Brayin Candy

Drilling For Votes

 The exact people who were wrong about the surge and got us into this energy crisis now wants us to believe they want to get us out of it. Just as they were wrong about the war and the surge, they are wrong about the price of oil not being lowered by drilling. Every problem we are experiencing, including the war; have their roots around oil and energy. No Oilbama’s argument we can power our economy w/o Oil has so many holes you couldn’t strain lasagna noodles.

The union worker in Detroit needs to understand the reason he’s laid off is due to not drilling for oil. Americans are not buying cars  because we have not been drilling the last 30 years. This has caused high priced gas forcing Americans to keep their old cars or buy smaller which helps Asian workers but not ours. The solution is lower priced gas which requires drilling. Course their Unions are the ones stopping drilling and forcing their jobs overseas.

Why are we at the mercy of Achmed and his Arabian brothers? Simple, the Left has brainwashed America into believing in Global Warming. According to the savior algore, any form of energy will contribute to Global Scamming and unless you send him $100 Million Dollars, or we are all going to die. Never mind that is the coldest year in 5 yrs, the earth is warming gradually to poach us all.

If this is the earth’s coldest year in 5 years how can the earth be warming. Either it is or it isn’t if it is it is physically impossible for it to change directions in a given year. The fact this year was cooler than the last 5 proves algore and the scientific charlatans are a scam to enslave us. This means we should look at producing energy the most efficient and cleanest way possible which means drilling oil out of the ground rather than some boondoggle alternative.

Just as the BenidictaronocRats were wrong about losing the war in Iraq they are wrong about alternative energy being able to replace oil. Chasing windmills is fine, but for the same amount of energy used to produce a windmill you can drill a well and produce 10,000 times the energy. We can’t afford not to drill when you consider which the most efficient method of producing energy is. Add to the ease of transporting and converting into fuel makes it the perfect fuel.

Just as unpatrioticRats were wrong about the surge resulting in Victory in Iraq they are wrong about drilling being blight on the environment. As braindead as they are about military strategy so too are they about clean drilling. The modern technologies are used in the exploration and production of oil is used environmentally sound throughout the world. Today’s oil platforms are some of the most productive fisheries in the sea. During Katrina there was literally no leaks or spills which has been duplicated around the world including the North Seas around Britain.

Just as Cut&RunocRats were wrong about Iraq being able to form a working gummit, theirs is far more Democratic than Nancy Nazi’s congress, they are wrong about battery powered cars. In a Country having not built a power plant in 30 years thanks to the same people who say they have the answers, how are we supposed to charge those cars? It would take 20 years to build enough Nuculear Plants to power all those cars and we know there is no possibility of the Enviroterrorists letting the Dims approve them. Who would want a car underpowered and a very limited range. Imagine your car going dead on MLK Blvd and asking the gang bangers for an 8 hr jump. You can forget about trips to Grandma’s unless you want to take 4-5 days to get there.

Just as the treasoncRats are wrong that 25 million people forming a strategic ally is worse than Saddamn. They are wrong we import our oil while refusing to simply tap our own reserves. It is inexcusable we require every other Country to produce oil when we have our own clean drillable resources. Why should we allow the exact people who have caused this self imposed fiasco be allowed to make this crisis worse. They are every bit as wrong about winning the energy war as they were about the Iraq war. Yet we still listen to them.