Brayin Candy

Gannon is Silenced

Freedom of the press is not dead in America, but it has taken a mortal injury with the ouster of Talon news from the White House press corpse. The message from the Stone Age Press is that unless you are a Propaganda Arm of the DimRat Party you are not a reporter. Outside of Fox Rox News, the herd mentality of DNCBS is completely opposite of the average American. This is why Gannon’s question was so pointed and relevant for today. How in the world can the President get his message to the world if the people who deliver that message disagree with it with obvious hatred??

The Stone Age Press stretching from the Old York Times to ABDNC, lost the last election every bit as much as Yaaawn Kerry. They were openly campaigning for him with every trick from phony polls to planted stories to forged documents. Wonder where all those "investigative" reporters are on themselves?? The average reporter from the 5th estate is not only a Democrat voter but a liberal activist. These people hate GW and America as much as their number one standard bearer Michael Mooreon. How can people so out of touch with America’s values and the goodness she represents, tell the world what America stands for??

Mr Gannon actually asked one of the most important questions in the American Media. As it wallows in the quagmire of the Tarpits of histoir, how can we get the truth to the American people? With the success of Fox Rox, Talk Radio and Modern Media, how can the press be so blind? In reality they are a herd mentality and they believe in the safety of the herd. Polls have shown that nearly 90% of the news spewers are extreme Commucrats, and report for each others approval who believe America still thinks the way they do. What they don’t realize is that to keep the herd healthy, there must be a thinning as well as a strengthening of the herd or you end up with Rather old, tired, sickly Dinosaurs. That is who we have now reporting in a digital world with hammers & chisels.

Fox Rox News appears to be Right leaning since it is not an extreme Left-wing mouthpiece. To report middle of the road is so far removed from ABDNCBS, that they are Right by comparison. Heck, Pravda is to the Right of the Samestream Press. For one not to attack the President or Republicans 24/7 they are so far outside of Lamestream Groupthink that they appear opposite to the rest of the news filters. This is why Fox is enjoying skyrocketing ratings and hated by the herd. We the consumers are not the uneducated bumpkins they have portrayed us for the past 20 years. Most Americans have access to the same direct news feeds that they have, which allows us to compare their service both in quality and accuracy. The News business is the only service in the Country that continually insults over 50% of it’s customers.

How the Stone Agers do not cast the vote in Iraq as one of the great achievements in the history of the World is proof enough to their false reality. The fact that a Country would invade another Country and overthrow a mad dictator, not to own that Country and it’s oil; but to free an enslaved people is an historic victory. Saddamn kept his slaves not with chains but fear and torture. The only reporters that got it right were the ones who were actually at the polling places witnessing the hunger for Freedom. From the Samestreamers in their cushy desks at the hotel or NY studios, it suddenly was not that important. Everything is filtered through their DNC activism and hatred for W and America. The continual comparisons to Vietnam is more a stretch than Lola Pelosi’s mask.

So Gannon’s question is: How can this President work with a press that is out of touch with reality and America?? This is the question of the 21st century. How can any company work without good information? Information is the bedrock of any business or organization and critical for a Free Country. Just as you would dump any accountant that gives you faulty information about your business, you should be able to fire or replace a herd that is lying about this Country. Rather, the herd shoots the messenger describing the Dinosaurs in the Tarpit.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Winning Troops