Brayin Candy

King Hussain's Court Jesters

 Hope there are fainting areas at King Hussain’s Coronation for the Mediots. We have watched a 6 mo Ogasm by these inquisitive reporters gleefully high fiving each other, while ignoring the most corrupt politicians ever. Every one of the Messiah’s advisors are involved in or have been involved in graft and corruption. Two have had to bail out due to being caught. The obamedia ignores the obvious connections between clintonista scandals and those who were involved in those scandals. Gee, half of the lapdog mediots were in gummit, while the other half were too extreme.. Nobody would be surprised if DNCNN were to cover their newsroom in plastic to catch the flying champagne.

Happy days are here again as we see those who have been claiming they had all the answers for the past 30 yrs now, welcome to the show. The socialists have to prove that Central Planning will work better in America than its complete & utter failures around the World. We Conservatives get to sit back and criticize then educate for the next 4. This is actually a breath of fresh air as we no longer have to defend ideas being savaged no matter how right they are. Now the Obama meltdown will be fully owned by the ones who actually caused the Fannie/Freddie disaster.

Spitboy Mathews spoke for the Establishment press when he said his job was to promote the Hussain Obozo gummit. Never mind his job is to report the events of the day and perhaps make an informed comment, he is now a spokeswoman for the King. Ignore he wants to run for Sinate in one of the most corrupt states in the Country in two yrs, he is MSDNC objectivity. Only in this corrupt media can a cheerleader of the Hussain administration be objective. Sadly, he is no different than the entire EstablishMedia or the first President Hussain they’ve propped up. We haven’t seen this incestuous a relationship since Al Capone walked into one of his whore houses. My apologies to those whore houses.

We Conservatives will now get to get on our shout boxes to point out the problems with gummit Centralization. For us, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel as the commiecrats promote one failure after another. We will be able to point out the hypocrisy of how they argued against the evil W administration and now sit like neutered puppies wagging their tails waiting for a pat from their owner. We have already seen the whitewashing of the Rezko/Blago corruption, w/no questions about the connection between a convicted fundraiser and his client. Do you know what Rezko knows? Imagine if it were a Repub, extreme redundancy alert for PravdABDNC. There isn’t a double standard, there is a single line from radical extremists marching like this was Red Square.

Now we get to start over as a movement. Do we want to go back to our roots and discuss issues like immigration or bailouts in depth to rewrite the GOP? Will we have the Rinos left come to our side or do we start a third party to promote real Conservatism. We have a rare opportunity to start over rather than having to cling to the power we once had. Those days are over and now the libs have to put up, though they can’t shut up about Bush for the next decade.

As we watch the obamedia pee their panties while genuflecting every time Hussain Bama or Jackie O breaks wind, we can laugh at the hypocrisy of their attempt to remake Camalost. We will hear their fawning coverage while we witness whitewashed scandal after scandal. What ABDNC isn’t telling us about Blago is he wasn’t being tapped about a Sinate seat; we just had a chance to accidentally hear how DNC politics work. The outrage over this being an isolated event is more proof of the media collusion. The last thing they can allow is the truth, just like the last 8 yrs. Now the proof is coming home and the mud is beginning to stick on them as their balance sheets reflect their bankrupt credibility.

This is going to be a target rich environment for Conservative writers and pundits. Their electing Black Hussain Oblack is corruption personified. Even Jackie O had a pay-to-play job by UofC Hospital. After 8 yrs of having to explain the difference between a lie and a DNC smear or why Saddamn Hussain not being in power is good for World safety, we get to tell why graft and corruption is bad for the Country. Now we have a Chicago Union thug as the leader of the World. We will be able to slice the Old Media hypocrisy like butter.

Pray for America and Our Freedom Fighters