Brayin Candy

A Disastrous Horizon

Jesus replied: “LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matt 23:37

Once again the self righteous earth worshiping libs make the rest of us pay for their punish America first energy policy with a massive oil spill. Thanks to their outlawing any drilling in the shallow coastal areas so they can experience their earth feelgoodism, the producers have been forced to drill in deeper more risky areas. Rather than developing safer areas like Alaska we are drilling a mile down in the ocean where the pressures and technologies are extreme. You can bet evil oil will be blamed yet if the truth was ever told by the Mainshill Media the oil industry has been forced to drill in areas which are the most extreme risk and this blowout is the result.

As bad as this leak is we will likely find it will not cause the damage many are saying it will. The ocean is a very powerful and strong self sustainer which will likely clean itself and especially if some storms stir it up. In a year there will likely be very little evidence this disaster ever happened as we have seen from many of the tanker disasters. This is the first drilling leak of any substance in 30 yrs and if we were drilling in areas that were easily accessible would have never occurred. Rather, we have been brainwashed into believing the envirodictators who say the only perfect energy is no energy so the producers are drilling in the most extreme environments.

Eleven brave men are not coming home to their families thanks to the Environazis. These extremists have made sure no new drilling has been developed in over 30 yrs while our usage has quadrupled. This formula is simply not sustainable and there is nothing that comes close to the energy abundance which fossil fuels possess in the so called “clean” energy. These little hitlers would have us freezing in our houses riding bicycles in the snow hoping for wind to power some nearly useless windmills. Course they will all be flying to meet egore in the Bahamas in their Gulfstreams for the next alternative energy symposium deciding how much to tax air and electricity.

We need to open the shallow water areas to exploration and drilling. For the last 30 yrs it has been against the law to even find out how much oil we have beneath the surface. When Nazi Pelosi and obozo claim we have 2% of the world’s oil they are using data from 30 yrs ago when they had primitive exploration techniques. The reason the enviroterrorists don’t want us to explore is so America can stay blind to our own supplies and to prolong the development of those reserves. They have demonized oil and fossil fuels for so long the people don’t even realize it is the lifeblood of the economy. They would rather march lockstep into poverty than develop areas off the coast or Alaska’s arctic desert for no real substantial reasons.

If we had been developing our resources unrestricted for the past 30 yrs you would be heating your house for $50/mo using coal power and filling your car for $25 or less. The Environazis won’t allow this since it would allow you the freedom to heat your house as much as you want as well as unlimited business development. None of this is good for the elites as the commoners would have the same lifestyles they enjoy. This would also lead to unlimited opportunities to expand the economy as cheap energy has always led to boom times. This would lead to a minimization of gummit control, so we have complete restriction of all forms of energy and development of the least efficient, solar and wind.

This oil tragedy is simply one more symptom of complete mismanagement of our energy resources. We are wasting the easiest and most accessible oil reserves and forced Oil industry to explore and develop the most extreme areas on the planet. The only areas they have been allowed to develop thanks to Pelosi and her extremists are off TX and LA which led directly to this accident. Just like their undermining the Banking and Auto industry forcing them to take excessive risks leading to their collapse, the same tactic has been done to the oil companies. We will next see them called in front of their kangaroo court to take over the oil industries. The big losers in all of this are the American people as they pay higher and higher energy costs with fewer and fewer jobs.

We will hear the same feigned outrage by the same people trying to make political points from another disaster they caused. Just like bringing in the banking execs to hide their Fannie Mae corruption, they are going to blame BP and Halliburton to vilify business for the 10,000th time. Imagine if they worked as hard helping industry as they do destroying it. Once again they force an industry to take excessive risks and when the inevitable accident happens they haul them in front of an inquisition to grandstand for the Buggy Whip Press providing them a public execution. This oil slick reminds us once again why we need to clean house in November. It’s high time for a real energy plan to make America self sufficient using our plentiful Oil, Coal, Gas and Nukes to fuel this engine.

Just one time rather than the District of Corruption vilifying an industry they would look at their own blame, yet we know that would take far more character than exists in the DC swamp. Time to drain it.

Pray for America