a barrel of oil to produce a barrel of ethanol. So making ethanol wastes more oil than it saves yet congress subsidizes it for votes.

David Pimentel, a professor of ecology at Cornell University who has been studying grain alcohol for 20 years, and Tad Patzek, an engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley, co-wrote a recent report that estimates that making ethanol from corn requires 29 percent more fossil energy than the ethanol fuel itself actually contains.

According to their calculations, ethanol contains about 76,000 BTUs per gallon, but producing that ethanol from corn takes about 98,000 BTUs. For comparison, a gallon of gasoline contains about 116,000 BTUs per gallon. But making that gallon of gas—from drilling the well, to transportation, through refining—requires around 22,000 BTUs.

It’s insanity to expect the exact same politicians who got us into this mess to get us out. The most efficient way to transport goods and services as well as people is with the combustion engine which is powered by Oil. Every item we use from food to shoes is transported by trucks, ships and trains causing these prices to increase. The most efficient way to produce oil is to drill it from our own resources. Will we be energy efficient overnight? No, but the sooner we start the sooner we will get there and our children as well as their children can reap the rewards of energy independence.

If Do Nothing Nancy would stop her Stalinist tactics and allow this vote to happen then our oil companies could start doing what they do best which is bringing cheap fuel to our engine. We will see an immediate decrease in price as the message is sent America is going to stop hugging whales and get serious about this crisis. As the infrastructure begins to bypass the roadblocks those prices will continue to fall settling somewhere under $2/gal. This Country will explode with cheap energy and the entire World will have secondary explosions bringing prosperity and hope around our planet. Unfortunately for America, Nancy Nancy and Black Racist Oblack want to win the war on Energy as badly as they wanted to win the war in Iraq.

If you like $4/gal, Thank Congress. If you want $10, Vote No Oilbama.

Pray for W and Our Troops