Brayin Candy

Wade and Dale Rathke

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good HOPE, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. 2 Thes 2:16-17

In the early 70s there was a number of anti-war groups who were communist based. As a Red Book carrying commie in Eugene OR "Bezerkly North", we crossed paths w/some of the most radical groups of the era. The worst of the bunch were of course the Black Panthers and their White mirror group the Weather Underground which is where Bill Ayers is from. The group he formed out of the Students for a Democratic Society. They were the original mis-naming your group to sound moderate. Democratic in this case was communist which is the purest of communism. ACRIME founder Wade Rathke was a member of SDS as was Bill Ayers until he wanted to become more militaristic. They were at war w/the Military Industrial Complex and still are. The goal of the SDS was and is the overthrow of the American system to communism.

Wade and Dale Rathke are brothers who are both militant communists who want to overthrow this gummit. They have partnered w/Bill Ayers and $oro$ to make it happen and now are in position to do just that. This is why we’re seeing the destruction of our economic system to eliminate the power of the Military Industrial Complex which stands in their way. If obozo hadn’t done anything this recession would be over by now rather than deepening. These SDS radicals are the Generals of Premier Hussain’s army of militants in the field who are to use intimidation and criminal activities to undermine the opposition, us.

Wade Rathke is the founder of ACRIME, who w/his brother ran the organization until a year ago when they found Dale had stolen nearly a $million from the organization. This was known by the officers of ACRIME and say it had been hidden from the board since 2001. Even though Wade is not officially the one who stole the $$ he agreed to repay 30K per yr along w/his brother. They paid back $210K until this year leaving $750K when the Obozo campaign coincidentally paid $800K for Get Out The Voter fraud. ACRIME says they only received $80K which means the Oblack campaign paid the Rathkes’ debt in full. Now why would Black Santa think he needed to pay off stolen $$?

The reason is Wade and Dale, who is the founder of Service International Employees Union, were funneling ACORN $$ into obama’s senatorial campaign. It is believed Dale used his credit card to launder ACRIME money into the campaign to get obama elected state Sinator in Chicago. Wade and Dale were fired from ACORN last year. Course he doesn’t pay much attention to how much or why $800,000 went to ACRIME or those Billions from the Porkulus bill he had written into the bill. Anyone interested in some pre-obama priced GM stock?

The Rathke brothers and Ayers were all members of SDS. This was the most radical of radical groups in the 70s. These guys were for the complete overthrow of America by whatever means possible and the Weather Underground became the terrorist wing of that movement. In Eugene they set a bomb in the National Guard Armory and a University building. These people hate America w/every fiber of their beings. The most radical ideas of how America represents everything evil in the World are who these people are. They are worse than ELF or Friends of the Earth movements of the Sierra Club or any other violent Left Wing Extremist group. They are now making law in the WH.

Students for a Democrat Society=Students for a Communist Society and now run ACRIME and SIEU who are the militant/criminal arms of the DNC. These two are in place to destroy our economy, get Universal HC, Amnesty of Illegal Aliens to further Election Fraud. They are now not only inside the Tent, they are using Axes to cut the Tent down. The Rathke brothers, Ayers, Garrett’s Czars and Premier Hussain are all fighting for the same goal, a Communist gummit in the model of Stalin/Castro/Chavez.

These two criminal militant armies are about to get $Billions to expand and finance their scorched earth strategy. ACRIME alone has been awarded $8.5B to steal the next election as well as terrorize banks in the city like they were about to do on the O’Keefe video. This will cement their hold on congress and perpetuate more power into the future which could give us a Premier Hussain for life. These armies are run by pure communists who believe the Soviet Union is a better form of tyranny. They will have all the power and enslave those of us who believe in freedom and capitalism. Those two ideals will be outlawed and like all communist dictatorships there will be harsh penalties for any dissidents w/o Freedom of Speech or the Press? That is exactly what the SDS was promoting.

We are now seeing Bawney Fwank coming to the defense of ACRIME. He knows they are an integral tool to overthrow the next election. He will sell it as helping the poor, but he is lying to get them installed to continue their voter fraud. He is a Stalinist who believes it’s not who gets the votes but who counts them. He will continue the phony disenfranchise scam to make sure that Blacks are allowed to stuff the ballot box. He wants the Hoods to continue to vote at 110% turnouts while voting at 99% Demcorrupt. He wants to do to the elections what he did to Fannie Mae.

We are now seeing who and what is running this Country. It is a bunch of White radicals from the SDS who have combined w/the Chicago Black communists to overthrow America from within. The Country went on a temper tantrum thanks to a number of corrupt organizations like MSDNC and has elected communist radicals. We have placed SDS in charge of our most strategic institutions. They are in charge of the Executive branch and are being assisted by a congress with power hungry Marxists like Nazi Pelosi and Red Reid.

Ronald Reagan said, "and how stands the city on this winter night? After two hundred years, she still stands strong and true on the granite ridge, and her glow has held steady no matter what the storm. And she's still a beacon, still a magnet for all who must hale freedom, for all the pilgrims from the lost places who are hurtling through the darkness toward home."  

They know that once they have installed HC we will be completely at the mercy of a socialist bureaucracy which will never be able to return, just like Medicare and SSI. We have to stand for Capitalism, Profits and Tax Cuts for Freedom of the Republic. These communists have America in their grasp and it is up to a few Rebel Republicans to knock it out of their tyrannical fingers to preserve Our Shining City on a Hill.

Pray for America and Freedom