Brayin Candy

Charlie Gibson Gatekeeper Debate

What a moment, right out of Ronald Wilson Reagan. The young upstart President, who can’t talk his way out of a cardboard box, has been corralled by Yaaawn’s machine and the Stone-age press, decides to go past their Filter and talk directly to the American people. That’s when he landed the haymaker and ended the Yaaawn Global Test & Carry’s platform.

What a perfect metaphor for the Stone-age press’ distorting the truth for the entire world to see. Just like last week’s debate where the moderator wanted to become the story and asking anti-Bush question after question. Starting Yaaawn with, "would you be a better President?" What’s he going to say no? Then Mr. (hate your guts) President, explain your failed Go It Alone War! Here in a Town hall debate, Charlie Gibson helps Yaawn clarify one question and then tries to corner President Bush with Charlie’s "follow-up" he had been laying in wait.

The proud Republican looked at the Ratherforged Danosaur holding the Gate with all of his weight, trying to pin the mustang in his coral, spewing those vile flames. The young strapping cowboy sized up the situation and decided if you’re are going to keep that Gate closed, I will turn my steed through the Internet Gate and talk to the American People directly. He has those rare instincts of a normal person to say, if you’re not going to let me get my message out; then I will go talk to my people my way. What a perfect reflection revealing the dying mediaCrats of the Old York Times and ABDNCBS and W’s way of leading.

And what a message he gave! Not only did he defeat the media, he filleted Yaawn with the skill of a Champion Bass Fisherman. He turned to the people with arm extended and said, "Tell Tony Blair, "you're going it alone", tell Berlusconi, "you're going it alone", tell the President of Poland Kwasniewski, "you're going it alone"...You Can’t Lead a coalition that way!" Game, set.....

That was a rhetorical moment for all times.

This debate will go down as one of the Great Debates of this country. President Bush not only defeated and exposed Yaaawn Tax & Carry for the Liberal he is but exposed the press to the American People. He was masterful in his delivery and his answers were complete and from the heart. This President has one of the most complex minds that have occupied that office since Lincoln. I would say Ronald Reagan, but Yaaawn seems to mention RR at least 10 times per debate trying to sound Conservative even though he hated Reagan.

From that moment on, you could see Kerry was done, searching for ideas and numerous times stumbling, bumbling, mumbling, over words. His answers were disjointed syntax and not on topic add to his turning away from the audience to lecture and dress down The President of The United States on his "failed policies", going way over the top.

His worst answer of all was his answer on abortion. The beautifully angelic young lady asked a question from her terrified heart about the need to end Partial Birth Abortion? Yaawn attempts to answer it by droning he was in wait, he was Catholic and an Altar Boy? What does being an altar boy had to do with abortion?? He fished for Dingbats work with Planned Abortionhood and then after W answered it so clearly and compassionately, Yaawn has to have a follow-up?? Why would anyone need to have a follow-up on abortion?? Abortion is not an issue you don’t debate with your mind but your soul. Either you believe it is a baby and death or you don’t.

What a night and what an answer to Prayers. GW showed the country and the world why we Bushbots love him like only one other President, his mentor; who must have that twinkling little eye with that rosy smile, President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Pray for W and Our Troops