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The Keystone Cops at the FBI

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
Romans 8:35,37

What does it take to prove the FBI is a corrupt organization from top to bottom? After two years of colluding with the Hillary campaign and then carrying her Russian collusion campaign we now find they botched another shooter threat and seventeen kids are dead because of it. What is this, the twentieth terrorist they have missed and once again they go on with their campaign to stop President Trump from draining their swamp.

The agency Americans fear the most behind the IRS is the FBI and with the Flynn wiretaps we find none of us have any protections from their spying. They have more power than the German SS and none of the restraints thanks to the FISA judges who will grant a wiretap at the drop of a hat. Nobody is safe in America from unlawful search and seizure so everyone can be found guilty of a crime if they want, just like they are attempting with President Trump’s administration.

Most Americans thought very highly of the FBI and believed they were what stood between Communism and America as well as their policing of organized crime; not anymore. After America found Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who were playing slap and tickle all day long at the bureau while helping plan this coup, we now know what a dumpster fire this agency is. It appears the agency is filled with power hungry communists from top to bottom.

To imagine they would be working anywhere in the public corporate world after sexual misconduct and massive corruption is beyond comprehension. The only explanation is they were doing their job which was to get another Dem elected and once that failed would execute the “insurance policy” the bureau took out. Their being employed points to that being the explanation.

This agency is one political disaster after another from making sure not to upset the Mooselip community by not following up on names beginning with Mohamhead like the Boston bombers to the Bundy standoff, shooting and mistrial to now this shooter in Miami who all but took an ad out in the paper claiming he was going to shoot up his school. What more do you need to know about this secretive organization than it is rotten at the top and apparently it carries throughout the entire agency. It is very likely he was not checked out since his name was Cruz and they worried he was a DACA kid.

How many more botched mass murders does America have to endure under the guise of political censorship and moral relativism? This agency has been taken over by Marxists or incompetence and neither of them are acceptable. It is time to fire between fifty and a hundred percent of the agency and start over with people who love America for who she is. Not some sort of social experiment controlled by the Dirt Worshipers, but an America which loves the Constitution and the freedoms they represent. We need people who believe unlawful search and seizure is a sacred Right in America and especially in a campaign or we are no better than Russia, China or Cuba.

If the Flynn wiretap was issued on the Hillary opposition research dossier or even partially issued then everything they have from it needs to be thrown out. If that destroys the case then the case needs to be thrown out. If that case is thrown out then the Mueller investigation is a fraud and he needs to be disbanded and an investigation on this entire fiasco. Beings that it began from the FBI through Strzok and Page then it is pretty obvious this entire boondoggle was hatched and run through Clinton and Barak which opens an entirely new investigation for fraud and potential treason in an attempt to overthrow a sitting President. Why is Strzok still working and not in front of a Grand Jury?

It is time to either disband the FBI or at least gut the major parts of it. You cannot have a police agency which picks and chooses who they will destroy and who they will protect. This FBI was able to use wide discretion in their ignoring of everything Hillary was accused of while inventing crimes for President Trump. There is no crime of collusion with another government when you are running for President and you should be expected to talk with them if you are running for the most powerful office in America. No the media would have us believe any discussions with Russia are treasonous to the point of destroying any chance of developing a relationship with them now. This fake investigation has set back America-Russian relations a decade over a Party’s whining about a loss.

This is what happens when you have agencies run by secular atheists who believe in moral relativism. They pick and choose which laws they enforce that are determined by what they justify as right and wrong not what is right or wrong. This is how you end up with Strzok cheating on his wife and then cheating on his country. This is how you have superiors justifying the ends are worth breaking laws since they could not stand having the wrong person in charge. They in the end have no rules or morals and only a craven hunger for power by any means.

When you take God and his Ten Commandments out of this gummit it is going to be replaced by evil and man’s rules which are evil. This is especially dangerous when that evil runs throughout the largest police agency in America. It is time to clean house and bring in men of integrity who will not fall when it is time to stand.

The FBI could not have fallen any farther then they have now. If they ever want to get their honor and integrity back they will clean house starting with Strzok and Page and work their way through the levels until they clean their own swamp or close it down and begin again. Freedom and liberty often needs a cleaning, this is one of those times.

Pray America woke