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Electric Cars are not Earth Friendly

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. Romans 1:16 (King James Version)

Emaking of the battery for the EVs, phones and every other convenience in America is done by slave labor in China and Asia killing their workers by the thousands. They are being exposed to every type of poison and heavy metal under the sun in the most horrific conditions imaginable so some bottle blonde housewife can drive to Starbucks, and everyone notice she is a “good” person who cares about God's Creation.

This same “good” person is of course killing people she has no connection with other than her craven need to heal her soul from living her life in America which has a poor environmental track record according to her. So, her and her husband run down to the car lot and trade in that old gas-powered engine which happens to be the cleanest most efficient transportation ever invented to buy a car she simply plugs into the wall and drives. Her glorified golf cart has all the electronics you could ever imagine including being able to drive itself if you have the courage to die because of a software bug.

The Communist PARTY and their spokesmen in the press and academia has hated the gas engine ever since it was invented. The thought someone could have that amount of freedom at such a cheap cost was infuriating to them and their need to dictate your life. Once America was falling in love with the car and having fun with their families exploring the country, they began their same old lies about imagined problems the car was causing the environment.

They invented the lead poisoning fraud when kids were supposedly being hurt by lead paint, they noticed lead in gas and pushed it on the car and got rid of lead in gas. Now a car basically produces water in its exhaust but that is not good enough for Communists trying to destroy capitalism, the car is killing and destroying children and women we must make it more expensive to stop people from driving and having fun. Meanwhile they are forcing children to take an experimental mRNA shot which can cause unknown damage without a peep from the PARTY.

They have invented every imagined problem under the sun to stop people from driving the most efficient form of transportation ever invented so they had to invent ways to guilt people into not driving and passing laws to make them quit. This went through a series of made-up problems such as Carmakers were exploiting their workers to Car plants polluting the air and water to finally coming up with the ultimate imaginary problem Global Warming.

This complete fraud has been a gold mine for the PARTY every housewife and 15-year-old girl wants to stop Global Warming even though they have no idea what it is or how it happens. The Red Party has convinced enough people around the world they are willing to live in the streets in abject poverty to stop producing something they make in their lungs 24/7/365 and plants thrive on. Should we not wait until it is proven without question before we implode the world economy?

Little science for those in Rio Linda, CO2 has no capability to hold the heat in the atmosphere since it is only less than .04 percent of the atmosphere and absorbs heat at a fraction of the amount water does which is up to 4% of atmosphere depending on the humidity. This means there is four thousand times as much water as CO2 in the air yet the Communists want us to completely destroy the world economy over a nebulous claim. They need to prove CO2 heats the earth before they declare anymore PARTY solutions.

Once again, the same imagined crisis to be used as an atomic bomb against capitalism and America to promote the Communist World PARTY. Just like the fake pandemic the fear mongers promote a world ending crisis to make people obey their commands and Global Warming is their biggest weapon of all. The World Ends Tomorrow.

Whether it is shutting down the automobile, killing coal generated energy or tearing down dams the Communist Party is always looking for more ways to impoverish Americans

They hate this country and everything it stands for and believe is a noble cause to eliminate America from the world. They think they can run the country better and do not believe anyone should make any money outside of gummit. They see gummit as the most honorable way of making money since only they deserve it for wanting to help their fellow man. If you make a few million in bribes during the process all the better.

These people have spent a hundred years brainwashing the children and fellow Communists to vote and work against their own self interests. They would rather buy a car with limited range, limited lifetime, and questionable reliability to save the earth. They will ignore all of the damage these cars due to the environment as well as the slavery people are under to make the car since it does not affect them morally.

These eviro-terrorists have no issues with the monstrous disposal problems with used dead batteries which will last longer than radiation polluting the earth for decades if not hundreds of years since they have been convinced these are clean vehicles. The fact of the matter is if you add together all the pollutants from creation to disposal the gas engine is multiples earth friendlier than the EV, but you will never hear that.

The EV has only been pushed to get people out of their cars. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the combustion engine and America is sitting on an ocean of easily converted fuel for these cars. If not for radical Communists who put Party agenda over the welfare of Americans it would be considered the greatest invention of mankind. There is an entire half of the country which wants to sabotage this form of transportation and economic vitality due to an imagined evil which does not exist. These people are the definition of evil and only want the worst for the American people as you can witness every day.

This trainwreck is entirely the fault of this imagined crisis and the destruction of the energy industry by the Barak Obiden regime. Its reckless mandates and regulation have caused gas and every other item to multiply over the Trump economy. This has been planned and devised by a group of America haters who with their propagandists in the press has convinced enough Americans to agree with their imagined problems.

This is a religious cult which requires sacrifice by not only the church members but by everyone in the world to satisfy their earth gods. These so-called atheists are a cult who believe in their gods fundamentally and believe everyone else needs to worship and sacrifice their lives completely and without question to their pagan worship. If they say EV cars are better than you are supposed to feel guilty about driving your car until you can do the right thing even if it is the exact wrong result.

It is time to fight these cultists on every issue and every day. These cars are inferior to the gas car and this regime has irrationally raised the price of energy through Hitleresque dictates and regs to force people to drive less and ideally get them out of their cars. The same gummit is subsidizing people to buy EVs which are polluting the world more for a future shutting down of the power grid or turn off driving completely. These people are the definition of evil and this is simply another example of their ability to use their religion to manipulate people into doing something against their own self-interest.

It is time for Americans to realize this is the greatest country ever developed and the best economy in the world. Not from gummit regs and oversight but in spite of it and what was built a hundred and fifty years ago.

Stop listening to these people who hate America who wake up every morning in the country they hate and go to bed despising it more. Why should anyone listen to or want to have any connection to someone wanting to destroy your country or your way of life. Why should Americans buy a $60 thousand dollar car when it pollutes more than the one they own?

Pray America turns away from Earth Worship

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